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  1. A10Sean says:

    Our popular perception that being overweight is simply caused by a lack of exercise or eating too much – but these perceptions are challenged by these guys …

    It’s interesting that these guys say straight out that obesity is a disease , not caused by lack of exercise or eating too much – but by a lack of a couple of minerals . The symptoms of the lack of minerals being ‘ the munchies ‘ which obviously leads to weight gain. They are not specific about which minerals – but I might buy the book !

    My own experience was that I don’t eat bread during the week – and I noticed that I didn’t seem to have ‘ cravings ‘ for a lot of stuff – i.e. you eat some bread , then 2 minutes later you want more .There is a further explanation which involves sugar and insulin production by the body – which again controls the minds cravings for additional food.

    I read somewhere else that grains suppress the body’s ability to absorb nutrients – which ties in with the above.Some further detail here:


    Anyway- its clear to me that there is a lot of simple info on nutrition which is just not known widely. Less may be better – but that does not lead to increased consumption !


  2. Good fats are needed for 80% of energy – grass fed beef and lamb fats not sugars or carbs. Avoid all vegetable oils except cold pressed olive oil.
    Soya Canola (rapeseed)and corn oil are GMO and also poisonous by their production processes.
    Lamb or organic beef and vegetable stew is best for health – organic eggs by the dozen.
    Avoid all processed junk.
    Take plenty of salt and water to rehydrate. Salt will lower BP a lack will raise it.
    See “your body’s many cries for water” and SALT.
    There is almost no salt in unprocessed food and you need at least 10 grams a day.
    I take 15 – 20 grams of rock salt and have low BP.

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