CIA supplied ETA with explosives

The CIA Alliance With ETA

Secret Spanish Government Report Mentions CIA’s Alliance With ETA in Assassination Plot

Terrorism experts have obtained Spanish government documents indicating how the CIA supplied sophisticated explosives to ETA terrorists during the assassination of Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco in 1973. Police and military information sources have stated that “Kissinger himself gave the green light.”

A Special Report
By Mario Andrade

More than 30 years after the horrific assassination of Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco in Spain, no one had known the exact details about the attack. Government officials had only speculated that ETA was behind the bombing that took his life. However, new revelations point out that ETA terrorists, assisted by the CIA carried out the sophisticated bombing that ended the life of Francisco Franco’s handpicked successor to power in 1973.
A few hours after the bombing, the initial police reports indicated that the assassins had dug a tunnel under the street where the admiral used to drive to and from church. The explosives were detonated by remote control as his car was driving over the tunnel. The admiral was on his way home from attending church services. Suddenly, a massive explosion hurled his vehicle more than 100 feet and landed on the second floor terrace of one the church buildings. No one had admitted carrying out the attack at that time. Police said the killers triggered the bomb from a nearby basement in what appeared to be a very sophisticated assassination. 

But according to Journalists Enrique Montánchez and Pedro Canales, their newspaper “La Razón” has obtained secret government documents that tell the rest of the story. “Previously, many different theories and versions of the story didn’t fully explain the murder of Admiral Carrero,” they say in one of their recent articles. Finally, 30 years after the sophisticated assassination, they have had access to secret government documents prepared and drafted during Franco’s regime. These memos and reports point out to the CIA’s involvement in assisting ETA in Carrero’s assassination plot in order to put an end to what was considered at that time, a continuity of Franco’s government with Carrero in power. One of the documents stated that the Americans brought several mines from Fort Bliss, which they would later be issued to Basque separatists. 

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  1. Roy Wright says:

    You create your own reality from your thoughts. so if someone is influencing your thoughts with their own agenda then your influenced thoughs project that reality and not you own. its like the movie (The Abyss) where the peoples fears came true into physical manifestations or watch the movie Sphere)

    The guy teaching this stuff was experimented on in the Montauk project, which is a progession from the philidalphia project kinda. gotta love youtube

  2. wasp says:

    HRH E2 is in Total Control of The Puppet CAMERON & His Minions, she heads The PILGRIMS, so that was only a Gesture, to Placate the Masses, who still think she is only a Figure Head.

    If they Stepped out of Line, Anon, She would Have Their “BALLS, Between Two Bricks.
    All World Leaders Pay Homage to The Queen Except The Pope, who heads the oldest Monarchy in The World.
    This Gives him The Position of Being The Senior King. The Catholic Church use Military-Like Orders to carry out their schemes. The Highest World Order being The KNIGHTS of MALTA, The Order is SUBSERVIENT TO THE POPE ALONE.
    HRH E2 (Knight of St.John, The Protestant Order )& American Presidents are Members of one of these Orders, & Participation requires them to Pay Homage to The Pope. This dates back to Pope Inocent III, & Made England a FIEFDOM of Rome. King John Reneged on the deal, when he signed Magna Carta, & Pope Innocent took official possession of The Crown.

    I have mentioned all this at different times, in Past Posts.
    Pope Innocent III annulled Magna Carta, from then until now, THE ENGLISH MONARCHY & THE BRITISH CROWN BELONGED TO THE POPE.

    Our Legal System is ROMAN CANNON LAW, why do you think that is then, if The Papacy don’t Call The Shots.

    What should be remembered is that, the Papacy was infiltrated by CRYPTO JEWS – The JESUITS, who, call the shots, this is where the confusion arises Jesuits Are ZIONISTS, JEWS are ZIONISTS but not all “JEWS” are JEWS. Similarly not all Catholics are Jesuits, & not all Jesuits are Jews
    The Jesuits Control The System, through The MASONS, which they have Perfected, & have the best Intelligence System in The World Operated through MI5, MI6 & MOSSAD. This in its self is interesting as GLADIO was Part of their Scheme, set up by Reinhard Gehlen, who with Wild Bill Donovan, Reorganised The CIA, BOTH WERE SMOMS.

    There are 3 City States, The City of London (FINANCE), Washington DC (MILITARY), & The Vatican City (MILITARY) they are Sovereign Corporate Entities, America is Controlled By The Middle Temple in The City of London. They all have their own Oboliscs. The Temple Bar consists of 4 Inns of Court, Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn & Grays Inn. All these Inns are controlled by the same TOP PEOPLE.

    WHEN JEWS BECOME JESUITS,(ZIONISTS) THEY CEASE TO BE “JEWS”, you only have to look at History to realise that.

    This started out as a short comment, but appeared to got out of hand & expanded a bit.
    I have written this from Memory, as in the past I have looked into this in some detail, & have a lot of stuff on it. I will try & get a Post together on it, because YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT IS OCCURING, IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS OCCURED. One thing is certain you will never get this stuff from Official History Books.

    The Catholics Don’t Need a Catholic on The Throne The PAPACY Aready Control It! So the Rubbish the Papers tell you, is “BULLSHIT”.

    This also Puts into Perspective Just How Much Authority SAVILE Could Muster, Most people have no idea of their Existence, let alone the Importance of SMOMS, also remember Anders Behring Breivik was a SMOM. I hope you find this interesting. & THINK ON THAT, Because Reality is not what it appears to be.


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