Chemtrail planes threaten safety of commercial flights

If you have been on the fence about
the existence of Chemtrails, this video
should settle the issue for you, once
and for all.

The first case involves three near head-on
collisions with a FedEx cargo jet, as the
pilot requests for permission to find an
altitude where he can evade them – only
to be faced with another near-miss.

Then, several other instances showing
massive gobs of dense material being
dumped from the wing ducts of KC-135
Tanker planes at commercial altitudes,
without the awareness of Air Traffic Control
are shown, including one hair-raising
daredevil stunt.

The obliviousness of ATC could have been
achieved if the military planes had shut off
their transponders. Also, it appears that the
Air Force planes were not detectable by radar.

Hands down, this is the best chemtrails footage
that I have ever seen!

Video (about 7 mins): 

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3 Responses to “Chemtrail planes threaten safety of commercial flights”

  1. This is very interesting. Surely (I’m no pilot!) if a plane switches off its transponder it does not suddenly become invisible to ATC? Radar will still detect its presence, but ATC will not get details concerning its identification. Otherwise why bother with ‘stealth’ technology?! Just switch off the plane’s transponder! All planes are detectable by radar unless they are ‘stealthy’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brian Gerrish was discussing the chemtrailing jets on UKcolumn the other day (it’s on their YouTube channel – too tired to find the link/source).

    Anyway, bearing in mind Brian’s military background/knowledge (so he knows his stuff), commercial planes/jets fly at high altitude (contrails). However the jets spraying the toxic waste (chemtrails) fly at low altitude.

    If only more people would look upwards into the sky and question why things look – shall we say – ‘a little strange’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Last week I saw a Chemtrailing, cross over, ‘near miss’ over Gainsborough Lincolnshire.
    On Monday 3rd December, there were Red Chemtrails over Lincolnshire.
    This was a definite colour mix, as some clouds were integrated in places.
    NATO seem to have changed tactics over Doncaster and must be night spraying.

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