SS bastards steal Slovak children from happy family.

DOCUMENTARY. Not without my children. English version

This is a real story – this is a case of Ivana Boorova. A woman from the west part of Slovakia, country in the heart of Europe. She loves her children more than her own life. However the foreign country and its government took them from her because of a fictional allegations of a child abuse. They had moved to Great Britain to see the world, learn a foreign language and earn some money. Like any other Slovak. But her hopes and ideas failed…

Bez detí neodídem_foto_názov dokumentuThe end of a happy family

She doesn´t have a family anymore. Before, she had been working very hard as a nurse with disabled people. She gave life to a two beautiful sons, Martin, 4, and Samuel, 2. The happiness had ended later in the ambulance, where a doctor had examined Martin and found an inflammation on his genitals. He had accused Ivana´s husband of a sexual abuse and the game – or better – the fight had begun.

Although the accusiation was never confirmed, social workers took both sons from the family and made it nearly impossible to meet with their own mother regularly. However, Ivana Boorova don´t want to give up. Slovak Republic had a chance to bring her children back home, but hesitated and didn´t do the necessary. So the desperate woman has been fighting for her own.

I want my children back

There is only one hope for her. The Royal Court of Justice postponed its decision on Tuesday, the 13th of November. Decision about whether her children will come back to Slovakia with their mother and grandmother or will be placed to a new family in Great Britain.

If her hope fail again, she is prepared to call for a help of an European Court. The problem lies in a strict Britain´s social system and the fact, that her children have already been placed in an adoptive family ….

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Sent in by Vicky Haigh
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap
    I am not sure if you know but the Slovak government got involved and the boys were flown back to Slovakia after the mother won her appeal to have her sons live with their grandmother. The plane landing with the boys on were shown on national TV news in Slovakia.
    It seems the judiciary got a little worried when another government were watching, threatening taking this case to the highest court. The boys both blond haired blue eyed, had the authorities counting the thousands of pounds in forced adoption fees.
    Vicky Haigh

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