No filth allowed on Blue Peter

Captain Pugwash, Seaman Stains and Master Bates – Ho ho ho!
Strangely the double entendres like Willy and Master Bates are now denied, and episodes have been changed to Master Mates.  The cabin boy was called Tom, not Roger, though.  That was a ‘joke’.  Youtube still has some originals with Master Bates clearly the name in use. 

Hi Julia,

The father of a good friend of mine was a sound engineer at the BBC and in the early 80’s he took us to work with him a couple of times during the school holidays. It sounds incredible now, but as he was working we were left free to roam tv centre. We used to go in and out of any studio that didn’t have the red light on, exploring Dr. Who sets etc. 

One day Bob was working on Blue Peter so we stayed in studio 1 all day throughout rehearsals, while he worked up in the sound gallery. My main memory of that day was an amazing woman called Biddy Baxter, she had hair down to the ground and was the editor of the programme for years. I remember to this day how kind she was to us whilst doing her job. She seemed to be in charge of the whole show and I clearly remember having the feeling that we were in good hands. Please don’t assume that I ‘graded’ every adult I met throughout my childhood, I didn’t…it’s just that in my opinion Biddy Baxter was a genuine person and that has stayed with me since. From what I saw, she WAS Blue Peter and i don’t think that she would have put up with any shit on her watch (which was about 23 years!) 

Biddy Baxter – held back the filth, says Tim

Blue Peter never contained scripted ‘double entendres’ either, unlike many of the BBC shows for younger kids (remember Semen Stains in Captain Pugwash? and Master Bates, the cabin boy?) 

In my opinion Blue Peter was as genuine as any television programme could be. I just saw on wikipi that in 2008 Biddy complained that she did not like the way that Blue Peter was being run. Looks like her perfectly brought up baby was starting to be corrupted.


Julia had written –

I have written about Blue Peter before. It's another one of those peak kids viewing programmes. You have to watch to not be left out of society. Parents and schools support it too. The way in which it was set up and named always seemed a bit odd. Are all family viewing programmes dodgy? Are they all part of the kids mind control program? Part of which is paedophile grooming and child procuring.

TAP - The past was whatever it was.  The present is still enough of a worry.

Cbeebies streams suggestive images daily

Cbeebies Christmas ID.  The phallic is a constant part of the show. 

John writes - 

On Cbeebies yesterday (18th October) Andy and Alex made an inkblot which looked exactly like a penis....

BBC children's channel - Cbeebies.  Presenters - Alex, Sid and Andy.  It's not the first time they make penis shapes out of things.  See this.



I've tried commenting at The Tap but keep being presented with an error message telling me that the characters I've typed in the word recognition box have not been recognised.


Cbeebies Spring Ollie.  Funny way to carry a watering can.


Hello Tap,

Brian Gerrish knows me.

I wonder if you could write something on my upcoming trial please?

Cbeebies jigsaw game.   Nothing suggestive here..........

I exposed a sex blackmailer,

and police are prosecuting me under the Public Order Act.

Warned by email BEFORE my arrival,

the solicitor sent no reply,

let alone an injunction.

Cbeebies.  Postman Pat episode.

I personally know victims,

and just like JS,  (Savile)

there is a wall of fear.

Police deride my allegations as "drivel",

but refused to send plain clothes officers with me,

to hear the response to sign,

such as:-


Even a retired police officer

said "You mean Alan Harris, don't you!"

That watering can demands Lola's attention 

My arrest occurred

because, after 35 days with signs,

I went to the limit,





Bear in mind

that I was at times standing RIGHT OUTSIDE Alan Harris's offices,

and that clients were beginning to leave.

Iggle Piggle. A walking dancing phallic symbol.

One man told me,

that when he asked for legal documents back

( this was long before my campaign ),

as he wanted to change solicitors,

due to hearing of Harris's blackmail,

Harris said:-

"You can have them back

when you lick my arse!"

And after a delay of a week,

he did.

Get the picture?  The shapes constantly wriggle. 

Harris is notorious -

as if his blatancy is his protection.

Best wishes, Zen

Nothing's changed since Disney.  Full of subliminal sexual images.

Who can doubt what kind of people control TV and movies?

As for Captain Pugwash, he did have Master Bates.  Here it is -

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was just discussing children’s TV with my partner and what we watched when we were kids. Bod, Mr. Ben, Bagpuss, Button Moon, Why Don’t You?. They were a lot more wholesome than the politically correct nonsense that’s pumped out of the airwaves today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just a few days ago I was visiting my daughter and grandson, and while there a cartoon was on the TV. This character which reminded me of Goofy went over to a tree which for some reason had a lever on it which was in the down position and he pushed it up to look like an erect phallus saying “Look children now it’s up and now it’s down” while pulling and pushing the lever up and down several times.
    Another character which reminded me of Minnie Mouse had what appeared to be two small golden eggs, one in each hand held lower than waste-line. One egg had the letter “I” marked on it and the other a heart shape.
    The reward for identifying the eggs and lever was two coconuts held at chest high by the Goofy character.
    I pointed out to my daughter she shouldn’t be watching that cartoon and she asked why.
    I pointed out it was subliminal in that the lever going up and down on the tree trunk was representative of an erection while the eggs read “I love testicles” and the coconuts held at chest hight represented breasts.
    When she paid more attention to the cartoon she cried out “Oh MG dad your right”!! To which I recommended she be more careful what she and the child watch on the TV and that kids programmes are not all sweet and innocent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    An enduring popular myth exists that some of the characters of the original TV show had risqué names. The most prominent innuendoes of this myth are that Master Mate was really Master Bates, Tom the cabin boy was Roger the cabin boy and that another crew member called Seaman Staines existed

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thought not……video above catches him in the act. There has been a retrospective clean-up, of that I am sure, including suing newspapers who paid out defamation damages. Is there such a thing as a false defamation claim made with willing accused? People everywhere now believe they suffer from false memory syndrome. They don’t.

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