Stop asthma. Time to wear chemtrails masks.

UPDATE –  Hi guys “Scotch 3M” make (carbon impregnated) nose/mouth facial face masks.

The auto paint industry have always used them, see your local auto paint suppliers.

please put this (below) into a ebay search for a list of general masks for industry.

You can get some essential oils for aiding your breathing put a few drops on to a piece of cotton wool?

try Halls lozenges or menthol?vicks rub or in a bowl of hot water for the fumes?


search :- face masks 3 m

I wanted to relate to you the following story.

I along with 120 others left the BNP when we found it was being funded from Israel as is the EDL. I have no problem with foreigners just the numbers being pumped in by our government while they put our own people on the dole.

 I was taking my son to school when he had one of his breathing attacks, i sat him on a garden wall while i seached for his inhaler, a man stopped ina car and asked if he was ok ? i said he suffers from chest problems, the man kindly said i am going that way can i drop you both at the school, for which i was grateful and we chatted on the way.

next day i found in my letter box some chemtrail breathing masks, i honestly had heard nothing of these before and did some research on the net, when my boy goes to school now he wears one of these masks and his breathing has improved dramatically, and he has not needed his inhaler. The man said he is an avid reader of your website, can you please put up this letter and ask the man to contact me so i can thank him.

Thankyou TAP

amanda ferguson

TAP –  I will publicize them on the blog if you get me some information about them.  I am worried about my own son’s cough, and I wheeze more than I did when going out for a walk in the ‘fresh’ air.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I maybe able to shed some light on these masks, they are just like hospital theatre masks but they are impregnated with something.
    My freind was given some of these by a muslim doctor at her surgery
    who had some made first for his own kids then as word got out he was giving them away to patients,
    if i understand corectly he was asked to stopgiving them out by the pharmaceutical company who supply the surgery with drugs for chest problems.
    I will phone my freind lunchtime and see what i can find out about this for you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    there is a connection to wifi, and mobile phones also

    as our body surfaces are protected from the ingress of unwanted chemicals by tight junction barriers, similar to the blood-brain barrier, and are also opened by electromagnetic radiation. This allows many potential allergens to enter and probably accounts for an increase many allergies, including asthma.


  3. Anonymous says:

    My son wa told he was unfit and overweight so he embarked on a series of helthy eating and exercise.
    he started cyling to work and got some of these chemtrail masks
    as he said they worked well in the London traffic, i was sceptical until he said i kept this one which i wore back and forth for two days, it was black ! he said all this would have gone into his lungs he rubbed the dirt in his fingers and said it was slimy.
    he said he cant find a source for the masks now, if i can find one i will tell you

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Tap message from Louise.
    The surgery will not tell me where the doctor went who gave the masks,
    and she was no help at all.
    She said the surgery do not recognise such a thing as “chemtrails ” and i should geta hobby.
    As i left she wandered out after me and said that is what they are instructed to say and look up
    a doctor now working in Leeds.
    i did so and he moved on in April
    sorry Tap

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve read your posts and decided you need to take a good hard look at yourselves. If you believe in fantastical bullshit such as chemtrails. You need to speak to a professional about your state of paranoia, it’s more real and more harmful than chemtrails.

    If you want to continue believing in chemtrails then i have some specialist umbrellas that keep you completely safe from the effects of chemtrails. They are only £97 each, but will keep you completely safe from all known types of chemicals in chemtrails. Not only do they protect you from the evils of chemtrails they will counter the effect of H.A.A.R.P signals that our bouncing through the atmosphere at this very point intime.

    Act now and i’ll throw in a copy of the far rights answer to jason bourne Julian Assanges book “When NO actually menas YES” a practical guide to dating!

    I’m astonished at the lack of any braincells on this blog!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I see you allow arsoles on here tap
    The RAF issue a handbook each of which has to be signed for and numbered, these are instructions for the chemtrailing duties.
    My family has several members in the RAF and they say they are absolutely forbidden to speak of it.
    A cyclng club in Bedford used to advertise chemtrail masks in the newsletter as CTmasks, they were pale green and impregnated
    with various plant extracts
    such as slipery elm which was said to assist breathing outdoors
    hope that helps.
    PS a bigger threat to our health than chemtrails is arsoles like the one above
    Harry Marshall

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Harry Marshall

    you obviously have unresolved issues when it comes to craving attention.

    Only a grade ‘A’ bellend would come out with such a ridiculous statement like yours to get attention.

    The only danger to society is conspiracy morons like yourself who hype up this ludicrous theory of chemtrails (you’re a bit like rambo, but you fire out bullshit instead of bullets).

    Can i interest you in one of my specialist umbrellas to protect you from the evils of chemtrails. I think you should ram it squarely up your rectum. It might iron out those attention issues and give you some mush needed logic at the same time. The RAF use them to protect themselves but they’re sworn to secrecy on them and have to sign a book though. Several of my friends are in the RAF and they use these umbrellas when working on the chemtrail equipped typhoons.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone me again, i have some umbrellas for you, they are real chemtrail umbrellas straight from father christmas for you lot who beleive in chemtrails.
    I may be a gay leftie, but i am NOT an arsole but i do like them a lot ha ha

  9. Anonymous says:

    hahaha, very poor effort Harry!

    Must try harder.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Although i did like the ‘Gay Lefty’ very amusing!

    Happy Christmas to you Harry.

    At least you had the balls to pick me up on my comments. TAP just deletes anything that has an alternate view to his.

    Looking forward to locking antlers again on here!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Some advice for 2013 we may not al agree but we must make an effort to get on with everyone, our freinds and even those we think are arsoles
    even the gay leftie sceptics
    merry christmass to you all.
    Love from Harry

  12. Don't look up, and you'll be alright.... says:

    Anon 12.26. Bloody ‘ell, are you blind? should get out more mate!


  13. Anonymous says:

    I was very pro BNP, not a wacist, just sick of seeing the country my father fought for being dismantled, and at the time they seemed to be the only avenue for my concerns. Sadly I witnessed them turn solely into an anti Islam party, dropping everything else they had once stood for. When they openly advertised they were friends of “you know who”, I immediately stopped my support, and believe me the requests for donations had become unbearable to many of us who were struggling as it was.

    Looking back they had obviously been taken from within, and turned into a gatekeeper party, just as UKIP are now. Shame as there is no one political party that is of the people and for the people left in Britain (if there ever was).

    We are alone.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys “Scotch 3M” make (carbon impregnated) nose/mouth facial face masks.

    The auto paint industry have always used them, see your local auto paint suppliers.

    please put this (below) into a ebay search for a list of general masks for industry.

    You can get some essential oils for aiding your breathing put a few drops on to a piece of cotton wool?

    try Halls lozenges or menthol?vicks rub or in a bowl of hot water for the fumes?


    search :- face masks 3 m

    PS Some great valued input Harry Ta & Respect

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad that people are talking about chemtrail masks, it seems that more and more people are waking up. After talking to people myself, I have been surprised at the level of awareness of secret government operations (the illuminati). These few nasty, aggressive comments are obviously posted by those in the government whos job it is to keep us asleep. If something is factual and true then it speaks for itself. The fact that this blog has generated alot of nasty comments, some people even posting further comments after festering about the issue, shows us that the government is very concerned that we don’t notice “chemtrails”. If the spraying was for good they would be open about this spraying, they obviously want us to breath this stuff in, eat and drink it and become ill and generate profits from us, while acheiving their global population reduction plan written on the Georgia guidestones.

    Anyone who is denying that chemtrails exist either has an agenda or lives in a cave or something. I was watching “Chris Tarrants extreme railways” today and even in India you can see them and the effects of them. Everywhere has a white haze, the sky looks weird and the weather is not following normal patterns.

    Anyway I would be very grateful for anymore information on these chemtrail masks, as I have asthma and I am currently using a cycling mask and dust mask combination which is hard to breath through and I feel doesn’t work very well, it just makes me feel protected a bit.

    Tomorrow is the end of the Mayan long count calender and I am hoping that this alignment will produce a profoundly spiritual experience for us and those against mother earth. Perhaps in the comming days we will witness the end of chemtrail spraying. After seeing your Bill Wood interview blog posted at the beginning of 2012 I am more convinced that this will be so.

    Love and light and happy “age of aquarius” to all.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Is it you or your readers that attract wally’s like Anon 12.26pm.
    Although we are educating a lot of people, there are still plenty out there who still cannot see what is written in the sky.
    Planefinder is still a good place to look for the strange routes of some planes.
    Now the Elite have got the particles of Aluminium down to Nano size, every aircraft could be a chemtrailer, it’s now in the fuel.
    We know we have them on the run, that’s why we get all the negative commments. Merry Christmas to all.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I have searched on the internet, including Ebay and I cannot seem to find these masks. At the moment I wear a Respro Bandit washable mask designed for anti pollution while on a bike, I purchased this about 3 years ago and the carbon part of it sandwiched between the two layers of the mask has long gone and i’ve stitched it where the nose bridge part started coming away from the cotton mask. I used it before I knew about chemtrails for pollution. I tried replacing it earlier in 2012 when I learnt about chemtrails with a 3M ffp3 valved dust mask which was supposed to protect against toxic vapours. I wore this while riding through chemtrail fallout and felt a a feeling in my throat like i’d inhaled sharp dust, so I guess it doesn’t work.

    I am trying to find a better mask as my Bandit mask needs replacing, I have spent hours and hours searching and reading and I am confused. I think these people who mask dust masks are part of the illuminati and don’t want to protect us like they say they do, in addition I wonder if they use materials or add substances to the masks to be detrimental to our health, while making us expose ourselves to toxins believing that we will be protected. My 3M masks smell a bit chemically and agrivate my asthma slightly (I don’t think this was just because of the chemtrail dust).

    I really need advice here, I was thinking of trying surgical masks as they say that a type 2 will protect against fine dust, plus infections. But do I trust the makers? and if I do will it filter any better than the 3M dust masks?

    I will probably buy another Respro bandit, as my last one has served me well, it just becomes damp from exhaling and resticts breath soon after wearing, even more so now we live in a constantly damp environment (everyone seems to be buying dehumidifiers). Although some people say that a damp mask is best to filter out this stuff and my experience tells me that they are right.

    Any advice will be much appreciated. Many Thanks.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have the most uncontroled asthma of anyone that i know of and I’m only 28. I noticed it got worse after 2007, I’m on oxygen and take pro air, quvar, advair, symbicort, and a fee other things and living in Colorado doesn’t help with the high altitude. I wouldn’t be able to move because of finance issues. If what your saying is true, how can i get some of those masks, how long do they last… Sorry I’m on a mobile device, if anyone can help me please contact me on

  19. Tapestry says:

    Try studying for clues as to how to treat asthma.

  20. If you lack salt your mucous membranes dry up to conserve this essential mineral and let toxins directly into your lungs causing asthma . Google “your bodies many cries for water ” and salt by Dr Batmangelid . Salt allows the mucous to thicken and keeps out toxins – thats why mucous tastes salty. Demonising salt and fat was the craziest thing the medical profession did.

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