GSK vaccine killing dozens of babies in Belgium

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You will find attached our recent press release with our brief analysis of this crucial document ( of more than 1200 pages!!)

This document can be opened from this address:

The regional newspaper “Vers l’Avenir” made its frontpage with that important issue last saturday… see here

HERE, you will find a picture of this fully printed document, and you can this way compare it with the restrictive information given to parents (which is only about the local side effects!). In the middle of this picture: the Guide of Preventive Medicine of the Birth and Childhood Office (ONE) of Belgium, a book in which the Office clearly indicates that its workers have to read the package inserts of vaccines and know well the side effects of these products!!!!! Even Italy is now aware of this belgian shameful situation, as their photoshop use shows it!

Below, two tables (we made from the data in this document) that show us a clear pharmacovigilance signal: an unequal temporal distribution of the deaths following Infanrix hexa, with a clear concentration of the fatal outcomes in the early days (or hours) following the vaccine:

Case number
Age of the vaccinated child Number of dosis before deathTime between last shot and death
1 2 months1 12 days
2 2,5 months1 1 day
3 9 months2 102 days
4 10 months2 1 day
5 2 months1 1 day
6 11 months3 3 days
7 5 months2 1 day
8 18 months? 1 day
9 1,5 month 1 14 hours
10 3 months1 5 days
11 3 months2 1 day
12 2 months et 1 week. 1 2 days
13 5 months2 1 day (30 hours)
14 3 months1 8 days

14 deaths  after Infanrix Hexa notified to GSK between 23th october 2010 and 22th october 2011.

Case number
Age of the vaccinated child
 Number of dosis before deathTime between last shot and death
1  4 months3       11 days
2  3 months2           2 days
3  2 months?        21 days (first symptoms within 24h)
4  3,5 months?      4 days
5  1 month et 3 weeks.    1 4 days
6  2 months1                     5 days (first symptoms within 12h)
7  6 months 3                   5 mois (first symptoms within 5 days)
8  3 months?

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