Another school massacre engineered to push gun control

 Julia said…

This is a beautiful piece of writing from a blog I follow which somehow simultaneously mourns the tragedy whilst maintaining joy and strong spirit… Exactly what we need for the days ahead…

like most of the nation, my heart is heavy with mourn and sorrow for the innocent lives lost today… many people live in fear and pain, fear of what could, or might happen, fear of the unknown…but at the end of it, we are only promised one day at a time…and I for one am working on keeping mindful and being thankful for each moment, one step at a time…not being anxious of things that could, might, or might never happen…don’t let tomorrow’s pain rob you of today’s joy…since in an instant, it can all be gone and then what does it matter?….praying for many people tonight….our worlds will go on, Saturday will come…but for many people the world as they knew it has stopped…in an instant changed forever…..and as unfortunate as it is, life does indeed go on after death..and whether or not you or I are here…. another day will come….so as best as you can, try to stay triumphant and try really hard not to let someone or something rob you of your joy…because in the end joy is all we’ve got….weeping will endure for tonight…but joy will come, maybe not tomorrow, but it will come


 –Toad Hall sends

Adam Lanza

On the subject of Economist (off topic, but you haven’t started a thread on the shootings yet).

TAPwe’re away for weekend and internet connection is slow here.  The school killings are usually drug related and possibly mind controlled.  The program to get rid of the right to bear arms so they are bound to engineer lots of Aurora and school killings to give them the excuse they are looking for.
Now heavy calls for revoking right to bear arms.

Growing up I thought it was crazy people could bear arms, especially due to the very high murder rates in the US.

But, America was a modern country set up from scratch. The reason that right is their is to stop governments from becoming out of control and tyranising its people. Something that is likely to get worse.

a victim

So I can understand why many Americans do no want to give up that right.

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Toad Hall said…
Also see great comment from Morgan Freeman, not sure if genuine or fake, but I agree with content.
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Toad Hall said…

Sorrry to spam comments off topic, but like I said no threat on this.

Also strangely another school attack in China


How The CIA Trained Shooter In Connecticut! Shooting Tied To European Court Ruling Against The CIA!

By now, all of America has heard about the shocking school shooting in Connecticut; what most Americans have not yet realized is that this shooting is another ‘false flag’ event designed by the CIA and the SADISTIC criminals within the United States government to institute TOTAL CONTROL over the masses. Yes, this shooting is another shocking example of exactly how EVIL these people are; the mere fact that they would MASSACRE school children to achieve their goals of the disarmament of the American public is absolutely attrocious. These people MUST be stopped at all costs! It is not a coincidence that this has occurred the same day that a European Court has handed down a ruling against the CIA, labeling them as torturers and condemning extraordinary rendtion. Freedom in America and therefore the entire world will not survive as long as these EVIL henchmen are permitted to continue to implement their agenda. From Wikipedia:

Project MKUltra was the code name for a covert research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans through the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973.[1] The program engaged in many illegal activities[2][3][4]; in particular it used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy.[5][6][7][8] MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people’s individual mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis,sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.[9]
The scope of Project MKUltra was broad, with research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies.[10] The CIA operated through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions were aware of the CIA’s involvement.[11] MKUltra was allocated 6 percent of total CIA funds.[12]
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    1. Anonymous says:

      Theres also some connection to his father being involved in LIBOR, just as the Aurora incidents father was involved in some other big investigation.

      Too many coincidences.

      These atrocities are not the work of lone gunmen from the public domain, they are the result of careful planning by trained killers.

      As any veteran will tell you, the first killings are extremely difficult, especially close up, even when a perceived motive is there such as saving the world from tyrany etc. Just as in the Dunblane incident, the ptb see the end justifies the means. And if anyone is in any doubt how bad things have become with the indiscriminate killing and silencing, then look no further than the excellent new documentary on Diana’s murder which can be accessed via UK Column forum. If they can do this kind of thing to their own then murdering someone elses kids means nothing to them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hi Tap, Have any of our readers tried to carry two pistols, a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, yet the lad Adam, seemed frail.
      Then there was the security to get through, looking like a one man army, with bullet proof jacket, which are not lightweight.
      Then one of the magazines was a 100 round, try firing a rifle with the weight of all the ammunition.
      Then after all that preparation and mission complete, he shoots himself ??
      Very suspect indeed.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Independent news analyst Max Ratt posts that the shooting is a hoax:

      One thing for sure a ban on guns debate and what about those crocodile tears of Obamas?


    4. Anonymous says:

      Hi Tap, Noticed someone removed my early submission, however. Sandy hook elementary school is a false flag black op.
      Makes the changing story a Domestic Terrorist agenda.

    5. Anonymous says:

      when a knife will do

      (gun law joke BS)

      China stabbing spree hurts 22 schoolchildren
      Knife-wielding man also attacked elderly woman in central Henan province
      The Associated Press Posted: Dec 14, 2012 4:38 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 14, 2012 1:25 PM ET Facebook




      A knife-wielding man injured 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in central China as students were arriving for classes Friday, police said, the latest in a series of periodic rampage attacks at Chinese schools and kindergartens.

      The attack in the Henan province village of Chengping happened shortly before 8 a.m., said a police officer from Guangshan county, where the village is located.

      The attacker, 36-year-old villager Min Yingjun, is now in police custody, said the officer, who declined to give her name, as is customary among Chinese civil servants.

      A Guangshan county hospital administrator said the man first attacked an elderly woman, then students, before being subdued by security guards who have been posted across China following a spate of school attacks in recent years. He said there were no deaths among the nine students admitted, although two badly injured children had been transferred to better-equipped hospitals outside the county.

      A doctor at Guangshan’s hospital of traditional Chinese medicine said that seven students had been admitted, but that none were seriously injured.

      Neither the hospital administrator nor the doctor would give his name.
      Children likely between 6-11 years old

      It was not clear how old the injured children were, but Chinese primary school pupils are generally 6-11 years old.

      A notice posted on the Guangshan county government’s website confirmed the number of injured and said an emergency response team had been set up to investigate the attacks.

      No motive was given for the stabbings, which echo a string of similar assaults against schoolchildren in 2010 that killed nearly 20 and wounded more than 50. The most recent such attack took place in August, when a knife-wielding man broke into a middle school in the southern city of Nanchang and stabbed two students before fleeing.

      Most of the attackers have been mentally disturbed men involved in personal disputes or unable to adjust to the rapid pace of social change in China, underscoring grave weaknesses in the antiquated Chinese medical system’s ability to diagnose and treat psychiatric illness.

      In one of the worst incidents, a man described as an unemployed, middle-aged doctor killed eight children with a knife in March 2010 to vent his anger over a thwarted romantic relationship.


    6. Chris Jones says:

      More mass media manipulation regardless of this tragic event

    7. horehound says:

      According to (a financial news website) the father of the shooter was due to testify in the LIBOR manipulation case.
      Strangely the father of the Colorado (batman) shooter was also due to testify in the LIBOR scandal, a hell of a coincidence indeed.

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