40% Israelis want out.

Israelis Want Out

By Stephen Lendman
On December 15, Haaretz said “almost 40 percent of Israelis are thinking of emigrating.” 
Recent poling said they’d leave if financially able.


Who are they? Why do they want out? What can be done to keep them?

Israeli governance combines militarism, repression, corruption, and neoliberal harshness. 
It’s no fit place to live in. Many Jews vote with their feet and leave. Others prepare by 
securing foreign passports.

Many of Israel’s best and brightest leave. New Central Bureau of Statistics data said last 
year over 14% of Israeli science and engineering doctorate holders lived abroad for three or 
more years. They left to work or study.

They’re in no rush to return. Many never do. Current data confirm a long recognized brain 
drain. Holders of other advanced degrees leave permanently.

Israel tries hard to woe valued emigres back. Efforts so far fell short.

A 2008 Menachem Begin Heritage Center survey showed 59% of Israelis consider emigrating. They do so by inquiring about foreign citizenship and second passports. Growing numbers hold them.

Bar-Ilan University researchers say over 100,000 Israelis hold German passports. Thousands 
more acquire them annually. More than a million Israelis hold other foreign ones.

America is a popular choice. Over half a million Israelis hold US passports. Thousands of 
applications remain pending. A quarter million Israelis live in America.

In 2005, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics said 650,000 Israelis away for over a year 
haven’t returned. Most were Jews.

Growing numbers remaining are ideologically committed. Many are extremists. Others are 
indifferent, aging, unable to leave, or aren’t sure where to go. Emigrating abroad isn’t simple. 
Cost is a factor. Uprooting takes a toll. So does adjusting.

Gideon Levy once said, “If our forefathers dreamt of an Israeli passport to escape from Europe,
there are many among us who are now dreaming of a second passport to escape to Europe.”

It’s “an irony of history, because Israel was established to become a shelter” (for Jews). Now 
Europe becomes a shelter for the Jews living in Israel.”


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  1. Toad Hall says:

    This is what they do if you don’t tow the line:


    And here is an explanation of exactly what happened.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I have it straight from the horses mouth, it’s conscription that’s to blame, the army turns them in hate-filled Zionazis.

    Before entering the army, most are fairly liberal, ‘normal’.

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