Jacintha Saldana suspicions increase. Three typed suicide notes Your comments.

Anonymous said…
The internet is the last bastion of free speech now (although you still have to be careful of controlled opposition on the net too).

That’s why it’s important to archive articles/videos to disks and usb drives, etc. as the gems of information that exist today could be gone tomorrow.

The establishment are scared of the exposure of the internet and this is why they keep trying to push laws through like SOPA to restrict free speech. One thing is for sure is that if they get the stranglehold on the internet they want then the net will be ‘cleaned up’. In other words sensitive information will vanish… a bit like the editing that goes on on Wikipedia.

All in the name of keeping the serfs/public dumbed down/looking in the wrong direction.

10:14 PM 

Tapestry said…

The swarm will spread out if they close down sections of the net, and the information will flow yet further afield. Truth is like water. You can dam it, but not hold every drop in permanent capture.
10:19 PM 

Anonymous said…

Tap, why have the family of Jacintha Saldanha been given a typed-only copy of (supposedly) her suicide notes? Is this typical? I thought a photocopy would be more appropriate, if not the real things. The way they’ve done it lacks sensitivity.


10:37 PM 

dognamedblue said…

re: RT
if you recall earlier this year Putin met with kissinger & straight away came out & called for a “new world order”
& RT is nothing if not for our favourite KGB’er


re: Jacintha Saldanha
I did see on a couple of news source that there were three suicide notes, not seen someone write three before

11:32 PM 

Anonymous said…

Quote from above: ”I did see on a couple of news source that there were three suicide notes, not seen someone write three before”

Generally, someone writes the suicide note, then does the deed which sends them into ‘next life’. This poor girl must have been reincarnated three times by now according to the controlled MSM.

Osama Bin Laden being ‘reincarnated’ multiple times by the MSM was bad enough, and now this. It’s a neverending story.

The plot thickens. Keep the eye on the ball… problem-reaction-solution.

5:45 AM 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We are Anonymous,
    We do not Forgive
    We do not Forget
    Expect Us!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Was it Miss Marple who said ” once you found the obvious, everthing else is impossible”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i wasa secretary for a coroner for 24 years, what he said in first weeks i was there became more true a stime went on.
    suicided never , ever write their notes ona typewriter, suicide is the most personal thing a person could ever do, it has to be a personal note. She was killed to make the public outcry clamp down on news outlets, e g TV papers and especially the interner

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