USA – government versus the people


Anonymous said…

This really hit home, i usually rush past the homeless where i live
i wa snear to tears after reading this, a couple of weeks before christmas when my family will be tucking in to all the godies while other britians are living rough, my husbnad says in the cricket field over the back several tents have appeared beside the fence,
i will do as the writer suggested and take them an occasional loaf
thankyou tap for this
amanda hollingsworth
3:36 PM 

Anonymous said…

Aww, shame it is so bad, London homeless up by 40% this year according to News. USA it’s far worse as there is a months long wait to even get into a shelter. my fellas ex lives in the YMCA and used to work there. They are allied to the homeless shelter and our pal Herbie (ex career Army Ranger) lived in his car for 6 months before he could get a place there-he was a lucky one really. If Obama goes ahead with banning guns (2nd amendment) then there will be a civil war and the army, National Guard and police are being told that the returning vets are a main new target, not Taliban or Al Quaida. Just watch it is coming, government versus the US people
4:01 PM 

Anonymous said…

I have every sympathy with homeless people as times are getting harder and harder.

One thing I won’t do is give them money. Not every homeless person is the same obviously, but some would use the money to go on drugs or alcohol which is only going to make their situation worse.

I agree with the sentiments above. Give them a loaf of bread, a can of soup, a blanket, a nice thick jumper, etc. Anything that will help them while they find their feet again or get them through the night. There are some, however, that just want to bury themselves under a load of cardboard boxes in a corner and not want to wake up in the morning… life can crush you to the point of oblivion like that.

I’ve been there myself.

4:01 PM 

Paul said…

Just wait till the Universal Credit and Bedroom Tax start to hit, people fall foul of it and into arrears with their rent. The social housing sector has been filled with heartless jobsworths now who have things like politically correct quotas to fill in their office and must regualarly attend common purpose training sessions and see themselves as the next coming of the lord to rule over the plebs. Nothing worse than a massaged ego nobody been given power is there.
4:17 PM 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    the thing is the government is more interested in making queers get married, as most gays meet in public toilets what will they do ? marry them there ?
    can you imagine preists and wellwsihers standing in the filthy bogs while two poofs get hitched ? and as studies say most gay relationships last between 20 inutes and 2 months, how many time s a year will they marry ?
    no the government dont care about brits onthe streets, where i live several are ex soldiers, they fight the governments wars then are put out on the street, one lost a leg

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