The Age of Aquarius imminent. Only 148 years to go.

Crop Circles…
Got my crop circle books out again. This time when I read them, I felt that they are more likely to be made from a parallel universe, or another time, rather than by beings from another planet. That seems to imply that Avebury and Wiltshire somewhere, sometime was, is, or will be, the most important place energetically in the world.

Red Meat…
My Dad told me that during the war, Churchill insisted that everyone must still eat red meat, and the ration was half pound a week. You can actually feed far more people on vegetarian diets if food is scarce. Many cultures around the world live very healthily on little or no red meat, or any meat, and are far stronger than westerners. It seems to me, that this red meat program is part of the ongoing plan to keep the British population high in O blood, the prize Royal Nazi blood group.

Apparently they can be turned on or off! That’s how the aborigines do it then. I am reading a book called Instant Intuition, which explains this. If you want to be a bit invisible or not seen by a particular person, this is how you can hide, turn your aura off. If you want to attract attention, you just turn it up full. Most people don’t know or believe you can do this. The starting point is to believe you can. The next step is to practise and play around with it, and see what effect you have! We all do it subliminally, but then it is not under our control in the same way.

Kate Bush and snowmen…
Saw a Kate Bush CD cover today showing a snowman kissing a girl. I am getting more and more convinced that the snowman is another part of the Santa subliminal indoctrination program, which prepares parents and children’s minds for isolating children, stealing children, and paedophilia. (See

Blue shield, red shield…

There is a private Catholic school called Prior Park College, near me on the edge of Bath, which has a blue shield as its logo, with two crossed keys and a sword up the middle (reminiscent of the British Gas ad with a sword going up between a child’s legs). The affiliated prep school has the red shield. Red shield means Rothschild, and is also the literal translation of the Red Crystal organisation, which is the Israeli branch of the Red Cross. The Red Crystal has a red Star of David as its symbol. Red Shield maps to Red Star of David.  So it follows that the Blue Shield will map to the Blue Star of David. That’s the Israeli flag. The two keys and sword also symbolises Bath Abbey, supposedly Anglican. And the local council has a logo of a six pointed star. There are a lot of very strong links here. (See about the Red Cross).

Bath Abbey Cemetery…
The obelisk like tower of the disused chapel in this cemetery can be seen from many places. Today I noticed what looks like an insulated electrical wire going from the ground all the way up the tower to the very top. And another one the other side! There is also a wire fixed horizontally going around the large pyramid top, so it sections it, a bit like the pyramid on the one dollar note. Now why would you need an electrical connection to the top of the tower? And if you did, why would you put it in two separate cables on opposite sides of the tower, to double your workload? And why is there a wire going around the pyramid too? This is a common theme, for church towers and obelisks to have some metal or electric connection to the roof. I think it’s to do with fixing or harnessing energy, or capturing transmissions like a TV antennae or satellite dish. Metal weather vanes are another version of the same thing, a bit better disguised. And domes are quite like satellite dishes. (See

I King…
Just noticed that the “I Ching” is the “I King”, since Chi can be pronounced Ki. So I think this is where the word King comes from. In disguise of course. It’s also where the word Key comes from. Chi can be Qi or Ki. And Key is also the same sound as Quay. The key of life is Chi, our life force. I don’t know much about the I Ching, but I intend to find out. 

24000 year cycle…
The cycle of Sirius and our Sun is about 24000 years, going through the Gold Age, Silver Age, Bronze, Iron, then back through Bronze and Silver to Gold again. We are now on our way out of the darkness of the Iron Age, having crossed over to the Bronze on 21.12. This is different from the roughly 26000 year cycle – as far as I can gather – (TAP –  (2,160 X 12) years I believe.  (2160 from 360 degrees at one degree every 72 years)), which is the movement of the Winter solstice sunrise through the houses of the zodiac, which also transited on 21.12 to Aquarius. No wonder it’s all so crazy! 

TAPThe transition to Aquarius is not 2012.  Zacariah Sitchin takes 10,800 B.C.E. as the start of the Age of the Lion.  Then 8640 to 6480 – The Crab.  6480 to 4320 – Gemini.  4320 to 2160 – Age of The Bull.  2160 to 0 – The Ram.  He got the numbers to fit the birth of Christ rather nicely which might make you a tad suspicious, but if he’s correct or roughly correct, we need another 148 years or so before we flip to a new age.  The order of the ages seems to be different from the monthly subdivisions.  Some of the celestial ages are in fact a bit longer and some a bit shorter, as the celestial ‘pictures’ are not all exactly the same length.  Aquarius might actually arrive a few hundred years later if the size of its picture decides the issue, rather than the mathematical calendar!

Message in a Bottle…
George Orwell said that he was writing a message for the future, like transcending time. The great monument builders (Stonehenge etc), are of course doing the same. Once you realise that you are going to be reborn with no conscious memory, you do your best to put a message in a bottle for your future self, and fellow humanity, so that you don’t have to relearn the whole lot all over again. Otherwise we collectively get nowhere. In order to get past those that want to censor and destroy, these messages are left in clever ways, slightly disguised, waiting to be decoded.  Great monuments such as the Pyramids, great works of Art, such as the Vetruvian Man and great books, such as The Bible. It’s the monuments that seem to last the longest, that are the most indestructible. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding red meat, you are what you eat.

    Look at America, why do you think people, on average, are larger than most other cultures. The cattle/livestock is being pumped-up like crazy with growth hormones and other additives. (The fast food craze over there just adds to the misery with all the chemicals and toxins that those fast foods contain.)

    This gets passed onto the human digestive system when they eat this meat – and before you know it, you too have growth hormones running riot around your body. People in the East tend to eat more grains, rices, herbs, and other stuff which is generally better for you. There is, however, the problem of Monsanto contaminating the crops over there though through their GMO seeds though. Crop yield/quality is nowhere near as good as it should be.

    – Cobalt

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Once you realise that you are going to be reborn with no conscious memory…so that you don’t have to relearn the whole lot all over again. Otherwise we collectively get nowhere.”

    Re above, yes – like the Hindus who claim to have been reincarnating for thousands of years. They don’t seem to get anywhere though, do they? Life doesn’t improve much, does it?
    Reincarnation has been sold to Western populations as part of the wonders of the ‘New Age’ Hinduism replacing the truth of Biblical Christianity, which tells us that we live once, die once and then judgement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes but the age of aquaius or the golden age refers to the rise of the anti-christand his reign on earth. so don’t be fooled it is NOT agood thing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i just read some bullshit about the vatican being behind the jews,
    in any conspiracy discussion or forum you would get your ass kicked for neing so silly,
    just when this website was really getting going, we begin to see whats going on here, i bet tap henry is a goddam jew ?
    dave lambert

  5. A10Sean says:

    Dave … Read some more – Whether Tap Henry is a goddam jew or not .. and whyever that would matter .. the HRE does appear to still be with us in its various forms ..

  6. Tapestry says:

    the ‘david lambert’ anti-jew and homophobic comments stay the same every day. it’s just his name that changes. why he runs to the aid of the jesuits I cannot imagine!

  7. Anonymous says:

    NO ITS OK.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think what was trying to be said was that christianity used to teach reincarnation until the roman emperor changed it, and homosexuality IS being forced onto the people, job applications favouring homosexuals are now as common as those favouring blacks.
    and its true that the jews control the vatican now not vice versa

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    All power is in a state of flux and under constant threat and direct attack, especially from other rival powers. It is the nature of power and a guiding principle of physical reality. Organisations wax and wane, retreat then rise, as do families, nations and empires. It’s often down to the will of a few or a singular individual at the top as to how far succeeding tides of power rise or fall. The Jesuits are no different and there may well have been times when they were the ultimate master before sliding back into more of a subservient role, all the while plotting their next forward thrust. It is their ability to survive and thrive over such a long time frame, and given their stated willingless to resort to overt and brute force, they are clearly a power to be reckoned with. I suspect they have been the dominant master for considerable periods of our history (Washington certainly named them as the ultimate threat to the fledgling US state). Having slunk into the background for a while, they are now back to the fore, as anyone who has read anything about their history and the direction the EU could ascertain. But the Rothchild or Bush or Zionist clans (whether these be separate or one and the same) may have outmanouvered them – or may be working hand in glove with them – we can never be certain as they are all so good at hiding themselves and using different front organisations, such as Masons, Illuminati or Pilgrim societies. There must be a struggle for ultimate power at the top as that is the nature of power and greed, so we have to expect power shifts. “No them by their fruit” can be the only guiding principle, and the Jesuits are certainly one ‘hell of a force’ to be reckoned with.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, that previous posting re the Jesuits (Anonymous – ChrisB 9:38PM) was meant for the previous article
    … in relation to Julia’s posting, I was just wondering if she was aware of – or reacting to – the airing of “Dr Who: The Snowmen” a couple of days ago. (From Wiki) It’s the sixth episode of the seventh series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. First broadcast on Christmas Day 2012 at 5.15pm on BBC channels in the UK, the same day on BBC America in the US and Space in Canada. In Australia it aired on 26 December at 7.30pm on ABC1.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Best explanation is that crop circles which have not been made by pranksters are the activity of satellite based microwave technology – a spin off from Reagan’s SDI.

    Reagan wanted an alien threat to unite the world to a NWO. Perhaps the real reason as opposed to defence against a USSR missile strike.

    The technology therefore helps spread the belief in the existence of aliens and I for one am yet to be convinced though I have spent much time since childhood fascinated by such a possibility fuelled by my father having a Geo. Adamski paperback which I happened to come across.

    As we know Icke has been to many planets his guides being from Uranus…

    Icke a portal to the occult and eastern mysticism.


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