USA Hitman. Sandy Hook victim photos fakes.

Interesting site here. 

Looks like they may have used fake photos of the Sandy Hook victims. It puzzled me at the time how they got a set of photos up so quickly, and obviously hadn't asked the parents. 

Facebook recently announced that they have the right to use any photos for advertising or publicity, and possibly Twitter etc are doing the same. Advertising or publicity includes the Hollywood style completely fabricated news.  

 It sounds rather similar to the Jacintha Saldanha story, in that respect. Any of us could have our photo turn up in a newspaper article that has nothing to do with us. We have somehow agreed to the terms and conditions, and that makes us willing actors on the world stage. 

I think we can still learn from the news. It is not a true account of facts, most of it is completely false. But there is always a hidden message to be decoded. 

By decoding it, we come to better understand how the world works. When we fully understand, I think the evil will stop.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Facebook is NSA/Rothschild owned and they have NO respect for your privacy:

    Facebook users [and I quote] are ‘dumb fucks’ according to Zuckerberg.

    Arrogance does have a habit of backfiring on these megalomaniacs as people are leaving Facebook in droves as it can no longer be trusted… especially with the latest fiasco of peoples’ photos becoming Facebook’s property to do as they will.

    Thing is, and it’s so true, when people sign up to Facebook, take out a loan, enter into a mortgage, or any *CON*tractual situation, hardly anybody reads the terms and conditions/small print. They just click on ‘I Agree’ or just sign on the dotted line.

    – Cobalt

  2. Anonymous says:


    Um . lets see . um, Android, um, cloud-computing, um, energy symsets, um, book publishing, and what else am I missing . I am pretty sure Google has its fingers in more pies than Yahoo does!Maybe that didn’t come out right but you know what I mean!

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ Richard above,

    From Wikipedia ( List of Bilderberg participants

    Eric Schmidt (2008, 2010, 2011), CEO and Chairman of Google

    Eric has been a busy man… says it all really… and all illegally done under ‘Chatham House’ ‘rules’.

    – Cobalt

  4. Anonymous says:

    Everything is not well are you ready?

    “share & tell everyone”

    UK is next, NOW. maybe YOU.

    how peacefull a sitting down protest do you want:-

    vigilanti crazy cops on drugs on something?

    many expose video’s are going missing?

    be prepared to document
    ensure you have a camera recorder & phone

    Usefull links:-


  5. Anonymous says:

    Re:- Why do you have to make a google account for everything these days?

    A/ For those that don’t know, Google records and/or logs all your info. Keystrokes, IP Address’ Geo tags etc. Rather than using google as your search page use startpage dot com it uses google to search but hides your IP Address for the search so Google can’t track you.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Clearly we have to be AWE with all the efforts of the our “TAP” Thankyou sir.

    He’s lifted the veil of secrecy off “so many meaty stories” EVERYDAY !!! Amazing.

    This should & needs to be your “DAILY FIRST VISIT” EVERY DAY!!!!


    Not poking shallow comments which virtually glow of the web page to any one with a modicum of intelligence.


    A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all girls-n-guys

    Please keep up all your good work & MORE

    Please for 2013


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