Shoot first. Ask questions later.

A veteran from Iraq, turned conscientious objector, speaks out.

HETT adds ‘War is a crime‘ as another Iraq veteran seeks alternatives to war.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Innocent Child


    Innocent Child


    Innocent Child


    19 December 2012

    UN scales back Pakistan polio campaign after killings

    Pakistan is considered a key battleground in the global fight against polio.

    The price of polio prevention
    Vaccine checks ‘to control polio’
    Pakistan polio worker shot dead

    The UN has scaled back an anti-polio campaign in Pakistan after two more health workers died in the latest of a spate of gun attacks.

    Attacks in the Peshawar region killed a vaccination supervisor and her driver, and injured a student volunteer.

    The Taliban have issued threats against the UN’s anti-polio campaign.

    Coming after five deaths on Tuesday the UN said it was pulling staff involved in the campaign from the streets.


  2. Toad Hall says:

    Documented civilian deaths from violence
    110,773 – 121,036
    Further analysis of the WikiLeaks’ Iraq War Logs
    may add 12,000 civilian deaths.

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