The USA. Will it really be this bad?

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America Slithers Past the Point of No Return

If you’re one of the slim majority of citizens of this country who voted for Barack Obama and now breathe a sigh of relief that he has been re-elected to continue his vague agenda of “Hope” and “Change”, I strongly suggest you take a mental snapshot — better yet, record some statistical data, squirrel it away and re-examine it four years from now.  Your future self may wonder how you could have been so easily duped into supporting the current occupant of the most powerful political office on Earth.    Soon you will see that the second Presidential term of Barack Hussein Obama will reveal itself to be the deconstruction of The American Dream and its reincarnation as your personal American nightmare.

If you feel this judgment is too harsh and ‘judgmental,’  l suggest you record and put into your personal time capsule the following information and see what another four years of this ultimate tribute to the mind rot of Affirmative Action and poster boy for White Liberal guilt will do to the world and the country you currently inhabit.

For starters, record the price of food and energy.   What are the cost of the things you normally buy at the grocery store and what are you currently paying for gasoline or diesel fuel.  Record your living expenses, like your gas, water and heating bills.  Make a note of your current salary and the hours you work; the cost of your current health care, the state and federal taxes deducted from your paycheck, your tax rates, your property tax (if you are lucky enough to own property) your sales tax rate, your income tax rate, the amount of money in your bank account, your savings account, and any investment instruments you may own (stocks, bonds, CDs, securities) and their current tax rates.

Next, record a few national statistics, like the unemployment rate, number of people on food stamps, and the number of people on welfare.  Record the number of new business start ups, the current Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 average, the NASDAQ average, the average value of a house in your neighborhood, the number of people in prison, the number of bankruptcies, and the income of the average American wage earner.  Then note the current value of the dollar, based on the cost of an ounce of silver or gold.  Record these numbers and add them to your time capsule data base.

I predict in four years time you will look back and realize you never had it so good…. right now.  Before the true rot and destruction brought about by a man whose grasp of economics is easily surpassed by a 5 year old running a lemonade stand, whose true goal is to create an utterly servile class of dependent leaches whose only purpose in life will be to re-elect him to a third term, you will gradually see that you’ve been sold an empty suit mouthing meaningless platitudes whose lack of feeling for the people he supposedly represents has as much validity as the forged, nine layer birth certificate he belatedly posted to the White House web site to prove his eligibility.  Now, during these next four years,  you will witness the real Barack Obama come forth, an Obama unleashed and unconstrained by the necessities of re-election; and the misery he will bring to your world will make the Great Depression look like a minor hiccup.

What can we expect in the next four years?   More of the same without the sugar coating that the liberal koombayah cosmology of the ignorantly ‘tolerant of everything’ will let slide down the sluices of the gutter that will rapidly become your life.

Four years from now, you can expect us to still be at war in Afghanistan with a residual force that will still suffer being slowly murdered incrementally to protect the heroin and opium supply lines for the black budgets that run the secret shadow government of our puppet president.  You can expect massive price inflation, higher taxes, higher unemployment, lower productivity, more people on welfare and food stamps, the continued gutting of the American economy, the collapse and devaluation of the dollar, and the rejection of the dollar as a fundamental world currency.  Expect more homelessness and more crime.  Expect new tax riots, work riots, energy riots and food riots.   Expect our prison population to soar to record highs.  Expect an all but open door to any illegal alien who can cross the fading threshold of our national borders, advancing to Go and collecting more benefits paid for by the few remaining productive workers who cling to their 29 hour jobs while their wives and children work to keep a roof over their heads and their new, more “environmentally friendly” lifestyle, which one might politely define as creeping, genteel poverty.

Expect the scam of a global carbon tax to be implemented throughout our society as a response to the scam of man-made global warming; expect the spineless Senate to let Obama sign into law (which will be ratified by Senatorial non-intervention) the UN Small Arms Treaty which will effectively be used to register and then disarm all firearms owners throughout the U.S., so that only the government, the police and the criminal class — often one and the same — have a monopoly on weapons of death and destruction.

Expect gasoline to rise exponentially as our cars become more fragile and flimsy; watch as our highway death tolls increase due to the fragility of our cars made more “economical.”  Watch as our Big Oil companies reap record profits from being granted even larger oil depletion allowances to compensate for the extraction of a resource (oil) that is a naturally occurring, renewable resource under the crust of our planet, much as trees are on the surface of our planet.  

Watch as your ability to freely travel from point A to B becomes a romantic part of our rapidly fading past, as the TSA intrudes into every aspect of your life; not just at airports, but railroad stations, bus stations, subways, inter-coastal waterways, ships, and highways.  Learn to endure the increasing surveillance, restrictions and bureaucratic blockages as your movement from one state to another will become an ordeal and “Your Papers, Please” will become a reverberant phrase across the country for anyone who cares or dares to travel.

Be prepared for a major war with Iran which will not go as easily or smoothly as the Zionist hell hounds who have dominated our White House and foreign policy with their dual citizenship and their dual loyalties for the last five decades have predicted.  Watch as more of our soldiers die fighting their wars, while spilling American blood and treasure for a country that is little more than a pirate island fortress for the Rothschild’s plan to rule the globe from Tel Aviv while ironically ushering in the death and destruction of all the other Semitic peoples throughout the Middle East.

Watch as scholastic test scores plummet, as suicides and depression becomes rampant, as small businesses fold and close across America, as more and more of our land, water and territory is closed off to human habitation and returned to wilderness for “wildland” preservation.  Watch as all our resources, especially water, becomes harder to secure and more costly to purchase or even access.

Watch as the continued sexual subversion of our society and the gutting of family values continues with a never ending parade of pan-sexual personalities whose relationships will be written about in all the tabloids infesting your local grocery store, further lowering the cesspool of our culture to even greater depths of irrelevancy and mental illness.  Watch as the family unit evaporates, as government programs slice and dice parental roles and responsibilities by taking over a quicksand landscape of ephemeral values which will be continually displaced by the further erosion of ethics, honor, personal responsibility and spiritual consciousness.

Expect bribes, corruption and the Rule of Man versus the Rule of Law to become commonplace, based on the example set by our Executive and his Executive Branch of government.   Expect a continual dissolution of your living standards and life, as the very concept of “lifestyle” falls by the wayside with increasing poverty eating away at every level of society except the super rich.   Expect the Middle Class to all but disappear.  And, of course,  expect the continued physical deterioration of our roads, bridges, schools, airports, civic building and infrastructure — all of which Obama pledged to fix with TARP 1, TARP 2 and TARP 3, but never did. While you’re at it, remember Obama’s empty pledge to fund all these “shovel ready” jobs, and realize that the only aspect of his promise ready for a shovel was the load of manure he laid upon the plates of the American people regarding his commitment to keep his promises.

Expect the so-called “news” media to further descend into a symbiotic sycophantic public relations apparatus for the White House, its minions and lackeys, as the press corps increasingly sees themselves as part of the elite ruling structure for which they write in order to protect themselves from the vulgarian rabble they helped create with their uncritical acceptance of every syllable which drips from the mouth of the Great Pretender.

Expect your privacy to totally vanish, as all of your financial transactions, phone calls, e-mails, faxes, messages and any form of electronic communication becomes the property of a government whose role and ‘raison d’etre,’ protection of its citizens, is used as the excuse to disallow any semblance of private personal space.  

Expect the use of spy drones, in the form of small planes, birds and insects, to become commonplace in the government’s War on US, which will continued to be sold to us as the “War on Terror.”  Pity that so few of the victims of this “War on Terror” — the average citizen of the former United States of America — will never suspect, let alone realize, that the focus of this “War on Terror,” from the very beginning, has always been the entire citizenry of the United States — to strip them of their rights, to keep them under surveillance, to foster the fear of their own government.

Expect the illegitimate fruit of the liason between White CIA asset and pornographic model Ann Dunham with Communist Frank Marshall Davis to expand his targeted drone assassinations and extra-judicial, presidentially approved “eliminations” (killings/murders) of anyone this acting President suspects of being a threat to his continued reign.  

Expect further home invasions, kidnappings and ‘disappearances’ reminiscent of 3rd world banana republics to become commonplace as the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution — The Bill of Rights — becomes a non-functional anachronism in the Liberal “Progressive” march to formulate a ‘living’ constitution whose only function is the preservation of those within the East Coast-Washington beltway power structure axis.

Expect banks, bankers and Wall Street to continue to steal and subvert the economy of this country as long as it serves their interests, and as long as they preserve a financial feedback loop to pay financial tribute to the dominant ruling ‘Democrat’ party.  Expect further examples of government picking and choosing winners and losers in our economy, just as the Obama administration lavished financial government loans and gifts in the hundreds of millions of dollars to a multitude of solar energy companies, whose financial crashes were preceded by lavish contributions back to the Democrat party before their bankruptcies and dissolutions.

Expect two systems of justice; one for the well connected, and one for everyone else.  Expect that no banker, broker or financial wizard will ever see jail time unless their own greed becomes their public undoing.  Expect no prosecutions of any ‘minority’ from the laughably named “Justice” Department, which will continue to continence a double standard for people of color versus anyone whose misfortune happens to be born Caucasian, just as racist Attorney General Eric Holder found no reason to prosecute Black Panthers standing outside of polling places whose intimidating presence, military garb, police batons and verbal assaults were directed against all White voters who dared enter to cast their ballots.

Watch as our military becomes increasingly dispirited and dysfunctional, as scandals and suicides remove the best and the brightest from among the officer corps and enlisted men and women who find — too late — that the former standards and values of the United States military now only serves as a convenient cover for the advancement of those who know how to play the multi-cultural military mambo, whose only criteria for advancement is the ability to bend over low enough to either kiss the ass in front of them or to willingly receive the sceptre of servile obedience from behind.

Watch in bemused horror as high school and college students graduate without the slightest comprehension of history and geography, while being barely conversant in reading, writing, or basic mathematics.   Observe as these “graduates” struggle to find and support themselves with the most menial jobs, while those jobs for which they supposedly received their education continue to be exported to India, China, Malaysia and the Far East.

Above all, watch as Obamacare’s pernicious effects are implemented, as the number of doctors available to the public plummets while the price of health care skyrockets. Watch while businesses continue to close their doors and fold because they can no longer afford to pay the health care costs of their employees.  Watch as Government quickly becomes the care giver of first, last and only resort for the average person.   Watch as it slowly dawns on the dumbbells who continually cried for government control of health care, that they were actually calling for the eventual government control of their very lives, and ultimately the means and manner of their own deaths.

And above all of this societal chaos and disintegration, watch as the Great One flashes his plastic, Animatronic smile, waving his glad hands and flashing his famous ‘smack-daddy’ grin, content in the knowledge that he has finally turned the White Man’s oppressive tool of the United States government against the White Man, without him ever grasping the greater irony that he has killed the last hope of humanity for all peoples of all ethnicities and races to advance and evolve and develop all of their God given talents and abilities under the former protective framework of The Constitution of The United States.

This last irony will fall upon a collective conscience rendered a blank slate, free of any critical ability to analyze, think and perceive beyond their immediate desire for their own sensory gratification. For in the final analysis, there is no God but Government for a Liberal ‘Progressive’ …. and there certainly can be no God beyond the reflection in the mirror of this Kenyan version of Dorian Gray, who has once again bartered his mixed genetic heritage to evoke sufficient fealty and guilt to parlay his unctuous, empty platitudes into yet another 4 year term in The White House, a four year term which, in essence, has become the sentence of our doom.

America may somehow survive the subversion spread by Barack Obama, but the American Dream of a prosperous, knowledgeable, self-sufficient citizenry will not and cannot survive his mendacity.   The American Dream died November 6, 2012.  And if Obama’s past four year of vacuous ineptitude and sinister plotting for revenge against his perceived colonial oppressors is any prologue for our future, the true downward death spiral of America has finally begun.


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