Lithium Orotate stops Alzheimers

Lithium Orotate at dosages approximately 1/10th of Pharma-lithium dosing are achieving excellent results in the management and treatment of major mood disorders such as Major Depression, bipolar disorder; and yes PTSD.1. Lithium has been shown to reduce suicide rates associated with bipolar, major depressive and schizo-affective disorders in the range of 80-90%. (Harvard Medical School and the American Psychiatric Association – Practice Guideline for the Assessment and Treatment of Patients With Suicidal Behaviors (2003) 

“For suicide, lithium maintenance treatment was associated with an 80%–90% decrease in risk, whereas the reduction in suicide attempt rates was more than 90%.” American Psychiatric Association, Practice Guideline (2003)

Lithium Orotate (LO) creates the very real possibility of reducing veteran suicides by 90-95%.

Lithium study reveals about a 90% reduction of

Alzheimer’s in the elderly!

Lithium Orotate is purported to be at least 10 times more absorbed intra-cellularly (within the cell) than Pharma-lithium and as such eliminates all of the toxicity and side effects associated with Pharma-lithium due to dosages of Lithium Orotate being typically reduced by 90%.Listen Herehttp://
Osiris777.  He adds –

Follow on interview with Dr Mark Millar about the benefits of lithium. More comprehensive information about lithium, dosages and other ailments it may work on, etc. + caller phone in’s.
You also will learn about the 60+ stress related conditions that this mineral may powerfully assist in the management of symptoms.  Here is a short-list of some of these 60+ conditions.

AIDS/HIV infection                   Inflammatory bowel
Alcoholism                               Insomnia
Alzheimer’s                              Migraines
Anxiety disorders                    Nightmares
Bruxism                                    Obsessive Compulsive
Chronic headaches               Shingles
Fibromyalgia                            Traumatic brain injury
Herpes infection                      Violent behavior

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lithium is also very poisonous and was used for sedation of those with aggresion or behavioural issues. There was some litigation back in the 1990’s (if I recall correctly) as it cauued Diabetes Insipidus and destroyed the kidneys.

  2. It is true that the pharma-doses of lithium can cause toxicity but the pharma-doses are typically ten times the dose that lithium orotate patients are taking and therefore all signs of lithium toxicity are non-existant with lithium orotate. Tune in and get the facts at

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