The Ringmakers Of Saturn

The same phenomenon captured by Hubble.
They don’t show this stuff on TV.  Why not?

If ever a book can change your view of the world we live in, The Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman Bergrun is it.  Saturn’s rings have fascinated astronomers over centuries, yet recorded observations have shown too much variability to build much of a picture of what they are made of.  The variability was always explained by the poor quality of observational equipment in earlier times.

The passing of Voyager 1 and 2 in the 1980s ended any such thoughts.  The two vehicles passed over nine months apart, and in that time, changes were observed.  The rings are created by ‘bodies’, being exhausts from emv’s (electro-magnetic vehicles), which are in the range of 20,000 miles long and 2,000 miles across.

That sounds nuts, doesn’t it.  It does sound nuts until you look at the pictures.  I indicated my interest in seeing the book, and a commenter kindly dropped off a URL of the book.  I’ve read the first third of it.  The craft are from life forms that are more technically advanced than humankind by a very wide margin.

There is far more to the story of Saturn and how it affects our lives on earth, but a good starting point is to take a look at the pictures in the book, and read the text, as well as watching Norman Bergrun on Project Camelot or Youtube.

Anyone would be sceptical when encountering this material for the first time.

To get yourself into the right frame of mind for looking at what amounts to paranormal information, this video describes events that would also challenge belief.  There is far more to things than we know, and we won’t understand the world we live in, until we get closer to understanding things that are currently kept beyond us.  Bergrun survived attempts on his life prior to is writing his book.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cassini spacecraft pictures and a lecture not convinced the rings has anything to do with electro-magnetic vehicles exhaust fumes.

  2. Tapestry says:

    As they even made an attempt on Norman Bergrun’s life to stop him writing his book, it would not be surprising to find alternative narratives to stop people realising what is going on in the skies and beyond.

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Without wanting to be repetitive but in these highly charged energised times its a good point to reemphasise: If we are to take on board Dublinmicks convincing collection of evidence that the Nefilim are real, interplanetary travellers and gene creators and splicers.
      And Norman Bergrun above with the ringmakers.
      Again I say then we should allow for Bill Coopers very good astute senses which got him killed about Government fake UFO narratives.
      But why cant there be Galactic Confederation Motherships from different civilisations positioned round the galaxy stopping us being wiped out by cataclysm already? can it only be us and the Nefilim in this entire universe? Surely not
      Switzerland Conference notes continued

      Cobra illustrated that two interesting things are happening. Our sun is sending the particles in every direction and pushing them outside. They are colliding with the interstellar particles coming from the Galactic Central Sun and from everywhere. As a result there is a “crash” – the Termination Shock. This circumstance plays a vital role for our fate. The heliopause is located slightly outside the Termination Shock. This is the area where the light forces have been positioning their mother ships for some time past. These are regulating the flow of energies and beings in and out of the solar system. According to many of the predicted catastrophes we would have earthquakes and mankind would be wiped out already. Thanks to these mother ships we are here and protected. The people publishing those prophecies were/are not aware of the protective measures around our solar system. Due to the reason mentioned the predicted catastrophes will not happen. The mother ships are our safeguards.

      Cobra showed a picture of Jupiter that was taken on March 17, 2016. It shows a light flashing at the bottom edge which was officially declared as a meteorite impact.

      According to Cobra it was in fact a mother ship that expose themselves briefly. These ships have diameters ranging from 500 to 1000 kilometers, are well camouflaged and are located everywhere. This is part of the disclosure process that these ships show themselves for some seconds to not provoke exuberant reactions.

      The Cintamani stone plays a vital role in the process of disclosure. Million years ago a planet in the Sirius star system exploded. Fragments had been catapulted through the galaxy and hit earth at a certain point. Of all the stones on earth the Cintamani stone presently has the highest possible vibration. The Cintamani project stones have been placed in many key vortices around the world. Recently a Japanese-US-American team succeeded in bringing a Cintamani stone via South America into the Antarctica. “Randomly“ they could get the last flight before winter season which starts in April, 1. Cobra thanked everybody who put stones in place.

      ht tp: //w

    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      Alternative narratives to stop people realising whats going on in the skies and beyond. Absolutely. I don’t want Nibiru to be real. Life would be a lot simpler without it. Ive even been prepared to drop it all and say all the compelling video footage now, is just cabal hologram technology.
      But what stops me is Dublinmick pointing out the ancient prophecies left, right and centre, the Red Dragon, the Red Star kachina of the Hopi, etc.

      Therefore Tap. That’s why im propelled, compelled, to search for answers and hope and keep hammering, looking for the bigger picture. Whilst I try my best to filter disinfo. And try and join some convincing dots, to get some kind of hopefully true picture. And is why since the Red Kachina seems real. Im looking for evidence we aren’t doomed. But certainly disruptions on the way but not too much, that’s going to propel catapult us into a glorious space age and this is not what the cabal want at all. Also why Cosmic convergence CCRG recent Nibiru and the rising Schumann resonance wave on earth is of great interest. Plus Alex Jones Infowars doom message relating to Nibiru
      •What will happen to humans who are now living off-planet? Will they also be allowed to ascend? – Up to now they have been living in deep isolation. They have been brain-washed very specifically. The Light forces could not reach them. The Chimera hide the SSPs from the RM, the Light Forces and the Pleiadians. Just now the situation is improving very slowly and some certain topics can be disclosed. There also the disclosures are being heavily distorted. Those people in the SSPs have truly been given completely different information than we here. They have been told the Earth has been destroyed by nuclear war and that they are the only survivors. This is their reality. They live in underground bases and in mines. They know and believe only this information. RM could not so far reach them and thus it is a mixed situation.
      •If thousands of positive races are here in the solar system and are focusing on our planet….. why have they come? Because of the octopus? – They all had different reasons. Some came to direct healing energies, others in order to dissolve the octopus. The people know nothing about their work and the concrete support they are providing. Some are attempting to build us up through telepathic communication. Unfortunately there are only few receivers for this. Most people are not trained for this kind of communication. True telepathic contact can only be achieved after years of training, not simply after a weekend seminar. There are particular protocols that must be observed. This is truly a great problem. (Cobra encourages us to attend trainings for true telepathic communication.)
      •Who are the Chimera? – They come from the Galaxy of Andromeda, where there are numerous races. They are not the ones usually referred to as Andromedans. The Chimera are humanoid. Their energy field is quite distorted. You might call them the most Fallen Archangels within the anomaly. They entered into close contact with the Nazis in the 1930´s. They are now the main problem in the Solar System. All this must be cleared up BEFORE THE EVENT, otherwise we would have to expect an invasion during the Event and this would not make much sense. It simply MUST be cleared up PRIOR to the Event. After the Event our view of the sky shall be clear in every sense of the word. Yes, the Chimera are physical beings.

  3. John says:

    I think my comment didn’t get through, Tap don’t you agree with what NASA tell us then?

    That the rings are blocks of ice locked in a gravitational pull?

  4. Tapestry says:

    Lots of shills around today. I deleted your first comment as it didn’t explain much, John. No. I don’t agree with NASA’s output, which is invariably designed to deceive.

  5. John says:

    I only ask because Dr. Norman Bergrun if i remember correctly worked for NASA for well over 10 years. His theory at the time though far fetched was considered a possibility up until the mid 90’s. He has said on record that his theory being disproven is completely acceptable because science has moved on since.

    I wanted to make you aware of the situation being a fan of all things astro. Your taking outdated material placing it out of context. But it’s your call.

    Personally I enjoyed the read, just as much as the latest texts on string theory.

    In short i feel you’re making mountains out of mole hills.

    keep up the other good work though.

  6. Tapestry says:

    What do you say that thing is in the Hubble picture then, oh wise one?

  7. Are you seriously trying to convince people this nonsense is true? A few poor quality IR shots of moving objects leaving trails and of multiple objects that appear as one due to pixel resolution and you have aliens…

    Chap, at 12 years old I accurately predicted that Neptune and Jupiter would have rings, I did not need to invoke aliens to come to this conclusion, I used common sense and logic. Earth could have rings if it were not for a proximity of the Moon.

    The rings of planets, especially the larger ones, are caused by minor objects and asteroids coming too close and crossing the Roche limit, a gravitational limit around an object that will tear objects to pieces if they come too close. The rings are short lived, astronomically speaking, as far as computer models predict, but it is possible they may live longer when “shepherd moons” are co-orbital with the ring. The Shepherd moons are small bodies, perhaps a few tens to maybe a hundred miles or so across and when one exists either side of a ring of material they interact gravitationally with the material and prevent it being pulled into the parent planet as would usually happen.

    Saturn’s rings may last the life of the planet, they could resemble a smaller version of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, or perhaps the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune. However all four of the gas worlds of our solar system have rings or ring arcs that are the result of smaller bodies being prevented from forming into a larger body after others were torn to pieces.

    It does not need aliens, who do exist, but none have ever visited the solar system and nor have they rather pointlessly build rings of ice, rocks and metals around the giant planets to confuse people with vivid imaginations.

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