Live for 1000 years now.

Just watched this vid, and I love it!

It’s about the approach to 21.12.12 and beyond.

It’s simply explained so good for people that are fairly new to all this. I have been researching about a year, and I learnt quite a lot of new stuff. It’s 1 hour 44, quite long. But it gets going very quickly, so even if you only watch the first 10 mins, it’s good.

 The best bit for me was that we have just left the Iron Age on 21.12 and are now in the Bronze Age.

Whoopeee! Of course these ages are nothing to do with peasant tools. Its to do with the star Sirius.

By chance I went along a new footpath today, unusual as I know nearly every footpath round here. As I emerged, I saw that I had just walked through Sirius Wood!

 Human consciousness will now be an average of 50% instead of 25%.

And instead of our lifespan being 100 years (yes looks like we have nearly all been destined to die prematurely), the normal lifespan will be 1000 years!

 WOW. It’s very uplifting, but also reminds us if the evil still around and how to spot it, and thereby avoid it or bat it away. It’s always important to know about the evil too.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi folks this may interest some of you?

    Friday 28 December 2012

    11:00 – 12:00 UK Confidential 1982

    Martha Kearney looks at the events of 1982 through newly-released government papers.


    Duration: 58 minutes
    First broadcast: Friday 28 December 2012

    With unique access to secret government papers, Martha Kearney presents a look at the political events of 1982 as told through the Cabinet minutes, Prime Ministerial papers and Foreign and Commonwealth Office documents and briefings that are being released to the public at the end of the year.

    Close to 30,000 Government papers containing top secret memos, notes and briefings are included in the release, and the Radio 4 team have been given special access over the last few weeks.

    In a dramatic year, 1982 saw Britain at war with Argentina over the Falklands, which is expected to dominate much of the papers released under the thirty year rule.

    We anticipate discovering details of the talks to avert conflict, of events such as the loss of HMS Sheffield and the Battle of Goose Green, and of the controversial sinking of the Argentine Navy cruiser General Belgrano.

    In addition we may well find out details of how the Franks Inquiry into the Falklands War put politicians and civil servants under the spotlight and how those around Margaret Thatcher sought to capitalise on her renewed popularity in the wake of the victory in the South Atlantic.

    Producer: Deborah Dudgeon
    A Whistledown Production for BBC Radio 4, in association with Takeaway Media

    this may interest some of you?


  2. Woodsy42 says:

    Actually I don’t think I want to live 1000 years. After a mere 60 I spend my time wound up with frustration and anger at the lies, deceits and stupidity that surrounds me. I’m not sure I could take 1000 years of it!
    I think 100 would be good, then I’ll bow out and return as something different in the next lifetime (I hope).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think 1000 years would be a prison sentence on this wretched planet. We now know, through the ‘global/political’ awakening, that a small few ‘elites’ are increasingly making the lives of everyone else a misery thinking they are better than everyone else.

    I do however think the life we have on this earth in the ‘material’ realm is a test. Once we pass on (whatever age), we move to the conscious/spiritual realm and are judged on how we performed in the material realm. Love is positive energy, hate and greed are negative energy.

    When you pop your clogs, then there’s probably some sort of ‘score-sheet’ on how well you performed in life. If you fail, then you have to start the test of life again aka ‘reincarnation’.

    There was a quote in the film Gladiator which echoes my thoughts: ”What we do in life, echoes in eternity”. The relatively short lifespan that we live in our physical bodies is nothing compared to the eternity we live through our soul/consciousness.

    That’s what I believe, anyway.

  4. Julia says:

    I am not sure how the 1000 years relates to those of us already alive! For example, if you are half way through your life now, the second half may be more in tune with the Bronze age, and you might have 500 years left. Or this might be a lifespan that kicks in when the Bronze Age is a bit more under way. I imagine that greater consciousness will give us greater health. Everyone has an individual journey, and you know when your time has come, or if you wish to die. I love the planet that we live on, and I know I still want to be here, and I still have more work to do here.

    I agree it’s a sort of test. And you learn from each test. Once you have passed the test, it doesn’t come your way again. But the purpose of the tests are to grow and learn. In that sense, evil is our best teacher.

    And I agree whatever we do echoes. In all time and space. It’s like a ripple effect forever, everywhere.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So another so-called truth blog showing its real agenda at work again promoting the new age deception agenda and promoting eastern religion and luciferian theosophy.
    Grow up, evolution is fairy tale be it physical or mental. They want you to believe this bullcrap and it proves so called truth seekers are so easy to fool with new ageism. Again your promoting exactly the same new age agenda of the UN with this bullcrap. Do some homework for goodness sake, start of with connecting David Icke to the Lucis trust, theosophy and the United Nations new age agenda, Google “new age deception.

  6. Tapestry says:

    So many labels. Julia will be flattered. Any arguments to offer to go with the labels? We enjoy good discussion if you are capable. Start by saying what you believe then we know what motivates your discontent.

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