Doctors. Your are supremely dumb – every single one of you.

TAPDavid, what caused you to wake up to what is happening, I asked?

HIS REPLY –  As for the trigger,,thats a tough one to answer.

I recall reading a few days ago about our DNA had been adjusted possibly, 200,000 years ago. which instantly blew away evolution as I understood it. It then blew away creationalism as I understood it. 
Having had a very lonely life in comparrison to most, I have always been able to think a little bit deeper, maybe thats because I have had more time alone with less distraction, ive never been a regular drinker so Ive had a clear head? 

Whatever I am learning is this, I have had some fantastic ideas when thinking, or asleep. I have always known something isn’t right, maybe everyone knows there is a bigger picture, but choose not to see it.
I like where my thoughts take me, I have realised that, whether there truly is a god or not, whether the matrix means im not really here, whether another being has changed me into who I am or not, and whether or not Ive just had an unlucky time of things,,,what I do know is,,,I want to give my pineal gland some help…what shouldnt I eat, or drink, smoke etc. How do I meditate and more.

I now also understand that even the female doctor i spoke with recently,,I believe she does something to dead brains, anyway,,the point is, she ridiculed me when I meantioned floride, I will not be forcing anything I have learnt. But, Ill gladly share it.

If there is a heaven, I at least want god to know and take into account, that someone took away my ability to understand his words. and that if I dont understand them enough at my time of death for him to not simply dismiss me.

Help me with how I can clear my mind anyone??? 

TAPThe existence of gods plural who have controlled and created our genetic being and our environment, does not preclude the possibility or change the likelihood of there existing a supreme being who created all of the above.  David Icke talks of our inner consciousness(es) being linked, both to each other and to the cosmos.  There is more to find and understand.

Whatever the situation, an arrogant and ignorant female doctor (aren’t they all ignorant, if not arrogant?) has no right to ridicule you for realising the government is trying to poison us all with fluoride and other chemicals that have come into their hands from the pharmaceutical industry.  It is the doctor who should be ridiculed.  Wake up, doctors.  You are the ignorant peasants, for all your glorification, letters after your name and high salaries.  You know nothing, zilch and are the agents of our destroyers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap –

    I understand sodium fluoride has a half-life of 20 years – please double check as I’m not sure. But it certainly has had a long history in the medical establishment as a treatment for *over* active thyroid – in other words, its action to make the endocrine system less active is well known.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please goto the BBC Web site & check this out INTERESTING?

    America’s problem with gun ownership
    Duration: 14 minutes
    First broadcast: Sunday 23 December 2012

    The problem of US gun ownership, and why the American constitution doesn’t actually guarantee a right to bear arms, as examined by broadcaster and journalist Alistair Cooke in 1993.

    Paddy O’Connell introduces a shortened archive edition of Letter from America first broadcast 19 years ago on 29 October 1993.

    In this edition, Alistair Cooke took the American nation’s temperature on gun control in the midst of that early-90s panic, as Congress was about to pass the Brady Act in 1993, after more than a decade of lobbying by Jim Brady, President Reagan’s former press secretary, shot with the President in an assassination attempt in 1981.

    Alistair Cooke’s talks on American life, history and politics – Letter from America – were broadcast weekly on BBC Radio from 1946 -2004. Over 920 archive editions are available to listen or download for free on the Radio 4 website.

    Presenter: Alistair Cooke
    Introduced by: Paddy O’Connel
    Archive producer: Zillah Watson

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    this may interest?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great heading TAP

    Even better story, sorry blog

    “Doctors. Your are supremely dumb – every single one of you”

    well just got the latests BBC news re UK Police.

    Just can’t yet find confirmation references ? sorry

    Police recruit more graduates

    I recon the gist you expand upon here in the heading & blog, will sadly refer to the UK police also.


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