Sunrise transmits energy, not only light.

Active and Receptive Psychic activity...

I went to a talk recently by Serena Roney-Dougal, a scientist, and this is one really interesting thing I learned. There are TWO types of psychic activity. The healing type is active and requires an intense Earth magnetic field. This was practised in ancient Stone circles, which tap into the Earth Energy lines. On the other hand, if you have a quiet magnetic field, you can more easily have out of body experiences, and practise telepathy, remote viewing and clairvoyance. It seems that Long Barrows achieve this perfectly. So it is likely that this is what Long Barrows were used for. Not graves! (Everything in school history is a grave or tomb!) 

Disabled Britannia...

The front cover of the Economist shows a picture of Britannia ejecting into the air, and out of Europe. The interesting bit is that she is holding onto the wheel of her chair like a disabled person! The disabled symbol is surely Britanna. And we are being bombarded with it EVERYWHERE! 


There is a different frequency at sunrise to any other time. It's 10 cycles per second instead of the usual 3-4 cycles per second. I think it means more energy. Now we know why those in the know worship sunrise, and why they get us to stay out late, or stay up late, and miss it. It is the Sunset which is promoted as the holiday and the romantic ideal in magazines that tell us how we should live. Maybe we should all start to get up earlier and catch the sunrise.

TAP - get rid of the chemtrails and I might agree. 

The Chophouse...

The rebuilding of Bath continues at high speed. At Bath Spa station, a restaurant called the Chophouse is taking shape. Chophouse reminds me of Slaughterhouse. It has sculptures outside of what looks like a bull and a cow. Then I guess you go in and eat bull or cow. Maybe they have some real bulls and cows inside and slaughter them in front of you? They certainly want us all eating more red meat. It improves the 'O' blood count. Maybe they will have the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons blaring out, which is about beheading. "Here comes a chopper to chop off your head". Animals first, humans next.  

Solar Panels...

It's been bugging me for ages why they want us to have solar panels. I think I've got it. Solar panels are an electrical receiver/transmitter on top of your house. They then connect to the electrics inside your house. My guess is they are transmitting a lot more than the Sun's energy. The area spanned by the panels is quite large, much larger than an antennae of a TV aerial, and look how much that can pick up. Maybe the solar panels link to HAARP transmissions, or possibly the patrol planes and helicoptors that hang around low in the sky on a daily basis. I was struck by how many suburban properties had solar panels in Weston-Super-Mare yesterday, which I would not describe as either affluent or alternative. 

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2 Responses to “Sunrise transmits energy, not only light.”

  1. A10Sean says:

    Julia , On solar panels … couldnt resist …

    I just came across this guy… But obviously right up my street …

    …and it gets worse
    Further to my previous post, it’s worth noting that from April Fools’ Day this year the UK Government is going to pay people 44p per kW for the electricity they produce at home via solar means, while regular electricity costs 7p to buy.
    This is absurd enough without the obvious problem pointed out in this article, that some enterprising souls will just connect the input to the output and spend all day selling electricity to the govt for 6x what they bought it for.
    It’s almost like comedy. The Spanish Authorities have spotted that the Spanish solar panel owners have claimed to be generating electricity at night:



  2. Julia says:

    Brilliant! I hadn’t thought of that, selling back non solar as if it’s solar! Thanks Sean. The thing is the government don’t actually care about any money. They have loads. The objective is to get everyone into solar panels.
    It reminds me of a friend who said about Boots the chemist “I love Boots, it’s almost as if they are paying me to shop there”. She has a lot of points, and then you add in special deals etc.
    They want us to have all the crap you can buy at Boots, lots of chemicals infiltrating our homes and bodies.

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