Child abuse perverts want legalisation.

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Our columnist implores David Cameron to set up a national inquiry into care home abuse
Sunday December 9,2012

By Sonia Poulton

FOUR weeks after David Cameron announced ­Operation Pallial, “an ­independent review and investigation into historic abuse in care within the North Wales police area”, I have come to understand the severe limitations of this inquiry, due to report its findings in April 2013.
As a journalist and following the Savile revelations, which opened up this repugnant can of worms, I have interviewed dozens of abuse victims from care homes across the UK and from over a ­period of 30 years “in care”.
I am left in no doubt that the abuse of children in the system is neither historic nor limited to the Welsh border.
I have been shocked by the ­extent of abuse I have discovered. Much of it I have corroborated with social services reports and court documents as well as online government records.
Over the past 30-odd years there has been an increase in children abused or “missing in care”. Some are drafted into sex gangs, others simply vanish.
Last year in Kent 25 children aged 12-17 disappeared from care homes. It was suspected they were trafficked across the UK for labour and sexual exploitation.
Vulnerable children are still being failed…there must be an enquiry
This is a snapshot of a nationwide problem that we are failing to get to grips with. We must.
There are more children in care (89,000 in 2011) than at any other time in the past 30 years.
Yes, there are good care homes run by decent people who want to give their young charges the best foundation they can. And, yes, sometimes children must be ­removed from their families so they stand a chance of leading a healthy and productive life. But there are clear problems that must be addressed in the system, not least with funding.
Since 2010 financial support for national children’s services, ­including child protection, has been reduced. Not that this has ­affected some privately run, ­publicly ­funded care homes that charge as much as £250,000 per year, per child.
Experts I have consulted say ­investment should be ­redirected into creating decent “family ­bases” for children. Foster parents need encouragement not chastisement.
Sadly, even when we acknowledge that abuse has taken place in the system, such as in North Wales, victims are still being ­denied official acknowledgement of what happened to them.
Last week I was contacted by the 10th person to inform me that “the truth will never come out”.
This 50-something woman and her brother were taken into care in the Seventies. While she ­remained in the North-East her brother was taken to Bryn Alyn home in North Wales. He was ­extensively abused, physically and sexually, for over six years by convicted paedophile John Allen, who ran homes around the UK.
The sister, keen to pursue ­justice for her broken brother who still relies on medication to get through the day, has been ­informed there is no record of ­either of them even being in care.
As this passionate and determined woman said to me: “They’re trying to cover it up again. They think we’re thick, they think they can do it to us again.” The depth of fear and distrust these survivors have should not be underestimated. There exists a collective notion that justice will never be served. That they will continue to be undermined and besmirched just as they were when they were children.
This has been further amplified by the issues arising from police assistance. Many forces have been caught on the hop since Home Secretary Theresa May ­announced that victims should go to the police. It has become a familiar refrain to hear of police indifference. One woman contacted them the day after Ms May made the announcement in November. She has still not had a return call.
Another survivor turned up at an Essex police station only to be met with ridicule as he caught, in the reflection of a mirror, one ­policeman doing a whirring finger “crazy” motion.
On the evidence it seems these survivors are still being failed. While many stumble into adulthood relying on alcohol or drugs to attempt to obliterate the memories there exists this notion that “the Seventies were like that”.
It lulls us into a complacency, that “this could never happen again to children in care”. It could. It still does.
So I implore David Cameron to set up a national inquiry into care home abuse, beyond the narrow perimeters of Operation Pallial.
Failing vulnerable children once, without the knowledge it was happening, is under­standable. Failing them twice, when we know the situation, is nothing short of mass neglect.

Group of Psychologists Pushing to Change Definition of Pedophilia

There’s a new push by some in the psychological community to change the definition of pedophilia. The group of mental health professionals, called B4U-ACT, argues that pedophiles are misunderstood. Critics believe this could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia.
A statement by the group reads in part:

“Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people of the issue of child sexual abuse.”

In reporting on the story, Shannon Bream said the group’s goal is to create tolerance for and a better understanding of people who have an attraction to children.

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6 Responses to “Child abuse perverts want legalisation.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jimmy Saville was the foot of the iceberg. Sure, they’ve just charged the presenter from ‘It’s a knockout’ with child offences, but the reality is, Cameron will protect ‘the establishment’, make sure no MPs and elites are caught and any decent police will have their hands tied by their controlling freemason brotherhood.

    Let’s also face facts; most people don’t give a shit about this and it may crop up in conversation, but anyone under 50 is more concerned about XFactor, celebrity, soaps and football. They get upset if you talk about reality. They laugh when you say paedophilia will be legal in under 15 years, even though you tell them that homosexuality was viewed no differently to paedophilia 25 years ago.

    The abuse will continue. The elites will continue controlling the sheep as they have for thousands of years. The overwhelming majority are still fast asleep and getting dumber by the day.
    You’ll only stop the abuse when you drastically change the police force by:

    1. Having a police force for the people meaning no oath to the crown but the sovereign peoples of the UK.

    2. Removing freemasonry and allegiance to any secret organisation or charity such as CP for anyone wishing to serve in any establishment within the UK.

    3. Utterly smashing socialism and allowing no one with communist ties or beliefs into positions of power.

    None of the above will happen. You know it as well as I do. Our elites have so degraded, polluted and smashed our society that surviving from day to day is the main thing on people’s minds to the point they’ll do as they’re told and not rock the boat in order to collect their monthly wage. They have lost the will to fight leaving others to sort out the wrongs.

    The abuse won’t just continue but rapidly increase. When you allow one immorality into society (homosexuality) you won’t be able to take any moral highground in stopping paedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, incest or cannibalism.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Harbinger is so correct in his views.
    It started years ago and has steadily become the law.
    Obviously the MP’s are to blame, for it is they who have the Law changed to suit themselves.
    We never have the vote on Hanging for instance, or for having Paedophiles casterated.
    We as a community know what is needed, yet our MP’s are not obliged to even reply to any of our letters or emails.
    Topsy turvey is the name of the game, just keep moving the goalposts, keep us confused.

  3. Tapestry says:

    I agree most are apathetic, but the one topic people do get angry about is industrial scale child abuse by the elites.

  4. Anonymous says:


    ..but the one topic people do get angry about is..

    Yes they do get angry and?
    How many ‘investigative’ journalists know what’s really going on? Where are the ‘name and shame’ articles in the tabloids and broadsheets? I’m sure there are some who know whistleblowing is not only career suicide but may lead to their homocide! Would you as a, recently left university, aspiring journalist become a John Pilger? Nope. Blacklisting would loom over you, so instead you write what your editors want you to write, themselves globalist shills and NWO puppets there to numb the masses. It’s like that film with Pacino who works for the show 60 Minutes as a researcher in the final days of the show’s integrity, realising the media is 100% controlled.

    It’s why I stopped reading them years ago. Far more important society knows about some celebrity getting a boob job to the abuse in care homes of the young.
    I may have veered off topic but it was a valid description of how people need the MSM to form any kind of opinion whatsoever. If the MSM won’t tell the truth, how can we ever have an honest society?

    We are living in times of great dishonesty where immorality is not only acceptable behaviour but promoted as a natural way of life. It is the truthseekers who will be attacked next after they’ve smashed any form of patriarchy such as they’re doing with Islam. Western people are utterly immoral, debased and corrupt. They no longer ask but simply obey without question. The freemason dogma is now the benchmark for our dystopia.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Could those psychologists step forward and make themselves known to the public please?

    Meantime here’s a little story from 2001 but as intersting now as it was then: In 2001 Scotland Yard police revealed that it had been unable to find THREE HUNDRED black boys aged between four to seven that disappeared from London in a three-month period. The three hundred boys were reported missing between July and September in 2001.

    Journalist Yinka Sunmonu, an expert in missing children, told the BBC’s Today program “Children are here one day and gone the next”.

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