50 astronauts shot down near Saturn

 A Sumerian clay tablet, over 5000 years old, showing what appears to be a multiple-section space rocket, located in underground silo.  There are thousands of pictures and textual references to space travel throughout Mesopotamian remains.

I am currently reading The Earth Chronicles and came across this section in Zechariah Sitchin’s The Twelfth Planet pp269-270

Chapter 9Landing on Planet Earth

Beyond Uranus looms Saturn, a giant planet (nearly ten times Earth’s size) distinguished by its rings, which extend more than twice as far out as the planet’s diameter.  Armed with a tremendous gravitational pull and the mysterious rings, Saturn must have posed many dangers to the Nephilim and their spacecraft.

This may well explain (TAP – it doesn’t explicitly explain, Zechariah.  Are you not saying something you know or suspect here?) why they called the fourth planet TAR.GALLU (“the great destroyer”)………

Zecariah Sitchin holding another informative Sumerian clay tablet replica.  How come the Sumerians knew all the planets 5000 years ago?  We only ‘discovered’ Uranus, Pluto and Neptune in the last two hundred years.  It’s when you hear lifetime researchers like Bergrun and Sitchin talking or writing the full details of their work that you might find it possible to start believing what they are saying.

A very early Sumerian text, assumed since its first publication in 1912 to be “an ancient magical text” very possibly records the loss of a spaceship and its fifty occupants.  It relates how Marduck rushed to his father with some terrible news –

“It has created like a weapon;  It has charged forward like death….The Annunaki who are fifty, it has smitten…The flying birdlike SHU.SAR it has smitten on the breast.”

The text does not identify “it” whatever destroyed SHU.SAR (the flying “supreme chaser”) and its fifty astronauts.  But fear of celestial danger was evident only in regard to Saturn.  The Nefilim (those coming down to earth) must have passed by Saturn and come in view of Jupiter with a great sense of relief.  They called the fifth planet (Jupiter) Barbaru (bright one) as well as SAG.ME.GAR (great one, where the space suits are fastened)…

TAPThe Nefilim counted the solar system from 1-12 starting from the outside with Neptune as number one.  As they travelled from outside the system, that method was logical enough.  

This section in the text interested me greatly.  After reading The Ringmakers Of Saturn and seeing that in all probably there are intelligent entities located there, as identifed by Norman Bergrun and others, it seemed strange that there was no mention of these in Sitchin’s books on the Anunnaki and their times on Planet Earth.

Norman Bergrun explaining a scale model of a Saturn Ringmaker, with streamers connected to long cylindrical body up to 30,000 miles long.  Never been in the Daily Mail, yet these ‘entities’ are clearly visible on NASA Voyager releases and on Hubble picture releases.  They don’t want people to know.

The ‘picture’ must be one of interplay between these two off-planet actors, if indeed they both exist.  They could hardly ignore each other.  Here is the first mention of a possible warlike situation between these two different groups of ‘entities’ – the ones who created and fostered humanity, the Anunnaki, and the Reptilians from Saturn, made famous by David Icke,  who are less favourable to the development of humanity.

Icke believes the Reptilians are now in the process of erecting a control system and depopulating us.  

The Annunaki withdrew from earth a few thousand years ago, and account for many of the stories in The Old Testament, when maybe we were not seen as much of a threat by the Reptilians, with the technology of the Anunnaki being so far ahead of mankind’s.

If Icke is right about the situation, we are under threat not from deluded humans as we once believed, but from entities who have penetrated all our structures of control, like the media, politics and banking, and they are quietly eliminating as many of us as they can, from behind the curtain, by interbreeding with humanity.  

It is peoples’ inability or refusal to see what is happening to them that makes them so vulnerable to such attack.  How else can you explain the fact that paedophiles run the world’s ‘child care homes’, and the legal system protects all of them, and all the things that being placed into the environment which are sterilising us, and shortening our lives, with chemtrails visible in the sky poisoning the very air we breathe on a daily basis, and the government doesn’t even mention them?

If these ancient records mean anything, the ‘entities’ so-called have been visiting and working on us a very long time.  It would be surprising if they weren’t now up to something to try and stop us from becoming a significant future competitor for resources around this section of the universe.  Politics, economics and warfare don’t begin and end on Planet Earth, you might say.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The tap blog exposed for what it really is yet again spreading new age alien deception while purporting to be a “truth” blog. No doubt you will taken in by operation bluebeam with the fake aliens “coming to save you” as this is your preperation for it.
    Wake up please.

  2. Tapestry says:

    My name’s on my thoughts. If it’s wrong, let’s see that it is. I’m not worried about looking an idiot. And of course don’t tell me. You haven’t read any of the sources, anonymous.

    I don’t see Zacheriah Sitchin as New Age, a classical scholar more like. Maybe it’s my own education coming to the fore. I passed into Merton College, Oxford to read Greats when I was only just seventeen, and had written on the Greek Gods quite successfully. There always seemed to be more to the story. My gut instinct is that Zacheriah’s onto something. Normal Bergrun was NASA’a main analyst for the Voyager pictures. I hardly see him as New Age either.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Also where do we claim to be a ‘truth’ blog? This is a discussion blog, where people can air ideas and weigh things up. We won’t get it all right every time. That said the evidence for alien/human interaction is pretty well overwhelming.

    Of course the PTB will try to sow falsity around this topic, as they do for all other topics. One of their aims is to convince people that there is no human/alien interaction, so they can’t see where the power programs are coming from.

    Evolution and Darwinism is a hoax to throw you onto the wring foot. We were created by genetic modification by ‘entities’ who’ve been around a helluva lot longer than we have. If you are willing to view the evidence, start with Lloyd Pye – ‘everything you know is wrong’.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People are just ‘sims’ to satan, he can and will assimilate them into the borg. I don’t know much about aliens but this is very much satan’s grand plan to enslave and defile God’s favourite creation, us.

  5. Tapestry says:

    It’s an interesting point that Satan and Saturn are the same word. The problem is that the anunnaki who created us are not in evidence, while the reptilians (from Saturn) are crawling all over us.

  6. Toad Hall says:

    I must confess I have never really given much research or time to the reptilian part of Ickes and others philosophies. I have always felt that was a smoke screen and a way of undermining the attention to the covert power cabal. You only have to read history to know that there has always been power with a small number of people in the world. And how the interplay between religion and monarchs through the ages has panned out. And then how the bankers infiltrated it. That isn’t theory its fact. It’s not a huge step to think that they never stopped, they just go better at it and decided to take a back seat and control puppets from afar.

    That said, I keep an open mind, the truth is we don’t know for sure. The problem with secret societies is they keep things secret. You get little bits and pieces which you try to put together like a jig-saw puzzle, but there are always bits missing. Plus there are some fake bit and some bits that don’t fit thrown in to make it even more complex.

    I think the idea that Humans are a hybrid is as convincing as the creationism theory, which is daft as flying pigs to me. Darwins theory relating to Humans has various flaws. I have read some of those books a long time ago (Charriots of gods I believe) and I have watched the debunking videos on youtube and never felt convinced either way.

    Again, you can put together a certain amount of information but in the absence of absolute proof either way, you have to either keep your mind open or go with you gut.

    The thing that I find confusing about the theory of reptilians infiltrating more recently is, if they have been integrating or controlling the powerful bloodlines of Euro Monarchy and Jewish banking for centuries if not, thousands of years. Why have they let humanities progress drag on so slowly and not introduce their technology?

    If the end game was, build civilisation, extract the resources, then reduce population, surely it could have been executed more quickly for such an advanced creature?

    Certainly from a logical point of view, the idea that the controlling influence is not of this world would make sense why there is so little concern for human life or even the health of planet.

    Contant war, emotional head f*cking of the masses, mass starvation, major disasters allowed to happen or orchestrated on purpose that kill lots of people, animals and harms the environment. If this was not your world or your people, perhaps you wouldn’t mind if it got your goal long term and your own planet was unaffected.

    Lets just say it is factual, you would have thought these Annunaki types, who are in fact our makers/parents might show a little bit more responsibility for their off spring and come and give these reptiles a bit of a slap? 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Annunaki may well have created you, Tap, but they didn’t create ‘us’.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You should keep aliens and ufo’s in perspective. But as a mathamatical problem then they must exist. There are more stars out there than we can imagine so it must be logical to believe there is other life out there.
    Their level of intelegence is the only question?.
    But to the article,
    I have been looking into the hyrogliphs on the great pyramid and the Korbain Bible.
    They both talk about a planet some 5 to 10 times bigger than ours that goes around an enormouse axis and passes nearby earth every 3600 years. The planet is refered to as the ‘great destroyer’ as the magnetic effect it has can and has in the past reversed our poles.
    It is due again according to the bible.
    The question here is do we believe our ancestors??? They have obviously seen or experianced something their problem is describing what they may have seen.
    Similarly the sumarians, as with other cultures, drew pictures of what they saw as they couldnt describe it. It’s then our interpritation of their explanation that is important.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did you see other parts to Ancient Knowledge posted here yesterday? Part 4.5 explains the suppression & manipulation in science today.

    Ancient Knowledge Pt.4.5 Scientific & Historical Misconceptions, Suppression & Manipulation of Info

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m in two minds about the Nephilim. I respect The Tap’s opinions on the matter (just like I would any other person that wants to go down that road of research). Judging by some of the comments on this thread, however, there are the usual idiots who have not looked into matters like these and just want to quickly and easily label people who have done research as ‘crackpots’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’. The internet is full of idiots like this who want to label what they can’t be bothered to understand.

    There’s a guy on YouTube who’s done loads of videos including the Nephilim. Not saying I believe him… I personally like to amalgamate evidence from different sources and form a more accurate picture.

    See what you think:



    – Cobalt

  11. A10Sean says:

    In light of Tap’s discussion I looked at ‘ancient aliens debunked ‘


    And also further discussion on Sitchen


    Instead of Following Tap headlong into Sitchen’s arguement , I decided to look at the arguments against his work.

    What I found interesting is that although these works do explain a lot – and suggest that a lot of the ancient buildings which could be attributed to aliens can also have much more earthly explanations, the key find for me , was that nowhere do they debunk the alien connection.

    Which leaves either theory just as likely. LLoyd Pye is still of interest to me but not yet conclusive.

    I thought we discounted the Alien connection on the blog early last year – but the story is so appealing perhaps we just cant leave it alone.

    Chemtrails still confuse me .. We have variously said that their raison d’etre was either population poisoning or global temperature cooling. The only thing I have personally managed to verify is increased intense cloud cover – perhaps to hide the goings on above ?


  12. Sitchins is COINTELPRO. Even video of him at Masonic gigs on Youtube. Highly unreliable and that’s the conclusion of rock solid Cuneiform translators. Rock solid. Google it.

    If you want to invest time in high quality journalistic research that will drop your jaw read “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker. Then you can connect the entire OSS/CIA/Secret Society mafia to any crime on the planet from fucking children to drugs for arms.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ Sean 1:41 PM,

    Regarding chemtrails. They are less prevalent/non-existent during winter months from the research I’ve delved into. One thing is for sure, people get colds, sniffles, flu during the winter months because they don’t go out so often (because it’s cold) and there is also less sunlight due to the shorter days/longer nights.

    Vitamin D3 (sunlight) is one of the best forms of keeping your immune system healthy. Chemtrailing is really bad during the summer months and that milky myst blocks out so much of the sunlight which we humans need. Of course, everybody loves to be out in the warm heat of the sunshine during summer but don’t realise they are breathing in all that toxic waste like alluminium and barium. I was listening to the Jan 2nd 2013 broadcast of Alan Watt today and he nailed it in the fact these ultra-rich globalists have invested trillions in the global-warming scam and will keep it going at all costs. Alan Watt also stated that Greenland hit an all-time record low temperature of -73 degrees farenheit. Polar bears are thriving too (something Al Gore won’t like).

    All part of the depopulation agenda of Agenda 21:


    Notice when you click on the above hyperlink (http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/agenda21/) it doesn’t work. That link has been dead for a while now… how convenient.


    – Cobalt

  14. Jim says:

    Cobalt..Is it not vitamin D4 that you need ?
    We had a clear day here on the 1st Jan ( east scotland) but have had spraying every day since then. Heavy today ( 4th) with residual spray and new spraying from 1pm.
    I didn’t record any reduction in aircraft spraying last winter. It went on most days of the year. Exception was the Olympics when we got 4 good clear days.

  15. A10Sean says:

    Can we address the origin of of our species without reference to an alien input ?


  16. Anonymous says:

    Jim @ 7:12 PM


    That’s just a random Google search to highlight my point.

    Feel free to use Google (or a search engine of choice) to look further into the benefits of vitamin D3.

    Not having a go. However, I’ve just spent 10 minutes backing up what I already knew by posting a link above.

    BTW, and you probably might know this, beneficial vitamins usually have a prefix of a letter of the alphabet and a suffix of a number (D3/D4). It all depends on which research/scientist/study came out beneficial on whatever lab-rats (whether human or rodent).


    – Cobalt

  17. Anonymous says:

    Certainly down here in the northwest of England the chemtrailers havent taken a winter break, they have been visibly busy all through the earlier parts of the day and then heavily through the night. Makes you wonder if the real reason is to cover up for something above, makes sense as they arent as busy during the evenings or early part of the night, just from 3 a.m onwards til dark.

  18. Anonymous says:


    – When the Queen is doing her ‘official’ duties, look in the background on your Tell-Lie-Vision and you will see clear blue skies

    – When the president of America is reading from his teleprompter outside the White House you will see clear blue skies

    … the list goes on of these globalists and their agenda.

    Us ‘serfs’, however, get poisoned through air/food/water… the very things TPTB don’t want us to know about.

    Probably been posted already, but what in the world are these nutters spraying?


  19. Anonymous says:

    the third force


    chemtrails maybe sophia is on to something – i also think that haarp and the wireless frequencies can trigger the nano particles

    the pod people

    a solution

    i think the sumarian tablets are a con to make us think that we are their creation

    maybe ireland holds a key


  20. Toad Hall says:

    Interesting comments in the Third Force article, inline with Wasps ideas.

    Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas · Top Commenter
    I think all hands in this discussion, need to start paying attention to this:


    Remmic Lewis mentions “seedline.”

    Start watching this as well:


    “As for Jesuits and Jews (I use the proper noun to err on the side of political correctness), the main principle is that neither subscribes to the Jesus of Scripture, and both are subservient to Rome. The declaration “We have no king but Caesar” is observably as binding today as it was when the priests and the pharisees uttered it during Christ’s trial.

    To those who insist that Jews run the world, I say okay, but only by the permission and appointment of Rome.

    According to Manfred Barthel, whose book on the Jesuits was submitted to several Jesuits for approval, “the Order has always had a reputation as a refuge for Jewish converts.” The second General of the Order, Diego Laynez, made clear in his autobiography that his family were prominent “New Christians,” as Jewish converts in Spain and Portugal were called.

    By the end of the 17th century, the Jesuits were suffering accusations of defiling Christian doctrine and morality with their “rabbinical-pharisaical mentality” and “subtle Talmudic incantations.”.

    In 1814, however, the Jesuits turned anti-semitic. I believe this was in order to mask their collusion with the money power operated by the House of Rothschild, “guardian of the Vatican Treasury.”.

    Still, behind the convenient facade of antisemitism, as Bismarck wrote (quoting Kaiser Wilhelm I), “the Jews and the Jesuits always flock together.” I think after reading RULERS OF EVIL you’ll understand how the Jesuits can simultaneously embrace, discredit, frame, and annihilate the Jews.

    The Jesuits are, after all, an army run by a General who can do anything to anyone under Rome’s jurisdiction in order to preserve the Roman State, which is evidently the New World Order. (February 11, 2000)”.
    — F. Tupper Saussy

  21. Jim says:

    Cobalt..sorry mate. I should have read your links. I think I got the vitamin D story from the msm….stopping rickets in kids due to lack of sunshine by giving them vitamins. They could just stop the spraying 😉

    Sean…The spraying has me flumoxed. Initially I thought it was to dim the sky to stop ‘global warming’. But global warming is now known to be a scam so the rest of the theories are taking prominence.
    Scott the weather forecaster in the USA has his main theory as weather control as he sees the results of the spraying in his charts. He also knows about the chemical fallout / haarp etc. He thinks the trails are laid meticulously and then monitored by satellite to see how the wind etc affects them and so weather can be controlled where required. Lots of trails preceding a storm etc in order to intensify the storm where required….


    This is a good twitter site for the latest spraying worldwide…


    And this site is good for looking at the cloud / trail patterns over the UK…


    This youtube video is one of the worst I’ve seen with regards spraying…


  22. Tapestry says:

    All and everything could be a deception. You need to look at the details of the supposed deceptions to work out what you believe. Every good source is debunked one way or another. You can find a debunking of nearly everything including 911 conspiracy theories, which the BBC runs from time to time. The closer you get to the truth, the more debunking you will come across. You need to look at the source in its own right.

  23. Toad Hall says:

    Some debunking is very good, it is scientifically / logically based and takes on the facts which have been miss-represented or made up.

    The problem with issues which are secret is there are always gaps in the actual source information available, so there has to be a certain amount of hypothosis, which is where the ‘theory’ part comes in. And I’ve seen and read various reports which have shattered some of those.

    With regards to 9/11, it’s futile.

    There are hundreds if not thousands of highly educated, highly skilled, highly experienced architects, engineers and building professionals who all say it is not possible the towers could have dropped due to fire or the impact of the planes. If the planes even hit at all, which is hard to really say. Because the only ‘evidence’ is some rather poor quality TV footage.

    Tower 7 could not possibly have fallen due to fire and there is little or no evidence supplied from any official source to give a clear argument. And it is no longer mentioned in any MSM sources – ever.

    Most people in the UK didn’t even know a third tower dropped. Despite the notorious fuck up by the beeb who were given a ‘press release’ from the US to say building 7 had dropped whilst it was still standing in the ‘live’ picture behind the presenter Jane.


    Obviously a busy day for the conspirators at work and this was one of several mistakes they made in an otherwise flawless operation.

    There is so much more we could touch on here, but the buildings fell straight and true, impossible without explosives and the concrete and steel was pulverised, it didn’t fall, wreck all the buildings around and crush the tube tunnels below as it would if it hasn’t been exploded.

    And since when does a government order to clear the site without it being examined? One that already knows what happens and wants to get ride of the evidence perhaps?

    The pentagon just as convincing and the debunking doesn’t hold much weight for me.

    Who dun it is still not absolutely proven, although I’d put money on some. However, what is absolutely proven is the narrative supplied by the NSA and Government were bullshit. And there IS a conspiracy to hide whatever the truth is…

  24. Toad Hall says:

    RE: Satanism. I have always found it difficult to believe as I have the reptilian connection, but just because it challenges me doesn’t mean I won’t read about it and keep an open mind. It keeps coming up, so there has to be something to it. Even if its a smoke screen.

    Illuminati, the word itself is supposed to mean those who have become Spiritually Enlightened, or make claims to that affect. Even today there are those Intellectually Pretentious people who consider themselves to be part of an Elite Race of Wise Men.
    There has always been people that believed that a Higher State of Awareness can be achieved through Meditation, linking oneself not only to God but to the very Universe itself.

    There are also warnings of the “left hand path” or trying to attain enlightenment simply for the power available on this path. Supposedly this path will provide paranormal abilities that can be used to obtain wealth and power.

    Those that study Kundalini Energy believe that the power rises from the base of the Spine Chakra and rises up to the Crown Chakra,enabling total enlightenment.

    Obtaining enlightenment through meditation etc can take a life time. It is about giving up the idea of self and accepting that you’re part of the universe, not separate. Made of the same basic chemistry. This menthod doesn’t actually let you gain any wordly things, in fact its about all the opporsite of that.

    Good and evil still seem to me to be part of religious dogma, I struggle to accept the idea of god thus it’s hard for me to take on satan.

    However, there is evil and darkness in their behaviour in a sociopathic way. Something motivates them. Something gives them the licence to carry out these things without guilt, without remorse etc.

  25. Nick says:

    Nephilim counted 12 planets eh?
    Whenever you find something about the ancients mentioning 12 of this or that in some story, such as 12 disciples, it is in fact the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They were obsessed with the stars.
    I am not disputing ancient alien visitors though.

    I can’t believe I only found this blog today, (following a link on infomationclearinghouse) looks to be some great reading here, and intelligent commentors!

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