Yet more political paedophile allegations surface

New Cyril Smith abuse claims

New Cyril Smith abuse claims
Sir Cyril Smith became the latest public figure to be accused of abuse today after residents at a boys’ hostel described how he made youngsters strip, fondled them and smacked their bare bottoms for punishment.

Two former residents of Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale have gone on the record for the first time to tell how former Liberal MP Smith treated them as teenagers in the 1960s.

Barry Fitton, who was 15 at the time, said that the former Rochdale MP punished him by bending him over his knee and hitting his backside with his bare hand. Afterwards, Smith told him to lie on a bed and stroked his buttocks.

On another occasion, Smith subjected the teenager to a ‘medical’ that involved him feeling his thighs and testicles.

Another former resident, Eddie Shorrock, who was 17 at the time, described how Smith, who founded the hostel and had keys to its premises, also gave him a ‘medical’ whenever he took time off work. He was made to strip and display his genitals.


Labour’s Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk raised the Smith accusations in the House of Commons during a backbench business debate on child abuse this afternoon.

Mr Danczuk said he had been passed statements given to the police in the 1970s, which made “grim reading”, and urged the authorities to look again at the evidence.

TAPHow come all the perverts are dead and all have a knighthood or a title?  Is paedophilia invariably fatal, as well as automatically guaranteeing a gong?  Or are some active paedophiles still alive?  It makes you wonder if there will ever be any allegations published concerning a living pedophile.  Maybe they are always considered immune from media revelation or prosecution. 


ANON –  lots of us were abused on a regular basis, i was at 5 diferent homes and the same little crowd of poofs came round each to do us.  The staff seemed as scared of them as we were. You never live down abuse like this, two of my friends took their lives over it.

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3 Responses to “Yet more political paedophile allegations surface”

  1. Budvar says:

    Tap, Cyril Smith? I think someone is having a laugh mate. A 17 y.o lad? I mean come on, if the lad had set off walking at a leisurely pace, he’d be half way to Birmingham before Cyril Smith had even got his fat arse out the frigging chair.

    I eagerly await the allegations of a “David Blunketts dog licked my balls shocker!!”, by un-named sources..

  2. Tapestry says:

    Cyril Smith was massive.

    We used to be beaten naked at prep school with the bare hand. You did notice the result, I can assure you. A hand shaped bruise or bruises would remain for about a week, depending on the number of blows. No one felt our testicles, thankfully at the same time. We only experienced physical pain. Mixing sexual acts with severe physical pain is highly abusive.

    No. It’s not funny, Budvar.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what budvars name is ?
    and why he hides under a psuedonym ? is it because he lists after boys himself ?
    maybe hes an arse bandit or maybe its really David Cameron ?
    Whatever get a life mate, lots of us were abused ona regular basis, i was at 5 diferent homes and the same little crowd of poofs came round each to do us, the staff seemed as scared of them as we were, You never live down abuse like this, ywo of my freinds took their lives over it

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