What chemicals are in vaccines, and why?

(NaturalNews) Did you know the CDC openly admits that all the following chemicals are intentionally added to vaccines? Formaldehyde, aluminum, MSG (monosodium glutamate) and mercury.

Each of these toxic substances is well known to cause neurological damage, and the amounts added to vaccines are far beyond mere “trace” levels. This helps explain why vaccines are documented to cause:

• Seizures
• Comas
• Autism
• Headaches
• Spontaneous abortions
• Infertility
• Death

I’ve just posted a new video explaining all this, including screen shots from the CDC website that openly admit all these chemicals and metals are intentionally and knowingly added to vaccines.

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The vaccine industry refuses to manufacture “clean” vaccines for the masses

British royalty are given special “clean” vaccines that contain none of these metals. The same is undoubtedly true with the global elite who eat all non-GMO, organic produce.

The chemicals are intended for the masses. Whether it’s genetically modified food, pesticide-contaminated food or vaccines laced with mercury and MSG, the public is being poisoned by design.

The purpose of this poisoning is two-fold: 1) To keep the population subsisting in a never-ending state of chronic disease in order to enrich the drug companies. And 2) To reduce the population through vaccine-induced infertility and abortions.

The vaccine industry and all its pushers pretend that vaccines are harmless and yet they were forced to pass congressionally-approved blanket immunity because vaccines were maiming and killing so many Americans that the lawsuits would have bankrupted the industry.

You have to ask the commonsense question: If vaccines are so perfectly safe and have no side effects, why did they need blanket immunity? And why have tens of millions of dollars in injury compensation already been paid out to vaccine victims?

Click here to watch the video on TV.naturalnews.com

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One Response to “What chemicals are in vaccines, and why?”

  1. Julia says:

    What I pick up from this piece is that vaccines could be useful! If they didn’t have the additives in them that poison us.
    That’s quite interesting, and maybe the first ever vaccines were actually harmless and life saving?
    Then once everyone had developed a trust in the vaccines, they started tampering with them.
    Same old technique. Lure us in with something we are crying out for. Then when we completely trust the label, the name, stealthily alter it to something else.

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