Area 51 moved due to nuclear contamination

My name is John Clarke Jr. .  

I was in the US AIR FORCE From 1987 to 1990. My backround was my father was one of the most highly ranked enlisted persons in the Army as a military dependent.  I was in F-16a shop school in Lowery AFB, Colorado.  During my tech school training, I was called out of my class by three very dressed enlisted people who took me into a room and asked me if I would like to terminate my current orders and join them to work on a top secret aircraft.  

What they did not tell me was they had already chosen me and were just asking what my opinion only later. They told me I was picked out of over 280,000 people currently in the military at the time.  My orders were changed and I was sent to Nellis AFB, Nevada.  Yes I can verify they do “draft” military dependents who join the military.   The aircraft as I found out later is the F-17a stealth fighter.  

I was doing flight line training the first 3 months I was on Nellis AFB, Nevada.  I remember when I first drove up to the gate and showed them my orders saying I was assigned to the 4450th Tactical Group working on F-16s the SP when into total fear of me knowing that F-16’s was a different unit on the base.  From that point on anyone on the base I talked to avoided me in fear who knows what propaganda the regular Air Force personnel when I had and interaction on the base.  

From the very first day I drove on base, I was told I must find an place off base that you are not allowed to live or interact with Nellis AFB personnel only when necessary and to remain off base other than coming to work.  We had a “cover” story of working on A-7’s which were positioned just 50 feet from our terminal in which we would board ‘Key Airlines” to Area 51.  

I intentionally made every effort before I was put in Area 51 was to get out of the duty realizing once you go up there they would control the rest of your life and you would never get from under their thumb.  I intentionally failed the F-16a flight line final exam test by getting a 69 percent when all I needed was a 70 percent to pass. 

I was offered three different times to retake the class but I refused all three offers because I knew I would not be able to hide that I in fact was not incompetent to pass this.  I would have then been sent to Area 51 for Level 3 F-117a training and finally level 5 certification.   

Just listening to Bill Wood I have many of the same personality qualities.  I had a bad feeling, a 6th sense when I got to Nellis AFB and talked to my 4450th Tactical Group coworkers.  I have very high ethics and knew a year later that this would be a clash for me to work up there.  One of my co-workers who was also a military dependent of a high level US Air Force enlisted person went through the last three years before it was publically announced.  His name was Richard Fineman.  I may not have his name quite spelled right it was over 20 years ago.  When I got out I met Rich and he told me he was being reassigned (after the stealth fighter became public) to Utah ( space based weapons).  

I figured in 1990 Utah was the new Area 51.  It had been moved due to the radiation issues from 1950’s nuclear tests.  

This was one of my fears of going up there being exposed to deadly chemicals that would kill me later in life.  

It does look like I missed out on getting a ride on a space ship to mars or the moon.  But with my personality type or high ethics I would have talked to the public and been angry with some of the things that were going on up there.  

I have had conversations with some of my ex coworkers who told me I would have been better off if I had stayed then in the regular Air Force.  During my entire stay in Las Vegas, NV I was followed around by OSI, CID, and others where ever I went.  It was a creepy feeling because I felt like I was being watched like somebody staring at you constantly.  

I did not want to be controlled like Bill Wood and the crap that he went through.  I am certian that I would have been much more defiant then him and probably ended up in a military jail.   It looks like my worst fears would have been realized with Bill Woods experiences.  I wonder what made them think they could control me.  I had no skeletons but I am sure they would could find one.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “It does look like I missed out on getting a ride on a space ship to mars…”

    ha ha ha!

    The author of this piece is talking complete & utter nonsense.

    These Mason / Mormon / Occult NASA freaks didn’t get to the Moon – forget Mars!

  2. Tapestry says:

    The notion that space exploration was abandoned is unlikely. many of UFO sightings are of manmade craft. By using magnetic fields, extremely high speeds are attainable which would bring other planets into range for manned spacecraft.

    Unmanned craft have been to Saturn and beyond, of course.

  3. I like Tap but occasionally the disinformation radar doesn’t work and poor quality disinfo is posted. Bill Woods/Brockbrader is a friend of mine. This information is pure distraction. Nothing useful will come out of a whistleblower insider claiming to be AREA 51. Bill Woods is a good guy and this piece questions his integrity. The reverse should be the case. Who wrote this. What is their email, where can we speak to them?

  4. Tapestry says:

    It’s not that good, Charles. It’s just a mildly interesting piece showing a bit of grey matter activating inside the US military.

    Bill Woods was kept in check by the threat of jail. He was accused of sex with an underage girl.

    Do you have any useful info about the US space programme from Bill Woods, Charles? That would be of interest if you know him personally. The way to make your case is to produce devastating testimony, not to state that this chap is not of so much significance, which I agree with.

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