3 Responses to “Royal Diana cover-up. Part 2. Gripping documentary.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was low level in MI5 and hours after the gossip was ” inside job”
    Sarkozy had his phone tapped and recording exist whch implicate mossad primarily, as the Jews did not want a muslim close to the throne, she was going to marry Dodi,
    Dodi was slandered in the press
    and diana was taking her land mine campaign to palestine, so mosssad had no choice was how it wsa put to me hours after the crash

  2. Tapestry says:

    As Diana said, someone’s got to love the people. She was an incredibly brave woman and knew what was coming to her. She ended the monarchy. It’s only taking another twenty years for everyone to realise the aura/era has ended. The Queen and the Royal family are over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    well done tap, have looked for this documentary for a long time..at last the uk taxpayer can finally see what their “monarchy” is about…lies and murder..no shocks there..what i don’t get tho, why was it banned! we know-they know..
    Philip& Charles bumped her off(FROM DAY 1)
    Philip is a nazi.
    the royals are racist.
    the royals are gangsters.
    all those involved got lordships ect,IE paid off…..
    i can dig up loads of vids on you-tube of this evil parasite family..but banning this video don’t make sense. what the hell are the “royals” worried about…ahh, penny just dropped..
    its the bunting waving,masses of the sheeple….NO SHEEP-NO POWER- NO monarchy…FAB. how soon can we get it on C4 or any other channel.!! just put up the link to all my outlets… ..ps this is worth a look…

    the guy really knows his stuff and some…ROYALS=GANGSTERS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT…
    nice one and keep this tap flowing…… ~peace~

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