Is there more to the Tony Blair/Cliff Richard link?

Chug Freeman
Dec 17 (7 days ago)

to me
Hey Tap,

the link was in the comments linked in my email,

lending a house in Barbados to Tony Blair and his family

Did you know someone did that after he saw the prime minister looking “dwindled and
haggard” during the war in Iraq? In fact 2006 was the fourth summer in which the Blairs 
have stayed at the ‘young ones’ six-bedroom Caribbean house.

but here is direct link extract shows that Cliff Richard (Harry Webb) has been
associated with a host of dubious characters –  although he hasn’t been photographed 
with Blair.


Tony Blair’s friend Cliff Richard (left) with Sir Jimmy Savile, who allegedly supplied boys to the elite for sex.

Underweb rumours are that Cliff was the “internationally famous pop legend” arrested on
friday and has kept it out of MSM with a SI like Rolf did.

if true this article links him closely to the gangster nonces in power!

P, L+L

Chug Freeman
Dec 18 (6 days ago)

to me
Hey tap,

just come across the short vid where the usual security procedures when royals are in
hospital, skip to 1 min 40 secs in to go straight to security procedurees, I dont know who 
the chap talking is, any ideas?

and these are interesting vids if you have time
Neil sanders talking on Richplanet about sovile, jacintha suicide, mi5, mind control and
media spin and distractions, schofield/cameron etc..
he ties things together nicely

Also if you want to hear some heavy shit and hear claims about prince philip the peado
and heroin trafficker and naming lots of others in corrupt govt here and in New zealand 
and around the world like Putin have a listen to Greg Hallet who claims to be a former 
intelligence officer.

Is the constant stream of dead soldiers from Afghanistan into ROYAL wootten bassett
how the heroin arrives here for distribution onwards?

Peace, love n light

Chug Freeman
Dec 18 (6 days ago)

to me
I just realised I didn’t include the link…DOH!

Chug Freeman
4:32 PM (17 hours ago)

to me
Hey Tap,

with regard to the facebook page being set up on the 10th have a look at screenshots on

Chug Freeman
4:49 PM (17 hours ago)

to me
Hey Tap,

another occasion when peados in the news was pushed down the agenda by royal
sympathy, it’s almost at the end after the picture, and the bit on paxman quizzing catholic 

peace, love n light

“Let me run that by you again. Someone makes a “funny TV programme about child 
abuse” and the newspapers carry on about virtually nothing else for a whole week 
until the Queen Mother falls over  on her birthday and Prince Charles falls off a 
horse (see it’s not all bad news) and they have something else to drivel on about. 
Someone actually commits child abuse, and not only does the Catholic Church 

tacitly condone same, openly and on TV, but there is not a peep out of anyone. 
What the fuck is the matter 

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15 Responses to “Is there more to the Tony Blair/Cliff Richard link?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Firstly dont take Greg hallet seriously, spasmodic phone taps show him to be part of the ziocontrol media.
    Allegedly the Kray twins told cliff richard to go see Lord Boothby and be ready to get his kit off.
    Boothby was a testosterone saturated bully who would nob anything man woman or beast, but liked young namcy boys like cliff.
    Cliss reputedly said he wa sin tears and could not walk for days aftwards

  2. ch, says:

    hey Tap it would make more sense if you move the link below the text ie

    ust come across the short vid where the usual security procedures when royals are in hospital, skip to 1
    min 40 secs in to go straight to security procedurees, I dont know who the chap talking is, any ideas?


  3. Tapestry says:

    I’ve read Greg Hallet, and find him to be a little wild in his notions, with some god stuff mixed in. It’s unlikely he’s part of the Zio-control structure. He’s more of a fantasist who loves a good story, and the story runs away with itself.

  4. Tapestry says:

    ch – too many kids and wife shouting !! I can’t get a minute to fix things. school’s out and it’s chaos!

  5. ch. says:

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Firstly dont take Greg hallet seriously, spasmodic phone taps show him to be part of the ziocontrol media.

    Can you elaborate on ‘phone taps’ or provide a link to further info please?

    who taps phones besides 5/6?

    Hallets ‘story’ does makes sense of current events and dave camaface did go to Commonwealth leaders to change ascension rights of royals.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you that many private security firms tap phones, you can buy kits now and even the gen public do it, if you think your wife/husband is at it,these are among out best sources of income.
    Best thing is to tap rupert murdoch, the info there is 24/7
    and solid gold, the 5 and 6 ofices put out work topeople like us.
    greg hallet, ben fulford and even henry makow have some good stuff but a lot of shit

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Although sounding like a spoof this would make sense to why Cliff Richard is seemingly untouchable..

    “Recently declassified MI5 papers sensationally reveal that Peter Pan of pop, Sir Cliff Richard, was recruited by British intelligence services in the late 1950s. He remained a frontline agent throughout the cold war.

    Squeaky clean Sir Cliff went by the code name Harry Web-of-Deceit amongst Whitehall officials. Cliff’s paymasters gave the bachelor boy (although apparently ‘a bit of a James Bond on the side’ according to one anonymous source) a brief to release his soft pop balladry as a smokescreen for more clandestine activities. Having successfully established himself as a sleeper in the pop world he was ‘activated’ in 1968, during his performance of Eurovision entry, Congratulations, at London’s Albert Hall in 1968.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    wel to my family cliff is just a bumboy and will never be any diferent,
    when i think of how the women loved him it makes me sick.
    clive johnson

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rev David Bennett MA
    The Old Farmhouse
    Main Street
    NG14 7EY
    Tel 0115 9663451

    Rev Mr David Bennett, Another procurer of little children for Jimmy Savile & friends for some decades.

    Since 1970 !!!!!!!!!

    Giving the freshly joyous disadvantaged little virgin Girls & Boys a charity holiday covering some 40 years now in wales miles away from prying eyes.

    Using the analogy if you give enough you can have Anyhing ALL you want Desire “dirty deviants”

    Look WWW is “STILL LIVE”


    ps the pain & hurt distress caused by this selfish little shit is real & extreem

    Rev David Bennett

    A guy who has arranged to have his head frozen when he dies & soon hopefully.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Sir” Cliff Richard. When someone is given an ‘honour’ like this for ‘services to the Queen’, alarm bells should start ringing. “Services” to the Queen means services to forwarding the globalist/elite agenda. And unfortunately, those that do wrong in life get rewarded.

    Look at Obama with his ‘Nobel Peace Prize’, and the totalitarian ‘European Union’ getting the same prize too. What ‘Peace’ has come out of either of the two ?!?!? It’s all a scam.

    On a side note, thank God Cliff (a.k.a. Stiff Pilchard) is not in the top 40 this year with his mind-numbing ‘pop’ songs.

    Merry Christmas. 🙂

  12. Julia says:

    I agree Anon. He is a knight. Look up what it means to be a member of the order of whatever knighthood he has. These are awards for services to the Queens agenda, so he is almost certainly part of it in some way. I am also increasingly wary of anything that was on Saturday afternoon/evening family viewing time when I was growing up. Such as Jimmy Saville, Cliff Richard, maybe Bruce Forsyth. Saturday was peak mind programming time. It’s quite sad looking back at how much time was spent watching that stuff, and absorbing it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE, 1926-2011

    When Revd David Bennett became priest in charge of St Edmund’s, he invited Jimmy to do a sponsored run for disadvantaged children in Nottinghamshire and Belfast Northern Ireland. With help from Eaton College near Retford, and a Belfast College, this started a good friendship with Jimmy, to last from 1968 to 1991.

    I started coming to St Edmunds in 1972 when I met Sylvia, my wife-to-be. When November came round it was, “What can you do to help?” All members of the church rallied round, getting sponsors, selling crisps and pop around the route.

    First, it was 10 times round Saxondale Hospital, till Jimmy got bored. Then they met up with the vicar of the Cranmer Group who advised them to try Scarrington, Hawksworth, Thoroton, Aslockton and back to Scarrington, which we called a 10k run The monies raised took 20 children to the Gower Peninsula in Wales for 2 weeks holiday The weekend started on a Friday when Jimmy visited a School for Children with special needs.

    On the Saturday we had a dinner at either Saxondale, Bingham, or County Hall. After the Sunday Afternoon Run we had our service in church when Jimmy would preach. One memorable time was when one choir member, Jack Blackshaw got his surplus on fire waiting to take communion. My, did the press make a story of that? He was said to preach Hellfire and Damnation!

    Monday was clean up day, when Maurice & Margaret Harrison, May & Fred Holmes, Fred & Vera Cole, Nell & Walter Meredith, Sylvia & I walked the whole course clearing up.

    Jimmy was a Roman Catholic; the first R C to be installed as a church warden into the Anglican Church, by the Bishop of Wakefield in a church just outside Halifax.


  14. Anonymous says:

    WOW above 3:14pm


    Forgot about this & now a updated site for St Edmonds.

    Sad as its clear the local community clearly pulled together & all supported the dirty scummy savile to support the Saxondale, Holme Pierrepont charity runs.

    most listed above are now dead sadly & in St Edmonds rear grave yard as pictured on that very site.

    INCLUDING a Major who as a 1-2 of 1000s who survived the war, but strangely died well before his time, who’s family changed & embraced the “C of E” qualified with a (with honors) Theology Degree but never got a well earn’t church placement of Vicar so deservedly earn’t serving this very community, eventually only as a remedial low level reader!!.

    Thankyou for nothing you scum bag Rev David Bennett & Cannon Pierce.
    kiddy procurers for the savile parternship.


    RIP Was a good, sorry GREAT man


  15. Hi there

    I have just finished a music video entitled: The Trial of Tony Blair.

    The lyrics are in the info box of the youtube video.

    It has lots of information and links and explores certain aspects of Blair’s past (such as the fact that he was a promiscuous crossdresser who liked to be known as Miranda at university), hopefully it will encourage people to research Cliff Richard’s past as well. There is much more to know about both of them.

    Hopefully the comments will fill in any missing areas of information.

    If you could forward this to your friends/mailing lists I would be most grateful.

    Best regards


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