Prince Charles pitches at Britain’s children on his website

No mention of Jimmy Savile on Charles’ site, says David Icke!!!

Jimmy Savile, child catcher by Royal appoinment

Yet the notion that Charles cares about kids is the key theme.  What about stopping institutionalised child abuse, and stop befriending known paedophiles, your royal highness.  That would be a good start.  Parents, you might want to be careful about allowing your kids to visit Mygrove meantime, until the Prince’s indiscretions are dealt with.

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  • Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey, Justin Mundy, Head of Prince's International Sustainability Unit (ISU), listen as the Prince Charles, talks during a meeting of international leaders to discuss curbing world deforestation

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One Response to “Prince Charles pitches at Britain’s children on his website”

  1. Anonymous says:

    its not true to saythe BBC covered up Jimmy savile because of Prince Charles, Rupert murdoch has one person listeneing in 24/7 to Charles who was close to tears when he found out how he had been betrayed. The real reason was for Israel, as mossad runs britian and the US now.
    belive me this is true.

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