Rantzen sacked.


I did not intend to coment at all, but i do have to say from long experience at the BBC, it’s very jew orientated.  Esther Rantzen is a jew and she was told to keep schtum about savile etc.  But what got me was that kids would actually phone in and name savile and rantzen would tell us “ignore it” and this conspiracy to hide up that savile also abused boys.

One was just 8 years old,
why for gods sake ?

agnes walker 

TAP – I’m taking this as a genuine comment.  If you can give a little bit more detail such as when you worked at the BBC, Agnes and in what departments, that would be helpful.

Let’s hope not

Rantzen NOT sacked by NAPAC /  –  

UPDATE –  see comments below.  

The attempt to remove her was not successful.

Esther Rantzen, the founder of ChildLine, has been sacked by the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. The decision follows Rantzen’s admission that she blocked her ears to all the rumours about Jimmy Savile.

When Esther Rantzen appeared on the ITV Exposure documentary, in responding to the allegations about Jimmy Savile’s sexual assaults on young girls, she admitted she had known of the rumours and had not done anything. The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) has now sacked her as one of its patrons.

According to the Daily Mail, only three days ago, Rantzen vehemently denied rumours that the NAPAC were considering sacking her as one of its patrons. She said:

I’m staying put.

According to Unreality TV, Mr Peter Saunders, the Chief Executive and founder of the NAPAC, said:

In the light of her admission that she heard rumours about Savile but did nothing, I am going to ask the trustees if they feel she is an appropriate patron.

A number of people have contacted us to say they don’t feel she is.

It is now clear from the NAPAC’s website that Rantzen has been removed from her role as patron of the charity. Esther Rantzen’s name and picture are no longer listed as a patron, or in any other capacity.

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/334919#ixzz2DvHe7UxL

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Never give to charities full stop… you don’t know how much is actually going to the cause itself. The volunteers work for free usually and do all the hard work whereas the upper management level skim off the top and choose how much actually goes to the cause. Don’t believe the audit trails either.

    Best advice with charities is give the money to the actual people themselves.

    Charity shops are great for offloading your junk/clutter though. Either that, or a skip.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Um… The Saintly Esther’s picture is at the bottom of the Patrons’s list. Take a look.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As the another Anon points out above, Esther Rantzen has not been sacked. Her image remains. I’d advise the blog owner to do a little editing, as disinformation serves only to discredit this entire site.

  4. Tapestry says:

    There was an attempt to remove her, apparently unsuccessful.

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