Efforts to remove Diana Unlawful Killing from internet. Al Fayed behind it.


Efforts to stop people seeing Diana Unlawful Killing are going on apace.  Watch it while you can.

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hey tap glad you got the gorillavid link up for folks here is the embed code it needs the frame tags adding your

software keeps rejecting it with them




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rutube ones have been removed now Tap

I’ve been researching the copyright claim and one of them is by web sheriff on behalf of Allied stars 

films owned by al fayed? seems a little strange.



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10 Responses to “Efforts to remove Diana Unlawful Killing from internet. Al Fayed behind it.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This looks interesting

    “On December 4, 2012, one of Russia’s top TV networks contacted us — to do the world’s first-ever full exposure of our Financial Tyranny investigation in mainstream media!

    REN-TV is one of the top television networks in Russia, with a potential audience of 113.5 million viewers. Their website is ren-tv.com.”


    REN-TV is about to make history — releasing a documentary on the stolen gold, the Keenan lawsuit, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, Financial Tyranny and the now-160-nation alliance that has formed to end the oppression.

    This was arguably the most classified and dangerous information on Earth — until the story began to blow open in November 2011, when tangible documents first started to be revealed.

    Only then did the pioneering work of Benjamin Fulford — the former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes, the world’s largest business magazine — produce a provable, indisputable piece of physical evidence.

    This evidence appeared in the form of a lawsuit that Fulford had been telegraphing and anticipating for over a year.

    The lawsuit was filed by Neil Keenan against the UN and many other global players. It was massive — over 100 pages long — and extremely detailed, as I revealed in this article.

    This lawsuit was deliberately timed to be released on the anniversary date of the Kennedy assassination, as we since found out.”


  2. Anonymous says:

    this isn’t the Russian video, but it explains the Financial Tyranny


  3. Chris Jones says:

    Where is the proof showing Al Fayed is behind wanting to pull Unlawful Killing like you claim?

  4. Tapestry says:

    see Chilling Effects. The company enforcing copyright is owned by Fayed.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I like the divine cosmos stuff, but why is it always ‘about to be’? I will follow them as soon as they are talking ‘is happening’.

  6. Chris Jones says:

    So i suppose the next question would be why Al Fayed would want to take it down if hes one of the main protagonists in the film?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ben Fulford is not trusted by the main people of the truth movement
    most of what he says appears to be off the wall with no backup

  8. BB Wolfe. says:

    Al Fayed financed this documentary and it’s owned by his film company (Allied Stars), so he’s enforcing is copyright. The question for me is, the film was essentially pulled because they couldn’t get insurance against libel actions. I would’ve thought Al Fayed would leak the film himself if he wanted the “truth” to be out there. If HE isn’t going to distribute the film, then why enforce his copyright? Has he got other plans?

  9. Toad Hall says:

    I cant really see Al Fayed wanting to stop the distribution, not like he needs the revenue from it.

    Whoever wants it down, they’re working hard because every link the springs up disapears again in a v short space of time.

    This has gone very viral even the social networks have picked it up, i/e more mainstream, hence the major efforts to surpress it.

  10. Tapestry says:

    More likely Al Fayed’s worried about a defamation case. He can’t get insurance for release of the documentary for the UK, and has to stop its circulation as best he can. If he ended up in the British courts he’d be taken to the cleaners.

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