The Red Cross – traders in humanity

COMMENT –  Very good article, but if could just point out two small errors,
the banking industry has its head in Switzerland, Rothschild decreed that his little money centre would always be neutral.
The red cross archive was copied
by Sefton delmer for the IRD,
these documents taken from the German camps show that they were not death camps but work camps, the prisoners were too valuable to kill off, they would clear after the British bombings etc.
The vatican underground library had all this documentation in the seventies, i dont know about now, but this is how bishop wiliamson knew so much about the camps. 

JULIA writes –

The Red Cross is set up to benefit from Wars too. It’s got a global monopoly on disaster relief. Its a huge international corporate style organisation and it’s growing. The ultimate aim is human control and enslavement, and everything else is just a tool towards that goal. 

It seems to me that the Red Cross is trading humans…. 

Human Procurement Centres

Posted on 25/11/2012 
It has been bugging me for a while that NO-ONE EVER ATTACKS SWITZERLAND. This is really peculiar. Why not? International law is not normally an obstacle if your objective is to go around killing people by means of a war. So Switzerland is “neutral” and peaceful. So are billions of people and countries all over the world, but they still get attacked. All except Switzerland.
Now I’ve got it. And it’s all linked in to the Red Cross, whose headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. Let’s start with a quote from Wikipedia: “Thanks to permanent Swiss neutrality, conflicting parties can be sure that no one from the enemy will be setting policy in Geneva”. This means that Switzerland must be declared neutral, and be perceived to be peaceful. So that every country in the world willingly allows the Red Cross in. Trojan Horse style. All they need to do is create a disaster.
The International Red Cross step in and clean up the mess whenever there are “mass casualties”. Wars, climate disasters, that sort of thing. The Red Cross deals with disaster by normalising it, making it acceptable. They don’t want to stop it. They want to increase it. The Red Cross is HUGE, and growing rapidly to meet the ever increasing demand for disaster relief. It looks and feels like a large international corporation. The Red Cross have a global monopoly on the disaster industry. Nearly every country has their own national branch and endless sub branches.
The Red Cross is set up as many multi layered organisations, making it deliberately difficult to track. There is the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which seems to be the more public face, and its “sister” organisation the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (ICFC), which is the more business looking side. Er, Red Crescent? Where did that come from?
Cross, Crescent and Crystal…
The Red Cross societies cover most of the world. There are also the Red Crescent societies which cover N. Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. And the Red Crystal Society, which seems to be just Israel! All three organisations seem to be pretty much the same thing. Why is the crystal in Israel? All the symbols are red on white, with the Crystal represented by the six pointed Star of David. The red on white theme always reminds me of blood on white cloth, such as a bandage, (required after mass casualties), or the Islaamic custom of hanging a bloodied white sheet out of the window after the first night of marriage to prove the consecration of the marriage, the taking of the virgin (possibly once a Christian custom too). Both are unpleasant things to be worshipping.
The Red Crescent symbol…
This is not a crescent moon, because the circumference is greater than half a circle. It depicts a solar eclipse, as many (perhaps all) crescent symbol do. This demonstrates the power of the Moon as it disables the almighty Sun and also the Earth Energy lines. Its like turning off the power supply for the Earth and humanity, and the Moon is deliberately set up that way. The crescent is a symbol of the power of the World Controllers.
Diplomatic Immunity….
ICRC seem to be almost a mini state. They have their own rules and issue their own passports. Their members are free to travel anywhere without question. “Switzerland does not recognize ICRC issued passports.” An international agreement “protects the full sanctity of all ICRC property in Switzerland including its headquarters and archive, grants members and staff legal immunity, exempts the ICRC from all taxes and fees, guarantees the protected and duty-free transfer of goods, services, and money, provides the ICRC with secure communication privileges at the same level as foreign embassies, and simplifies Committee travel in and out of Switzerland.” This is nicely set up for any kind of international trafficking.
Missing Persons…
People go missing quite easily in disasters, amongst the chaos that is created. This is one of the main activities of the Red Cross. They act as a central resource for locating missing persons. Thats the same set up as ICMEC, the Exploiting Missing Children centre. The Red Cross seems set up to traffick a different group of people, “vulnerable people”, people displaced and traumatised by disaster, manufactured disaster. What better disguise than a charity?
“Our mission is to provide effective and high quality procurement services to all members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. We are now expanding our procurement services to third parties through our status as a humanitarian procurement centre. The key objective of our logistics and procurement services is to provide best value for money for humanitarian operations”. They have “Humanitarian Procurement Centres”. Their main objective is value for money (great ethos). The language used on their website and on Wikipedia is very ambiguous. Rarely do they state what they’re are procuring, but the word “humanitarian” is frequently used next to the word “procurement”.
The Red Cross are big on blood donation and blood transfusion, which is modern day Eugenics. They set up the first blood donation service in the UK, which is now been separated off to its own organisation (it’s got that big, and that normal). In Israel, one of the main activities of the Red Crystal society is to collect blood, and run blood banks. Blood is their business. And blood business is now normalised and acceptable across the world. Maybe the procurement services include blood supplies. Some blood is more favoured than others, as in Europe and the US, the prize blood being O negative.
Funding of ICRC nowadays seems to be from the Swiss and US governments. I have trouble tracking all the partners and corporates that they are involved with. It’s deliberately hidden and confusing. The EU seems to fund ECHO which is linked. This EU funding is somewhat disguised by Switzerland not being in the EU. (now we know why). The American Red Cross withdrew funding when The Red Crystal of Israel was refused permission to join, so then they were allowed in after all. The funders make the rules. And then there’s always the well meaning fund raisers all over the world and the donations. And the free labour of 97 million volunteers.
More on ICRC…
ICRC is a “private humanitarian organisation”. Why is it private? It has 12,500 staff. Budget is about £110 million for HQ, and about £630 million for operations. This is just the HQ as far as I can gather.
More on IFRC…
The IFRC has “corporate partners”. But won’t name them. Not so neutral after all. The website front page shows volunteers carrying flaming torches which is the Illuminati death symbol. Very appropriate for what they are doing. Going in to disaster areas after the Illuminati have murdered the masses. They are “active in health, including extensive HIV/AIDS programming”, particularly in partnership with the UN. (Handy they are all in Geneva then). They are a “world leader in supply chain management”. (Chain being symbolic of slavery). In fact they are accredited. By yet another multi layered looking organisation called ECHO. If you are accredited by ECHO too, you can login to a private part of the IFRC procurement website. Otherwise you have to go another route, and I guess that way you just get to procure tents and bandages. Not humans. There is a photo of a sad little girl climbing into a box. And you can request branding on your supplies.
World War 2…
The Red Cross were very active in WW2. The Red Cross were allowed into concentration camps for humanitarian reasons. Since when did the Nazi regime have a humanitarian streak? They were data collecting, on the missing persons trail again, and administering medicines, and they kept the camps a secret from the world. They also had a blood program, just like the Nazis. They were part of the Nazi regime, and part of the experiment on human beings. What medicines were they administering? Why did they not want to close down the camps?
“By the end of the war, 179 delegates had conducted 12,750 visits to POW camps in 41 countries. The Central Information Agency on Prisoners-of-War had a staff of 3,000, the card index tracking prisoners contained 45 million cards, and 120 million messages were exchanged by the Agency”. That’s a huge data collection operation.
“Swiss historian Jean-Claude Favez, who conducted an 8-year review of the Red Cross records, says that even though the Red Cross knew by November 1942 about the Nazi’s annihilation plans for the Jews – and even discussed it with U.S. officials – the group did nothing to inform the public, maintaining silence even in the face of pleas by Jewish groups”
At this time, it was largely funded by the Swiss Government, who are neutral, so that’s ok.
More on Switzerland…
Switzerland is the world HQ for the International Olympic Committee, the UN and the World Health Organisation. The Vatican Swiss Guards are supplied from Switzerland. It is the centre of the banking world. It is not sounding very neutral at all.
“The ICRC prefers to engage states directly and relies on low-key and confidential negotiations to lobby for access to prisoners of war and improvement in their treatment. Its findings are not available to the general public but are shared only with the relevant government”. Why does it need secrecy? Why do they not do anything to stop the atrocities, only support them?
Disaster worship…
There are 119 Red Crescent stations in Israel. They are laughing at us, eh? 119 is the 11th September, 911 in US speak. What’s that then if not a mass casualty situation? The American Red Cross is helping out victims of Hurricane Sandy. First they create the disaster, then they rush in to control the human fallout, the “vulnerable” people, crying out for help. The rest of us just donate money, knowing that the Red Cross will sort out the mess, we don’t have to.
There is a total acceptance of disasters as normal. The British Red Cross are big in supporting Death Worship Day, 11/11. They have a missing persons service. They celebrate International Day of the Disappeared. Their phone number, like Childline, ends in 1111, the Square Mile number representing the City of London and Jerusalem.
(See also: Know Your Blood Type, Blood Eugenics, Normalising Paedophilia, Centre For Exploiting Missing Children, Death Worship, Olympic Deaths, also many posts on The Moon)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very good article, but if could just point out two small errors,
    the banking industry has its head in Switzerland, Rothschild decreed that his little money centre would always be neutral.
    The red cross archive was copied
    by Sefton delmer for the IRD,
    these documents taken from the German camps show that they were not death camps but work camps, the prisoners were too valuable to kill off, they would clear after the British bombings etc.
    The vatican underground library had all this documentation in the seventies, i dont know about now, but this is how bishop wiliamson knew so much about the camps.

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