Vitamin D deficiency. The silent epidemic.

“New Light Shed on the Healing
Qualities of Sunlight”

New book by Dr. Mercola Reveals
all, despite decades of Dark Deception…

Well, they’ve done it again.
Your government, so called “experts” in the health community, and certain product manufacturers have literally kept you in the dark when it comes to your health.
They’ve done it primarily because they don’t stand to earn one single dime by you knowing the truth.
And if you’re familiar with my work at all, you know I’m not afraid to yank the covers off the corporate moneymakers — and shed revealing light on their devious deceptions.
This time they’re keeping the very serious health risks of vitamin D deficiency from you.
And not only that…
They’re also hiding from you the single most natural and simple way to get all the vitamin D your body needs.
And you want to know what frightens them the most?
This natural remedy won’t cost you a single penny!
They’re so afraid you’ll find out the truth, they’ve maintained a decades-old campaign of fear to keep you blind and dependent on their dangerous and inefficient products.
Your mouth will literally drop open when I tell you the appalling truth.
But before I get into that, I want to let you in on a very dangerous secret…

The Silent Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency

Sunlight ExposureHere’s a shocking fact:
Medical experts will tell you over 70 percent of all Americans are deficient in vitamin D (and I’m convinced the number is really much higher than that).
That means you, your family, your friends, co-workers, and even the people you’re in line with at the grocery store are at serious risk for a whole host of chronic and debilitating illnesses. Why? Because you’re not getting enough vitamin D.
The growing health problem of vitamin D deficiency is considered a Silent Epidemic for a very good reason — most people aren’t aware it even exists.
And as research continues in this area of concern, the list of diseases potentially caused by this epidemic continues to grow and grow.
Diseases like osteoporosis, osteomalacia (the adult form of rickets), some cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease.
I could go on and on but there simply isn’t enough room here for all I have to tell you.
I know what you’re probably thinking — “But they put vitamin D in milk for extra ‘fortification’ against things like rickets and weak bones, don’t they?”
That may be true, but what they haven’t told you is this is NOT the best form of vitamin D for your body to use…
Something you may not be aware of is that different forms of vitamin D exist, yet only one is available to your body naturally. And another interesting bit of information you might not know is that where you live in the world can determine whether or not you’re getting enough vitamin D.
And the saddest truth of all is that there is absolutely no reason in the world anyone should suffer from a lack of vitamin D — when the remedy is as simple as spending just a little time outdoors.
Which leads me to this unbelievable fabrication…

The Myth of the “Deadly Sun”

This story has been handed down, decade after decade, from your grandmother all the way to the person reporting the nightly news:
“Stay out of the sun, you’ll wrinkle like a prune and look old before your time!”
“Slather on this sunscreen or you’ll get cancer.”
“Cover up — don’t you know the sun can kill you?”
And the sad truth is that the majority of you have bought into the “Myth of the Deadly Sun”.
The sun, nature’s greatest source of life-giving power, has been demonized into a great ball of evil fire just waiting to take the life of some unsuspecting and unprotected person.
This kind of careless propaganda, spread primarily through the media, could not be any further from the truth.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t be careful. The sun is a very powerful source and repeated over-exposure can cause harmful andRead Chapter 1 of Dark Deceptiondangerous damage to your skin.
So I caution you to have healthy respect for the sun’s rays — but don’t eliminate it from your life completely.
The incredible healing powers of sunshine have been known for centuries.
Cultures around the world have revered and worshipped the therapeutic qualities of the sun, probably long before even the written word.
The earliest writings from the Pharaohs of Egypt, from Greek, Roman, and Arabic physicians, and countless other wise and ancient scholars wrote stories and descriptions of the healing powers of ‘sun therapies’.
Records, thousands of years old, reveal how the sun was used to strengthen a person’s health and treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. Conditions that are still concerns today, like:
  • Maintaining a strong heart
  • Retaining strong muscles and an ideal weight
  • Treatment for asthma, digestive diseases, and even back pain
But let’s face it folks — fear is a powerful selling point.
And as long as you believe the deceptions, the lies, and the propaganda you’ve been fed all these years about the perils of sunlight — those who stand to make millions of dollars from your fears remain content and happy.
They have you right where they want you…
  • Frightened
  • Sick
  • Dependent on harmful medications
And spending your hard-earned money on senseless and potentially dangerous products — products you don’t need and don’t want near, let alone on your body.

Come Out of the Dark — and into the Light

Sunlight ExposureWell, you don’t have to be in the dark anymore when it comes to the truth about sunlight, vitamin D, and your health.
I wrote my new book, Dark Deception, as a beacon of light to shine on the pack of deceptions the government and big business don’t want you to find out about sunlight.
You deserve to live the fullest and healthiest life possible.
But you can’t do that if vital (and potentially health-saving) information continues to be kept away from you — on purpose.
Well, now you can discover the truth.
Each page of Dark Deception spills over with time-tested facts, up-to-date research, and answers to this (and many other) burning questions:
Why have you been duped into believing sunlight is something to fear and avoid — when current research points to the exact opposite?

Dark Deception Sheds the Light on Your Good Health

Wouldn’t you love to know the secrets to:
  • Actually decrease your risk of cancer?
  • Enhance the functioning of all your body’s organs?
  • Lift your spirits, chase away your blues, and improve your overall sense of well-being?
  • Building muscle and maintaining your ideal weight?
  • Possibly prevent the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease?
Just open the pages of Dark Deception and all the shades fly open to let the light in on:
  • Why modern medical practitioners refuse to come out of the Dark Ages (when even physicians 6,000 years ago knew these healing treatments)… See page 8
  • The shocking truth about the so-called “ozone depletion” those pharmaceutical fat cats don’t want you to know (and stand to make millions from)… Revealed on page 18
  • The #1 secret to preventing a host of devastating illnesses, including cancer — and you should do it every day. Page 23
And that’s only the beginning.
Keep reading and you’ll see why a deficiency in just one single vitamin can be your link to a plethora of life-altering illnesses and conditions — all of which there is no reason for you to ever have…

The Hidden Health Secrets of Vitamin D

In school health class, we all learned that we got our vitamin D from the sun. Somehow, being outside in the sunshine worked like magic to produce vitamin D in our bodies. We didn’t know how it worked — we just knew it did.
We also learned that vitamin D was good for strong bones. So we drank our vitamin D fortified milk and didn’t give it another thought.
Well, scientists have given it a lot of thought.
And from the numerous research studies I’ve read, they’re just beginning to understand the key role vitamin D plays to keep most of your body’s organs and systems functioning at their peak.
Building strong bones is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the wondrous things vitamin D can do.
I’ve taken the mounds of information I’ve collected over the years about the benefits of vitamin D and packed them into every page of Dark Deception.
It reads like a page-turning suspense novel you don’t want to put down.
For example, you’ll read:
  • Why many vitamin D supplements are nothing more than a cheap and potentially toxic replacement for the naturally produced vitamin… See page 18
  • The single, easiest way to make sure you’re getting all the vitamin D your body needs… Find it on page 6
  • Five important ways vitamin D reduces your risk of cancer… Page 30
  • How to avoid toxic doses of vitamin D (believe me, it’s not easy to reverse once it happens)… Page
  • The one test you must take before adding more vitamin D to your diet (make sure you tell your doctor about this)…See it on page 139
  • The 6 best natural food sources of vitamin D… Revealed on page 167
  • The #1 best choice for vitamin D supplementation (and it’s loaded with other essential ingredients your body must have)… Page 169
Trust me, this is information some members of the medical community don’t want you to know. And I’ll tell you why…

Illuminating Facts about Cancer

Sun LightImagine this…
An annual report showing cancer statistics has just been released. You brace yourself for the bad news — how many deaths in the last year?
But instead of an increase, you see for the first time ever — the number of deaths related to cancer has decreased (by thousands!).
It seems like a dream, doesn’t it?
The fact is, that could very well be a reality, and this book will show you how to make it your reality.
Dark Deception will illuminate facts for you like:
  • The simple and affordable way to protect yourself from up to 16 types of cancer (as a matter of fact, it won’t cost you one red cent)… Skip to pages 43-51
  • 3 basic facts you need to know about sunlight and skin cancer… Page 32
  • Want to reduce your risk of melanoma by a whopping 40%? Eat more of these fats… Page 40
  • 12 simple steps to reduce your risk of cancer… Pages 51-53
  • Why working the ‘night shift’ makes you more prone to cancer — and shortens your life expectancy… Page 111
There’s so much more you need to know. Just read on…

The Shocking Truth Behind the Billion-Dollar Sunscreen Industry

Once the stage was set for the great sunshine panic, the finest remedy to come along was the miracle of sunscreen.
It promised to protect you from any of the evil sun’s rays ever reaching your skin. And it did a great job. The only problem is — all those lotions and creams have probably done more harm than good in the long run.
Dark Deception turns the spotlight on the dishonest scare tactics of the sunscreen industry:
  • Warning! All those “cures” for sunburn could be making you sick Page 16
  • Discover who really benefits from the use of sunscreen (and guess what — it’s not you)… Page 155
  • Four simple rules for getting the right amount of sun… Page 142
  • Seven sunburn factors to keep in mind when you’re sunbathing… Go to pages 145-146
  • Why you should never let sunscreen touch your skin… Page 153
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been having good results with Turmeric. Bought 120 capsules on eBay for £6.

    (I’ll let the item description do the talking as to it’s benefits)

    Suffice to say, my partner has had Fibromyalgia for 5 years and the ‘specialists’ and doctors just don’t have a clue (it’s laughable and infuriating at the same time). My partner did notice benefits within about 3 weeks with reduced joint pain and less lethargy. She actually went to her GP and mentioned this to him and he had no comment/just had a blank face.

    Big pharma/the NHS… don’t you just love ’em.

  2. Thanks for it. really i am follow vitamin E
    medicines keep blogging.

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