21.12.2012 approaches. Be optimistic, says Julia.

Julia's ramble
The last three rambles I attempted self-destructed to leave only a few words or characters, so it has also put me off a bit!  

Relaxing TV...
A friend told me she watches TV to relax, and to NOT THINK. She does a lot of thinking in her job, and she likes to break from it. She is putting herself into the perfect state for hypnosis! Relax and switch off your thinking, perfect for being programmed by the TV programs. Hypnosis is very effective, I have witnessed it being used for health purposes. Like anything else, it can be used for good or for bad intent.  

Teenagers are cool...

A teenage boy was talking about the Moon and how it always seems to be higher in the sky in the winter. He assumed that he was wrong, and it was just some odd impression he had. I was very happy to tell him that he was right in his observations. That the Moon in winter follows the path of the Sun in summer. 11 years of intense education not only doesn't teach him this, but also teaches him to doubt his own observation. It's a good sign that teenagers are noticing these things though! They are naturally very tuned in at this age. Which is why school steps up a gear at this point, and why they are given a bad press, to dowse out their amazing blossoming awakening. They are potentially a huge threat to the Big Plan. 

Blue Peter...
A Banksy painting appeared outside the BBC recently, and was hastily removed. It showed an unhappy kid dropping his Jim'll Fix It badge down a drain. The kid was also wearing a Blue Peter badge. I have written about Blue Peter before. It's another one of those peak kids viewing programmes. You have to watch to not be left out of society. Parents and schools support it too. The way in which it was set up and named always seemed a bit odd. Are all family viewing programmes dodgy? Are they all part of the kids mind control program? Part of which is paedophile grooming and child procuring.  

1984 - The Brotherhood...

In the book 1984, The Brotherhood are the rebels, the movement against the Party, The Party being the perceived controllers. You can see how it's just another version of the same, just like all our rebel factions today. If anything is set up to be AGAINST something, it seems to inevitably become part of what it's against. Winston is asked whether he would throw acid in a kids face for the cause of The Brotherhood. He says Yes. See what I mean? No cause is worth throwing acid in a kids face for. It's the same idea as fighting to achieve peace. It's having an ideology, a vision of the future, that becomes so obsessive, it obliterates the present. You achieve peace by practising peace right now. It's not about getting the right people in power. It's about everyone's individual power to affect what's around them.  

A computer program. A TV programme. Spelled differently. I wonder why? Programme, program.me, program me.  

More from 1984...
The book 1984 talks about weather modification, poisoning from the skies, and spreading of disease, and finding out people's thoughts. This was written in 1948, it's been going on a long time! It also talks about TV being deliberately designed for people to watch and have their opinions unified to the will of the state. They are having a laugh getting us to pay for it, wanting to pay for it. The most useful state to keep people in is "fear, hate, oligarchal triumph and adulation". Olympics, war and the Royal Family should achieve that quite nicely.  

The End of The World...

The Sun led with this on 3rd Dec. Of course they ridiculed it. But the 21/12 thing must be leaking out into general consciousness and getting big enough for them to want to control it. That's why they are pushing the focus to "the End", Doom. I see it as a very positive new beginning. If they get us in a state of fear and panic, they will achieve more destruction. If we are joyful and join together as I am noticing more people do, they lose their power.  

The Monopoly Game...

If you own all of a set, or all of the stations, the rent goes up. With the stations, it's a massive hike, and you don't even have to build anything. People have to pay 4 times as much if you own all of the stations. If you own all the oranges, for example, people have to pay double for the same thing, even with no houses built! That's because you own the whole lot, the consumer has no choice. Same in our Monopoly culture today. If someone owns the lot, Tescos, for example, then they will multiply the prices up big time. Same on the trains. In Bath, the bus prices are outrageous, one company, First, runs nearly all of them. In the game Monopoly, you could choose not to double the prices, or to let someone off the rent. Especially if you already have plenty of money, and they don't. The game might get boring though. Is that what drives people in real life? Does the excitement of winning, not being bored, take precedent over how people are treated?  

I have written before about the Fir Tree being the Fire Tree (feu, fur, inferno, are related words, and pine cones and pine wood are very flammable). Now I notice that the pineal gland, the Third Eye, is a "pine" word too! 
(TAP - the gland looks like a pine cone.  Hence its name.) 

...is the 11th sign of the Zodiac! That fits very nicely, and solves a little problem. Aquarius starts in January. That means the one before, Capricorn, is the 10th sign. It starts in December. The months September to December are named Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec. That's 7, 8, 9, 10. Though they are known as months 9 to 12! Now I know why they have these apparently wrong names. The names of the months reflect the Zodiac. I think the Zodiac calendar would be a nicer way to measure time. See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/the-zodiac-calendar/ 

US government...
I found a web page on the Trafficking in Persons report. I quote... The US government has an "anti-human trafficking policy". How obvious can it get?
TAP - They talk in opposites.  The US Govt is heavily into human trafficking, unofficially.  

IT industry...
A friend in IT says it's all been crazy the last two weeks. He puts it down to the run up to Xmas, and the fact that some places will be shut for a week or two, which increases the pressure before hand. I am wondering if it is actually caused by the approach to 21/12/12? I am personally finding more and more weird goings on in my electronic devices. Whether this comes from surges in natural forces or from Big Brother, I do not know!  

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4 Responses to “21.12.2012 approaches. Be optimistic, says Julia.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly most of the so-called truth movement carries with it the Luciferian, theosophist, new age agenda that TPTB want us to accept anyway, just done by a different route. David Icke and the UN are singing from the same new age, luciferian hymn book. It goes like this, Destroy Christianity and morality through the Hegelian Dialectic, theism vs atheism, creation vs evolution, the new synthesis is the new age religion, pagan earth worship, cosmic evolution, Luciferian theosophy, the very things promoted many so called truth Gurus. New age Guru David Spangler said if you wont take the Luciferian initiation (mark of the beast perhaps) then you can’t be in the NWO

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Julia,
    I was so encouraged by the teenager discovering for himself that the moon appeared higher in the sky in winter and you pointing out the fact. Well done!!
    For your Rambles you may wish to include the true knowledge of the moon and her relationship with the earth. Ancient knowledge which has been forgotten, or rather, intentionally suppressed to negate our creator’s time laws; e.g. the word moon comes from “moonth” which started a “new moonth,” new month, every 29 or 30 days. The facts concerning the moon are astonishing.
    With regard to day and night the facts are also astonishing. I asked myself the question, When exactly does a day begin and a night start? and of course the opposite. I couldn’t find the answer in any text book nor from any notable scientist either who reckon by the sun being six degrees above and below the horizon. It wasn’t till about four years ago that the penny dropped when observing the evening sky.
    The creator created laws and one of those laws is that there must always be at least two witnesses to an event.
    While observing that particular summer evening sky it was starting to get slowly darker and darker when suddenly my attention was drawn to the appearance of a star (Arcturus) and then a minute or so later another, (Vega) and another, when the penny dropped.
    The stars witness that night has come and those first two stars witnessed the end of day and the start of night. Likewise as the sun rises and the light from the stars slowly fade the last two stars witness the end of night and the start of day. It’s not an exact time as we are accustomed to thinking of time but it’s definitely time. A time which expands and contracts according to the seasons, which is another story, like the teenager’s observation of the moon in winter.
    Now I’m not one for astrology but I can say with certainty that our creator has given us a great meaning behind Arcturus and Vega appearing as they do as witnesses, but that’s another story. All I can say is thank God he set them in the heavens were man and grubby little fingers can’t hold of them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Julia,

    The father of a good friend of mine was a sound engineer at the BBC and in the early 80’s he took us to work with him a couple of times during the school holidays. It sounds incredible now, but as he was working we were left free to roam tv centre. We used to go in and out of any studio that didn’t have the red light on, exploring Dr. Who sets etc.

    One day Bob was working on Blue Peter so we stayed in studio 1 all day throughout rehearsals, while he worked up in the sound gallery. My main memory of that day was an amazing woman called Biddy Baxter, she had hair down to the ground and was the editor of the programme for years. I remember to this day how kind she was to us whilst doing her job. She seemed to be in charge of the whole show and I clearly remember having the feeling that we were in good hands. Please don’t assume that I ‘graded’ every adult I met throughout my childhood, I didn’t…it’s just that in my opinion Biddy Baxter was a genuine person and that has stayed with me since. From what I saw, she WAS Blue Peter and i don’t think that she would have put up with any shit on her watch (which was about 23 years!)

    Blue Peter never contained scripted ‘double entendres’ either, unlike many of the BBC shows for younger kids (remember Semen Stains in Captain Pugwash? and Master Bates, the cabin boy?)

    In my opinion Blue Peter was as genuine as any television programme could be. I just saw on wikipi that in 2008 Biddy complained that she did not like the way that Blue Peter was being run. Looks like her perfectly brought up baby was starting to be corrupted.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Julia,

    with the end of the world upon us I would like to say i’m glad i wont get to read any more of your articles, your impressive lack of any logic and basic reasoning makes me think that as a species the apocalypse is a better fate than having to read your self indulgent paranoid bollocks.

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