Free energy explanation. 90% of traditional physics is rubbish!

This takes a bit of time to get going, but it makes things very simple.  It’s worth sticking with it and getting through to the meat of his case.  There is no anti-gravity, he says.  He talks of the interaction of similar magnetic fields.  The process of magnets interacting always makes spherical shapes at all scales within the universe, from the sub-atomic to the planetary to the whole of the universe itself.

He doesn’t talk of the north pole and the south pole.  One is an entry point for magnetic forces, the other the exit.  He debunks matter, dark matter and anti-matter, making magnetism the explanation for all of them.

I don’t understand it all, but it’s good to listen to.

He explains health defects as magnetic effects, which can be reversed electrically.  The principles are very simple.  There are multiple applications.

Gravity and magnetism are the same thing.  Shame we can’t see his pictures while he talks.  The video recording should have included that.  He claims to have created the first magnetic gravitational system.  He can lift any weight you like with minimal energy.

He can position people in relation to earth’s magnetic field.  He doesn’t need fuel to move rockets into space.  He merely manipulates the gravitational fields so that the rocket is pulled into orbit.

This is no tin foil hat theory

He can turn gases into solids.  He turned CO2 into a solid at Kent University.  While turning gases into solid matter, it generates lots of energy.

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  1. Julia says:

    I used to be a software engineer, and always found that when you get the design down to its simplest, you have it right. All the best solutions are simple, and easy. They are sort of obvious once you see them, but for some reason, we always have to go exploring all the complicated ones first before we can distill it down to its simplest form.
    I think we are now at the craziest most complicated point of the world, and from now on, things will start to simplify.
    It’s a bit like clearing out a cupboard. You have to take everything out, clean the cupboard, sort out and organise all the stuff, chucking out all the stuff you don’t need or want. Then you put it all back in, nicely ordered, clean, simple.

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