Was Baron Rothschild the father of Bill Clinton?

This came in from comments. The video covers a lot of ground, including the suggestion that Bill Clinton is the son of Winston Churchill. Churchill died in 1965. Clinton was born 1946. His official ‘father’ died in a car crash before he was born. Hallet says that history has four levels – There is what really happened, then the official history, counter-intelligence cover-up history, and the real explanation as to why history happened the way it did.

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I’ll transcribe later.

The Churchill bit goes as follows.

Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman

Hallett says –  Bill Clinton was born in Britain, as the son of Pamela Digby Churchill, and her father-in-law Prime Minister Winston Churchill

TAP – I’m not so sure about the Churchill bit.  Try Baron Elie de Rothschild.

In 1945, Pamela and Randolph Churchill were divorced. Pamela’s relationships with wealthy married men were well-known in English society, so she decided to head to Paris for a fresh start. Leaving her son Winston behind in the country, she settled down in Paris. She soon met the young Gianni Agnelli, heir to the Fiat fortune, who was intrigued by this woman who had so many powerful men at her beck and call. Although Pamela was received an annuity from both Jock Whitney and Averell Harriman, she desperately wanted to get married again. She even converted to Catholicism, hoping that Agnelli would pop the question. However, Agnelli had no desire to marry his mistress, not even when Pamela tried to make him jealous by having flings with Aly Khan and Stavros Niarchos. His sisters also didn’t like Pamela.

Pamela then moved on to Baron Elie de Rothschild of the famous banking family, who liked to call Pamela his “European Geisha.” Married to his cousin, with three children, Elie wasn’t about to divorce his wife and marry Pamela either. He found it amusing to have as a mistress a woman who had slept with so many powerful men. His wife, Liliane didn’t find it so amusing, she once bashed her car into Pam’s Bentley. Although like Agnelli, he to supported Pamela in the style to which she had rapidly become accustomed too. Pamela held the men in her life by taking up their interests, molding herself to their culture and by focusing her attention of them completely to the exclusion of everything else. With Agnelli, she even developed an Italian accent; answering the phone ‘Pronto Pam.’ Once she had moved on to Rothschild, it became ‘Ici Pam.’ She also made herself useful to them, by providing them with contacts in business, politics, and society. Smart as a whip, although not an intellectual, she managed to stay friends with all her former lovers, except for Rothschild, doing them little favors. For instance, she helped Jock Whitney buy jewelry for his wife.

By the end of the 50’s, Pamela knew that her days were numbered as a mistress. She was fast approaching forty. She needed to get married. Her days in Paris over, and feeling out of place in England, there was only one place that Pam could go and that was the land of opportunity, America.

TAP.  this story suggests that Rothschild was more likely Clinton’s father.  I mean Baron Elie.  Winston Churchill was son of Edward 7th, who was grandson of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, father of Queen Victoria.  Clinton would be therefore a royal cousin, descended from Amschel Mayer Rothschild.

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Correction – according to the link;

    “President Bill Clinton turns out to be British, he was born in Britain in 1946, and he turns out to be the son of Pamela Digby Churchill and her father-in-law Prime Minister Winston Churchill. And Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII.

    So we’ve got an American President Bill Clinton, who is the grandson of the British monarch King Edward VII, which is not known in history”

    This is hugely confusing – If Pamela digby married the son of Winston Churchil(Randolph) and had gave birth to Bill Clinton,wouldnt this make Winston Churchil the grandfather of Clinton and Clinto therefore the great grandson of the British Monarch King Edward VII,would it not?

    In other words,my bad , Clinton couldnt be the son of Churchill but Churchil could be his grandfather. Any further light on this would be great – my head is hurting

  2. Chris Jones says:

    Allthough – after consideration,and as this video i think claims, it is still possible that Winston Churchill could have impregnated his daughter in law some way or another, especially as his son Rudolph was away for three years. It is a hypothetical possibility which would make Clinton his son

  3. Unknown says:

    There is something about Hallet I don’t like. 12 attempts on his life!! WTF? Come on – it only took one attempt to kill Lady Diana.

    He also smiles too much – too smug.

    He’s also into selling his books. Now who else do we know that likes to sell his books?

    Pinches of salt at the ready fellas!!

  4. Tapestry says:

    I agree with that, but you find some interesting truth mixed up with the embroidery. No source is perfect. That’s Rule number one of all research, and especially research into conspiratorial matters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Whilst we have an American theme.
    Just been looking at a few ears on a certain blog, well, what jumped out was a couple of faces.
    Alex Jones has the same face as Jim Reeves.
    Jim was also killed in a car crash.
    It’s a good stopper for finding information, just look at all the singers and actors that died in crashes.
    Just research this Jones/Reeves face, see what you will.

  6. Tapestry says:

    This stuff is all a bit fanciful, as is this post. I thought I’d log it for interest. How else do these people rise from obscurity and get the backing they need from an early age, unless they are bloodline?

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