Murdoch blackmails Cameron. Gordon Logan.

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I’m sending an interesting snippet on Murdoch and Cameron from Gordon Duff. I’ve transcribed the most interesting part, relating to the murder of Cameron’s handicapped boy. It’s at the bottom.
This could finish Cameron if it gets round Westminster.
My text begins here:
David Cameron has turned out to be an unrepentant thug in the Blair mould. Libya and Syria 
have both been wrecked by tens of thousands of brainwashed jihadist psychopaths shipped in from 
prisons and mosques from all over the Middle East and even the UK.

Lord James puts the taxpayers’  money spent in the service of terrorism in the billions. 

Cameron has also managed to murder 130,000 

elderly taxpayers in NHS hospitals. The so-called ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ was discovered a few 
months ago. The term could have been invented by George Orwell himself.

It now turns out that Cameron and his wife murdered their own handicapped son
Mossad super-spy  Rupert Murdoch recorded Cameron discussing the murder. This recording was used to
 blackmail  Cameron into allowing Murdoch and his son to leave the UK without being arrested, while 47 News
 Corp employees face prison sentences. 

The suspicions that arose when Cameron’s close associate and 

confidante, Christopher Shale, was found dead in a lavatory at the Glastonbury Festival, are further 

confirmed. Shale may well have been Cameron’s interlocutor in the bugged Downing Street phone 

According to Gordon Duff, a major anti-zionist player in the US intelligence community, 
Murdoch was even blackmailing MI6 to get secrets to sell to China. This wreaks of treason and 
espionage, but in London, where Mossad’s writ runs larger than MI6’s, it is mere ‘phone hacking and 
abuse of a news service’.

Lord Leveson, a ranking representative of Jewish organized crime, is put in 
charge, and the Murdochs go home to Mossad. As for MI6, my good friend, Malcolm Rifkind, calls the 
useful idiot John Sawers to the House of Commons to be questioned by Rifkind’s Intelligence and 
Security Committee, where the UK’s Jewish scandals once again vanish down the memory hole. 
In Washington, the neo-cons are on the skids, and Brzezinski is leading the charge against Kissinger. The 
neo-con generals are being purged. When will the purge start in London? If the Jews can’t be put behind 
bars, why should the 47 gentiles bother turning up in court? When will Rifkind and Leveson and all the 
other traitors be shipped out to Tel Aviv? When will David Cameron (Levita) join Tony Blair (Lipsett) in


Transcript of Gordon Duff interviewed by Stew Webb in link below:

“How do we explain that Rupert Murdoch runs the most dangerous intelligence 
organization in the world? […] of course in Britain you understand that 47 News Corp 
employees are under arrest right now and they’re trying to spin this when you read the 
news if you’re  blackmailing the head of an intelligence agency to get secrets to sell to 
China, that is considered ‘phone hacking and abuse of a news service’. Now some of 
the rest of us would see that as treason and espionage, but when you know all the 
right people, and you belong to the right clubs and you have a Prime Minister in a 
country that you were tapping his telephone, you learn that he and his wife had 
murdered one of their own children who was significantly retarded […] That’s how Mr 
Murdoch and his son have managed to stay free. They have a recording.”
Murdoch blackmails Cameron.mp3 Murdoch blackmails Cameron.mp3
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9 Responses to “Murdoch blackmails Cameron. Gordon Logan.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    very interesting, love to hear it, but the links only take you to google/gmail. I don’t have an account.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Liverpool Care Pathway wasn’t discovered a few months ago, they’ve been using it for at least 3-5 years, my father-in-law was murdered last year by being put on the pathway & there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it but watch as he died a miserable death.

    He spent the last 2-3weeks of his life in a drug induced coma unable to even say goodbye to his children & grandchildren.

    I hate those bastards for what they’re doing & will never forgive them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i had been researching this and yes murdoch is mossad and the phone tapping and mail opening was very very extensive.
    This pips me to the post and i beleive everything here as it fits like a hand in a glove

  4. You do realise that Gordon Duff is on a military pension and spins disinfo. I don’t trust Stew Webb.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I am sure you’re right, Charles, but Gordon Logan has good sources for his opinions. He might not be able to reveal all of where he’s coming from.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re Duff … Duff states that he has banking and defence industry revenue streams. I imagine a military pension would be insignificant by comparison.

    Re “Agent Cameron” (Levita)


    Elia Levita (13 February 1469 – 28 January 1549), (Hebrew: אליהו בן אשר הלוי אשכנזי) also known as Elijah Levita, Elias Levita, Élie Lévita, Eliahu Bakhur (“Eliahu the Bachelor”) was a Renaissance Hebrew grammarian, scholar and poet. He was the author of the Bovo-Bukh (written in 1507–1508), the most popular chivalric romance written in Yiddish. Living for a decade in the house of Cardinal Egidio da Viterbo, he was also one of the foremost tutors of Christian notables in Hebrew and Jewish mysticism during the Renaissance.

    Elia Levita died 28 January 1549 in Venice, aged 80 years. He has descendants living today, including British Prime Minister David Cameron

  7. I’m confused. The title says Gordon Logan but the text says Gordon Duff. Is this my confusion?

  8. Tapestry says:

    gordon logan posted, quoting gordon duff

  9. Toad Hall says:

    Seems like a very serious accusation this one, I hope he has his facts straight.

    The article was copy and pasted from your email I assume, so the links to the file the transcript is from doesn’t work. Obviously it links to a file located inside your email account.

    The stuff about Murdoch makes sense, it’s long been known he has a file on everyone. And you couldn’t be in a better position to manipulate the world’s politicians than him.

    All of the above seems a little lacking in sources of proof though, I appreciate Gordon may not be able to reveal. But in terms of murdering ones own child, I just think it seems unlikely anyone could do this. Unless seriously mentally disturbed…?

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