Polio vaccinators killed. Have they realized vaccination’s a weapon?

TAP – You cannot condone killing.  They could have ended the polio vaccination another way.  They chose to use guns and it’s been stopped across the province.   Vaccinations are killing people by the billion if the words of Bill Gates are anything to go by.  Warfare in a word against humanity.   It’s taken the world a long time to realize the biggest killers on the planet are not the military, but doctors.

HETT sends –

KARACHI/PESHAWAR: Gunmen shot dead four lady health workers in Karachi and one in Peshawar on Tuesday, shocking people across the country.
 In addition, two co-workers of the four ill-fated women were wounded in the seemingly coordinated attacks in Karachi. Earlier on Monday, the supervisor of a polio vaccinators team was also killed in the city, raising the toll of polio workers killed in the last 24 hours to six.
 The four polio vaccinators were killed at noon in Orangi Town, Landhi and Baldia Ittehad Town. Police said similar weapons were used in the attacks, leading to a conclusion that they were coordinated.
 Following the attacks, Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed halted the polio vaccination campaign in the province for an indefinite period so that the safety of thousands of health workers was ensured. The decision was taken on the advice the World Health Organisation (WHO).
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