I have been hit with an awakening

David writes –

I have been hit with an awakening, with an intelligence to be questioning everything I read with an open mind 
and a questioning one.  I appreciate your time. I’ll try to be brief.
I have been busy opening many doors and have come across many answers, all linking in in one way or another.

If this is also factual in terms of the bible. then although I am awake now to whats happening, what should I be 

doing?  If its all real, it was still created by something.

I understand enough to know the story of new world order, if its foretold to happen, and hey, its already too late, 

whats the point even talking about it. we cant stop it happening? because maybe its foretold anyway?

I have read about our dna having been tampered with etc, and that for all intense and purposes we are not as 

old as we have been led to believe, with hard factual evidence suggesting another entity changed our dna….

im struggling to identify the bigger picture,  if we are not alone, and we are just a miniscule part of an 

unimaginable cosmos, and ultimately anything i do is going to have not one effect at all, the answers are just 
not there,,are they?

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to david
the foretelling is itself part of the structure of control.  When was the Book of Revelations actually written, and 
who by?  Just keep researching.  Time fills the gaps, and adapts you to what is actually the true normality.  
At least you are not wasting your time believing hokum any more.  You’re in for a fascinating time.  
Don’t be afraid.  

A case in point the book I’m currently reading by Zechariah SitchinThe Stairway To Heaven.

pp45-46.  Figure 45 is a 4500 year old Sumerian cylinder seal which depicts the 12 planets of the solar system 
including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which could not have been seen with the naken eye…….All the constellations 
of the northern skies, are listed in Sumerian astronomical tablets – in their correct order and by names which we 
have been using to this very day!

How the Sumerians knew about planets, supposedly only discovered in recent times is a good reason for thinking 
they were given the knowledge from off planet.  The plot thickens.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Take one step at a time and tread carefully. Gently suss those close to you without pushing your thoughts too hard on them or you may lose a friend and gain an enemy. Be open minded and leave no stone unturned and you will find the pearls of truth. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

  2. Toad Hall says:

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  3. Toad Hall says:

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  4. Toad Hall says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s a saying I picked up on not so long ago which is so true:

    ”Once awake, it’s difficult to go back to sheep [sic]”.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I wonder what triggered the awakening.

  7. david says:

    As for the trigger,,thats a tough one to answer.
    I recall reading a few days ago about our DNA had been adjusted possibly, 200,000 years ago. which instantly blew away evolution as I understood it. It then blew away creationalism as I understood it.
    Having had a very lonely life in comparrison to most, I have always been able to think a little bit deeper, maybe thats because I have had more time alone with less distraction, ive never been a regular drinker so Ive had a clear head?
    Whatever I am learning is this, I have had some fantastic ideas when thinking, or asleep. I have always known something isn’t right, maybe everyone knows there is a bigger picture, but choose not to see it.
    I like where my thoughts take me, I have realised that, whether there truly is a god or not, whether the matrix means im not really here, whether another being has changed me into who I am or not, and whether or not Ive just had an unlucky time of things,,,what I do know is,,,I want to give my pineal gland some help…what shouldnt I eat, or drink, smoke etc. How do I meditate and more.
    I now also understand that even the female doctor i spoke with recently,,I believe she does something to dead brains, anyway,,the point is, she ridiculed me when I meantioned floride, I will not be forcing anything I have learnt. But, Ill gladly share it.
    If there is a heaven, I at least want god to know and take into account, that someone took away my ability to understand his words. and that if I dont understand them enough at my time of death for him to not simply dismiss me.
    Help me with how I can clear my mind anyone???

  8. david says:

    What could have triggered an awakening.??

  9. Toad Hall says:

    RE: Meditation and clearing your head.

    On the whole meditation is something that yields long term results, but it is helpful for clearing your head in the short term.

    Mindfulness meditation is the one you want. Essentially a practice of becoming aware and observing, getting out of your internal thoughts.

    It does take time and practice and doesn’t have to go hand in hand with the study of anything, although quite a few of the guides tend to come from buddism. You don’t have to take that on board though, it’s possible to study meditation without it.

    There are many different schools, personally I align myself more with Zen Buddhism but it’s not essential.

    THe whole idea of meditation is to get out of your thoughts and observe. Normally a body scan followed by focusing on breathing is a good place to start.

    There are lots of resources out there to help, quite a few things on youtube. Audio books are great for this and several uploaded there for free.

    I like Alan Watts, he teaches Zen and there are several audio guides to meditation that he has done. He is very philosophical and also funny.

    Here are some searches I’ve just done for you, seems it’s Christmas 🙂

    Waking up


    Our image of the world (interesting lecture).


    Alan is has some more practical stuff, the above quite metaphysical but not a bad place to start.

    On a more practical meditation note, see you if you can track down this audio book.

    Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness meditation for everyday life.

    Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn

    He i American and has a very soothing voice, this particular audio book has several practical guides to mindfulness meditation.

    Body scan meditation guides




  10. Julia says:

    It’s strange when it first happens, but you get used to it and settle into it after a while. my life has never been better!
    There’s a film I sent in to Tap today, which is well worth a watch if you have time. It explains the new Bronze Age that we are in. We are in very exciting times! Fear is the biggest enemy of all so whatever you learn, do not be frightened be it. The film is linked off the post “Live for 1000 Years” or something similar.

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