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Daily Mail Extract   –  Cameron shoots Schofield the messenger

There are growing cross-party calls for a single, overarching investigation now that the number of separate probes into allegations of paedophilia at the BBC, care homes and in Whitehall has reached double figures.
During what was supposed to be an interview on This Morning about dementia, Schofield declared there could have been ‘a cover-up, a paedophile ring amongst the elite of great Britain that led all the way to Downing Street’ and handed a card with names on it to the Prime Minister.
‘You know the names on that piece of paper. Will you be speaking to those people?’ Schofield asked.

TAP these ones weren’t dead, clearly, and are Cameron’s colleagues.

The presenter admitted: ‘It took me about three minutes last night to continually find a list of the same names.’
Prime Minister
Prime Minister
The Prime Minister takes the card and responds with firm words warning of a ‘witch hunt’ that meant prominent people were being wrongly accused of child abuse simply because they were gay
The Prime Minister was visibly taken aback by the stunt and accused the ITV show of fuelling a 'witch-hunt'

The Prime Minister was visibly taken aback by the stunt and some viewers said names were clearly visible on the piece of paper handed to the Prime Minister
The Prime Minister did not look at the card on air, instead placing it on the table in front of him, but Number Ten sources confirmed later it had included half a dozen names of senior Conservatives who had been members of or associated with the governments of the 1980s.

TAP A certain distancing there.  Half a dozen?  There were five names visible on the card.

A composed Mr Cameron said he did not like what Schofield was doing, saying: ‘Look Phillip, I think this is really important. There is a danger if we are not careful, that this can turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay.
TAP – It is no service to paedophile victims to say the alleged perpetrators must be defended from homophobia.  Cameron is taking the side of his colleagues who are accused, and not even willing to mention the rape and torture of children, and the operation of paedophile rings.  Someone who doesn’t even see the problem, will not change a thing.

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3 Responses to “What happened yesterday”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a secret that homosexuals want the age of consent lowered, but what they really want is for it to be scrapped altogether, THEY are child abusers & want to be able to do it legally.

    They should ALL be executed before they get their wish.

  2. Unknown says:

    Totally agree. They are a treasonous satanic Marxist tool that’s being used by the PTB to destroy the NATURAL heterosexual family unit of these, our islands.

    Once the family unit is destroyed the Marxist state can step in and fill the breach – 1984 here we come.

  3. Julia says:

    The trolls are getting more sophisticated, are they not? It now looks like they actually read some of the stuff first. maybe it’s a different team based somewhere other than Doncaster. Maybe you’ve been promoted Tap.

    Keep up the great work Tap. You are spot on, Cameron’s main interest is defending the paedophile network. The alternative news streams are doing the most brilliant job of exposing the paedophile network. Something which the super rich charities, like the NSPCC, of course never did!

    Just in case anyone new thinks paedophiles and homosexuals are the same thing after reading the trolls, THEY ARE NOT.

    Paedophiles can be either sex, and they abuse children of either or both sexes.

    Homosexuals are consenting adults, who do not harm anyone.

    A paedophile is a paedophile, whatever their supposed known sexuality. And it is the paedophiles that must be stopped.

    Homosexuality is a distraction to make it a homosexual hunt instead. Same as witch hunt is a distraction towards witches.

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