Dress up for the apocalypse – today!

Last ramble before the New World begins.... Whether or not the rambles will 
continue after that, I have no idea! But things feel very positive when I get away 
from the news and Hollywood, and talk to people around me, and people I come across 
in my day to day life. 

The Jewel In The Crown...
The Red Crystal organisation is a version of the Red Cross, specific to Israel. It's symbol
is the star of David. In red. It's the jewel in the crown.  Jewel is Jew.el is Jew god. The Jew 
God in the Crown. And it's in Israel. The Star of David is 6 pointed. You can make a 6 pointed 
crystal shape by putting two square pyramids together, their bases joined. Or you can treat 
the Star of David as a cutout shape to make up to a 3 D shape. Why else does it have 
internal lines? Then you make it up to be a hexagonal pyramid, with a hexagon base, and 6 
sloping triangle sides going to a point. Just like a jewel. 

The BANES 6 pointed star...
So lucky are we here in Bath and North East Somerset. The symbol of our council is a 6 
pointed star, sideways on, made up of two interlocking triangles in two hues of blue. It 
wouldn't make a hexagonal pyramid, but it could easily represent a 6 pointed crystal made of 
two square pyramids. I am sure every council will have some sort of esoteric symbol, and it 
gives us a clue to its purpose. 

Good signs...
People are cutting down on Christmas, not planning quite as much, fed up with it. It's as if 
they subliminally know that things may change. 

The Festival of Britain, Main Stage...
The show continues and gets increasingly ludicrous and obvious. This time the Queen is 
pictured at 10 Downing Street in the cabinet meeting! I think this is set up to show people that 
the Queen and politicians are interchangeable. And you can add celebs and religious leaders 
into that list too. Not many people realised the PM visits the Queen every week. But they do 
now! Kate was on TV the other day like a celeb, presenting some awards. It's all part of the 
stage show. Their acting is getting more and more hammy. All the stage curtains are dropping 
away. Everything is coming to the fore, as it must do. It's as if there is a contractual obligation 
for the elites to reveal everything! Apocalypse means revealing of the hidden. 
TAP - Kate's meant to be the Diana replacement,  She shows more interest in being a 
Victoria Beckham/Hello Magazine cash aware clothes horse, than in the DIana role of earth 
mother.  Diana said to the world 'you are wonderful', which was unacceptable to the Zionist 
Windsors.  The only permitted message to the plebs is 'aren't we wonderful?'  William looks 
tired of the whole thing. 
 The next two days...
I am personally looking forward to the next two days. I will be meditating as much as I can 
tomorrow. We have all day while the lines are in harmony. Meditating can be done whatever 
you are doing. You can just do it in a focused joyful loving way. Its not what you do, its the 
way that you do it!  It seems important to enjoy the day, because joy is a high vibration. 
Though you will almost certainly get more power if you can get to a special place, and be in a 
more prayer like state. I personally won't be able to keep that up all day, but I will be for some 
of the day. For some reason I am drawn to wear certain colours tomorrow! 
(See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/apocalypse-20-12/)

A diamond is forever...
A diamond is a star. The stars are forever. There are billions of stars. Do we each have our 
own star? 

Seeing numbers...
I had a big dose last night. Logged on, computer clock said 20:12. Then as I logged off, it 
said 20:21. These synchronicities seem to be getting more and more frequent for many 

Wells and Obelisks...
Wells are round holes in the ground. Obelisks are square pegs pointing to the sky. Square 
pegs and round holes? 
TAP - blog won't post any new stuff at the moment.  Have they shut us down? 
The apocalypse welcomed by Google.   I'll wear a bright shirt tomorrow!
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6 Responses to “Dress up for the apocalypse – today!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Julia,

    with the end of the world upon us I would like to say i’m glad i wont get to read any more of your articles, your impressive lack of any logic and basic reasoning makes me think that as a species the apocalypse is a better fate than having to read your self indulgent paranoid bollocks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    good stuff julia


  3. James says:

    One thing that will be starting tomorrow is Winter, which, as far as I’m concerned, starts with the Winter Solstice. And our days will start getting longer and longer again! Summer is on its way

  4. Toad Hall says:

    I keep funny hours, poor sleeper.

    Just to let you know, we’re still alive. 🙂

  5. Ch. says:

    first poster,

    Why are you HAVING to read this?

    I hope they don’t pay you too much for it!

    Happy solstice to all!

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