Jacintha Saldana. Why aren’t the media asking simple basic questions?


Long chat about all aspects to Jacintha’s death.  The Leveson Enquiry is mentioned again as the people trying to cast the media into a bad light, in advance of a suppression of reporting rights of newspapers and TV.

The implication is that the whole episode was staged, and Jacintha murdered to make the story big enough to be useable by the Leveson enquiry.

Evil people at work, and not too bright either, if they think we won’t notice their brutal methods.

This is like Jenny Gallagher from the Aurora shootings, the nurse who drowned a week later, after treating victims.  Did she and Jacintha know that the new stories were falsified, and were eliminated for that reason?

ALSO – why was Kate’s visit to hospital publicised at all?  It’s early in a pregnancy to announce, as many can miscarry in the first twelve weeks.  Hospitals have security protocols for dealing with VIPs.  What happened to the hospital security procedures?  This video raises masses of obvious questions.

Keith Vaz is claiming to speak for the family.  It’s an establishment cover-up.

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