Chemtrails are a eugenicist program. Humans will not be required to reproduce.

Big problems trying to upload this on previous post.  There is crucial information here.  The elites want to eliminate entire non-Anglo Saxon races and control which humans come to life and which humans die out.  This is crucial information.  Let’s keep trying to get this woman’s message out.

Sofia Smallstorm

As it has for many of us, digging into the facts of the 9/11 conspiracy led Sofia Smallstorm, like Alice in Wonderland, to a string of discoveries.  The 3-dimensional world that forms our shared reality is draped with a veil of deception that supplies “information” for most ordinary people. Those who have lifted the veil to see beneath it are energetically trying to share this information. As a writer with an artistic bent, Sofia has created her own websites and educational tools, including T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, multi-DVD sets and the very popular Independent Thinker?s Fact Sheet postcard series. Her website explores the many angles of the global aerosols (“chemtrails”) program. With several years of research under her belt, the Big Picture of Chemtrails has been the subject of her more recent radio interviews and speaking engagements. “The platform grows wider and more amazing,” she says. “What we all thought was the wildest of science fiction is actually coming to life.  Synthetic biology is the name of the game, and when you look at the very term, synthesis is the goal — a bringing together of technology and life to make new kinds of planetary forms.”  What is our role in this process of alteration?  What can we do/contribute/offer to preserve our true selves?
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EXTRACT from about the sky

Extra-Low Frequencies
GWEN towers in Queens NYThe human brain “uses,” registers and responds to ELFs — extra low frequencies.  Frequencies of 7.8 Hertz produce an “ascended” altered state.  10.8 Hz causes rioting, 6.6 Hz creates depression.  
With the atmosphere made conductive by the ionized metals it now contains, frequencies are now conducted among us, so to speak.  Picture the ionosphere as a kind of trampoline: The frequency-machine known as HAARP zaps frequencies upward, which are returned or deflected back to earth by the ionosphere.  
Our conductive air space now “holds” those frequencies, and it has been suggested that the new GWEN-tower system (Ground Wave Emergency Network, ostensibly for “improved emergency communication”) receives and disseminates those frequencies at ground level.  It has also been suggested that the government-subsidized Hi-Definition television broadcasting system (AND its boxes placed in homes) will direct mood- and mind-control frequencies even more locally or precisely.  (Read more about frequencies at
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8 Responses to “Chemtrails are a eugenicist program. Humans will not be required to reproduce.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    We need a resident bio-chemist to explain this stuff to readers (and me!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    they way out of this

    evolve your brain


  3. Steed says:

    “The elites want to eliminate entire non-Anglo Saxon races”

    Absolute nonsense! It is precisely us Anglo-Saxons (and all whites to a lesser extent) who are earmarked for obliteration. Anyone who believes otherwise has a lot of catching up to do.

  4. Julia says:

    On research that I am doing on Earth Energy, I am increasingly finding that frequencies make a huge difference. We are constantly bombarded with the wrong ones. Even sounds that are music to our ears, such as piano music, is not on the most harmonic frequencies. The entire piano keyboard is deliberately mis tuned.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Steed beat me to it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Non Anglo Saxon races?, then why are the chemtrails being sprayed predominately over western countries?. I dont doubt for one minute that they exist, well you just have to look up dont you? (some X factor and footie sheeple dont have this ability apparently), and they are obviously part of an organised and well established operation, anyone with basic aerial knowledge can assume that four “civilian” jets flying in formation and close airspace laying down trails isnt a civil exercise (this is what I witnessed the other day), but I think its the Anglo Saxon and especially Celtic nations they are wanting to eliminate, after all the entities behind it all are asiatic Khazars, and this would explain why China has been built up to be the new superpower. Beware the yellow man, I read somewhere.

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