Swine flu’s a Jesuit scam

Hi Tap, here is some follow on stuff in Support of Gordon Logan’s Post re Murdoch blackmailing Cameron.

That was very good Post Gordon, I was going to comment earlier but got bogged down with the Jesuit Stuff. I know you don’t agree with my views on this stuff, but would probably be of the same opinion where SMOMS are concerned   I would say you are 100% On “The Head of The Nail”. In support of your claim I submit:-

Brevik Whitewash Begins in Norway, Murdoch’s Hand Seen

Last Step of Official Cover-up in Motion

 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Norway attacks attributed to Breivik are obviously an act of international terror.  The children, victims of a holocaust, were selected because of political ties to foes of Israel, as admitted by the killer.
However, the real story began, not just with suspected police complicity and the mysterious world travels of Breivic, but with a coverup, starting with the Murdoch operation, the Wall Street Journal, the Star and even on this Norway station:

Rupert Murdoch behind 9-11, Iraq Invasion, Afghan Wars and Financial Meltdown
Press TV
July 14, 2011

“Murdoch is a close associate of a significant criminal conspiracy of industrialists, bankers and others. He is the front man for them…the person who gives them control of governments through bribery and blackmail – and this is what the British people had to wake up to – that, for the past 20 years, Rupert Murdoch has controlled their government: Their Prime Ministers were appointed by him; worked for him – and we’ve had three Presidents of the United States who have essentially been appointed to office and controlled entirely by Rupert Murdoch and the things that happened during their administrations.

And the kinds of things that happened? Economic meltdown in the US, the EU has melted-down, 9/11, two insane wars. Murdoch has been very significant in the planning and operations of all of those things…since he has broad control over all public information…He and very close affiliates control the majority of news organizations in the US. 

The thought, at one point was that these people controlled the news and were controlling and misinforming the public. Now, we have clear evidence that through espionage, through blackmail and bribery, his organizations have been, in actuality controlling politicians…”

Now US turns on Rupert Murdoch as FBI probes ‘9/11 hacking’
The Scotsman
July 15, 2011
by Tom Peterkin

The FBI has opened an investigation into allegations that News Corporation sought to hack into the phones of 11 September victims.

The news came as American politicians called for a US investigation to be mounted into the phone-hacking scandal.

The FBI’s New York office last night confirmed the investigation was under way. There has been no response from News Corp.

A key member of Congress’s investigations committee joined the clamour for a US-based inquiry into the allegations that News Corp staff broke American anti-bribery laws or violated the privacy of 9/11 victims.


 Rupert Murdoch is a SMOM, He is also a KCSG, The same as Savile, you won’t get those with Tesco Vouchers!

What a duality of Standards, ordinary Catholics have no Idea why they give them out. I gave a past Link relating to SMOMS, one in Particular, BOB HOPE, who was an MK-Ultra Controller, he was also knocking off Marilyn Monroe, amongst others, He too was KCSG, Regan, both Bushes & Blair are also KCSG’s, & Almost certainly Jesuits.

Photograph: Andrew Medichini/AP
The Catholic weekly The Tablet has a news story and editorial about concerns over the six-figure donation from James Murdoch towards the pope’s visit to the UK last year, a trip that made as many headlines for its financing as it did for its historic nature.
According to the magazine:

James MurdochPhotograph: Murdo Macleod

James Murdoch, who is in charge of his father Rupert Murdoch‘s media empire in Europe and Asia, is understood to have given a donation believed to be at least £100,000. On the day that Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass in Westminster Cathedral, Mr Murdoch, and other major donors to the visit’s funding, were introduced to the Pope in Archbishop’s House.
The meet and greet led to a minor “pope for hire” firestorm in some circles. The Tablet carries a photograph of James Murdoch bowing before Benedict XVI as they meet. If you’ve never bought The Tablet before, the picture alone is worth the cover price.
With some understatement, the Catholic bishop of Arundel and Brighton has told The Tablet the church will have to “be careful about that source of money”. Kieron Conry said

  good measure I will add this
The Jesuits are behind the H1N1 Vaccine.  It is being created by a company called Novavax, which, as you will now see, is completely dominated by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors. Take a look at it’s board:

John Lambert (Chairman of the Board) — He has connections to the King of Spain (Juan Carlos I), a Jesuit agent and a high-level Knight of Malta. From 2001 to 2005, he was President of Chiron Vaccines, which has now been acquired by Novartist AG — run by a Swiss Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor named Daniel Vasella.

He was also President of Aventis Pasteur, which is now run by Wayne Pisano, who was educated at a New York college with deeply Roman Catholic roots. He has ties to pharmaceutical operations in England, controlled by the British Knights of Malta. He was also President of Merck, which is run by Papal Knights and Jesuit agents.

Gary C. Evans (Lead Director) — He has very close business ties to China, which is completely under the thumb of the Jesuits and publicly ruled by their Roman Catholic tool, Ma Ying-jeou.
John O. Marsh, Jr. (Director) — He is the co-chair of the Independent Review Group for both Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital, both of which are controlled by the Jesuits (via the Jesuit/Vatican-subservient US Military) and both of which were used in the Jesuit-planned/ordered/executed assassination of John F. Kennedy as “safe spots” to manipulate the body.
He is a visiting professor at George Mason University’s Law School and the Virginia Military Institute, both of which have connections to the Vatican’s political powerhouse in the US, the Jesuit-ruled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
He served as Secretary of the Army under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W Bush, both high, Jesuit-subservient Freemasons and Papal Knights of Malta. He was also an adviser to President Gerald Ford, a high, Jesuit-subservient Freemason, Papal Knight of Malta, and member of the Jesuits’ CFR and Bohemian Club.
Michael A. McManus, Jr. (Director) — He was trained by the Jesuit Order at Georgetown University, a private Jesuit institution in Washington DC. He also graduated from the University of Notre Dame, a powerful Roman Catholic institution. He was an assistant to President Ronald Reagan, a Papal Knight of Malta and high, Jesuit-subservient Freemason.
Thomas P. Monath (Director) — He is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm ruled by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors. He has close ties to the Jesuit-controlled US Military and to Harvard University, which has a strong Jesuit presence.
Rahul Singhvi (Director) — He has close ties to Merck, which is run by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors and Papal Knights. He was trained by MIT and Wharton School, both of which are fronts for the Tavistock Institute in England, which is ruled by the British Knights of Malta and the Queen of England, who is a Dame of Malta.
Rajiv I. Modi (Director) — He is part of the New York Academy of Sciences, which is ruled by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors.
Stanley C. Erck (Director) — He is part of Intercell, a Vaccines company in Vienna (Where the “Holy Alliance” planned to destroy all Popular Governments) that is ruled by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors.
So, the H1N1 vaccine is being given to us by a Jesuit front. Interestingly, circumstantial evidence seems to indicate that the “Swine Flu Outbreak” was engineered by Baxter International, a company that is run by John Parkinson, the dean of Loyola University, the Jesuit institution of Chicago.
Don’t buy Swine Flu, folks. It’s a Jesuit scam.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can always tell a w*nker, when they cant attack what you say because they know you are right, they make fun of your name.
    I am not prejudiced against w*nkers, i just dont feel this is the best place for them to be
    karen Cummings

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s time we moved from unproven historical assertions to hard facts in the shape of real life moral issues. The Catholic Church is anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-euthanasia, anti-homosexual sex, anti-“gay-marriage” and anti-eugenics. The New World Order, whether in the guise of the Murdoch neocon “right”, or the Soros “left”, is avidly in favour of all these things. Purely for purposes of clarification, I’d be interested to know where WASP stands on these issues. And again purely for clarification, I’d be interested to know if his pseudonym stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. If he is arguing on behalf of Protestantism then we are beginning to define in clear terms the nature of this debate. I have a book, Previews of the New Papacy, which shows pictures of Scandinavian Lutheran and British Anglican bishops in Masonic regalia. That is hard fact, not unproven allegation. It’s also hard fact that the Catholic Church officially forbids membership in secret societies. Most Protestant churches do not. Indeed when the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, early in his tenure, suggested that freemasonry was incompatible with Christian belief he was forced by his co-religionists to recant. Perhaps this is part of the reason for his early retirement from the post of Archishop? As for Murdoch donating money to the Catholic Church: this is of course Lenin’s dictum about controlling the opposition by leading it in action. As with his support for the Tories, the SNP, Nulabor, Obama and Bush, etc., Murdoch’s support for the Church has always been strategic; for example he gave massive funding to the very dodgy Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles – a man deeply at odds with official Catholic teaching on many issues, including most of those cited at the beginning of this article. No one who reads the Murdoch press can be in any doubt that it is fundamentally hostile to traditonal Catholic morality.

  3. Anonymous says:

    While I’m here I would just add that my view is that contraception is at the very core of the New World Order – once it is accepted as morally permissible all bets are off in the moral sphere. Hence the relentless attacks of the New World Order media on the Catholic teaching about condoms. And if WASP does not admit that the Catholic Church is relentlessly attacked by the media he is not to be taken seriously. Ian Paisley was deeply implicated in the Belfast Kincora boys home paedophile scandal, a scandal that encompassed the Orange Order, the two main Unionist parties in Northern Ireland, the British intelligence services and leading pillars of the British establishment. This did not prevent him from becoming Northern Irish First Minister and now a Lord. No one in the media ever mentions Kincora when talking about Paisley. Contrast that with the saturation coverage given to every Catholic scandal, no matter how far back in time it goes.

  4. Paul says:

    Just a little thing I found, after seeing this article, syncronisity in action again, swine flue outbreak in west bank….


  5. Anonymous says:

    Clearly we have to be AWE with all the efforts of the our “TAP” Thankyou sir.

    He’s lifted the veil of secrecy off “so many meaty stories” EVERYDAY !!! Amazing.

    This should & needs to be your “DAILY FIRST VISIT” EVERYDAY!!!!


    Not poking shallow comments which virtually glow off the web page to any one, with a modicum of intelligence.


    A “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all you girls-n-guys

    Please keep up all your good work & MORE

    Please for 2013


    Its what you give NOT what you take but remember viewing is FREE

    ITs TAPS efforts that have stood the “test of time”

    Not abusive retard comments seemingly left at random by ??????????? no marks probably paid big money by ?? NSA FBI *ucking *loody *diots
    turning tricks. anus diving.

    Sorry they are so 8100dy obvious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    After reading much here one thing that seems to dawn on me is where do we all stand?

    The Georgia stones seems to cut the mustard although it makes my skin curl they have got it right.

    “Not that i agree”.

    its the simplicity of 10 key points set up in stone clearly laying out your intentions or thoughts.

    we need our own 10 key points ?

    I’m not really sure where to start but maybe:-

    1/ Predictable family unit is first. ?

    2/ love your fellow man.?

    3/ love your planet. ?

    4/ Die knowing you did your genuine best for all loved good worldly folk.

    for 5 – 10+ your help please


    for a better 2013 bless you all

    the good do’ers only.

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