The Moon controls women and weather

Julia writes –

Women lose blood every month under control of the Moon. No other species bleeds in this way. If you calculate the blood loss, it is more than the maximum amount recommended by the Blood Donor people as safe. Women are therefore operating under par for the best part of their lives, from age about 13 to age about 50. All due to the Moon! Great design.

If your objective was to suppress the power of women, this would be a pretty good way to do it. 

The moon also controls the weather in fortnightly cycles. 

You don’t need to argue over which book to read for any of this. You can observe it yourself if you care to do so.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The BBC happened to have an odd little segment about the moon on Radio 4 on Thursday.

    Jump to 2:23:38 or so, this is how it starts:

    Presenter: “It’s long been assumed that the Moon affects our moods. That’s where the word lunatic comes from, after all, and even the idea of werewolves. But researchers from Canada have tried to see if they can find a connection, and they say they can find no discernable link. Professor Geneviève Belleville from the University of Laval in Quebec, explained what they did.”

    Prof Belleville: “We focussed specifically on about more than 700 individuals who showed up at the emergency rooms with chest pains for which no medical cause could be determined, and then psychological evaluations revealed that a sizeable number of these patients suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and mood disorder, suicidal thoughts, so we tried to link that to the lunar cycle of the date of the emergency room visit and we found no statistical link.”

    They have a lecturer/author on after the part quoted above, who criticises the research yet ends up essentially agreeing with it by saying “The Moon is unlikely to have any significant effect on people generally.”

    Well, that’s that then! I’m convinced.

    More info on the “exhaustive study” here:

    The abstract of the study is rather telling, however:

    “These findings encourage ED professionals and physicians to abandon their beliefs about the influence of lunar cycles on the mental health of their patients. Such unfounded beliefs are likely to be maintained by self-fulfilling prophecies.”

    A.k.a. “Belief doubleplusungood, always listen to scientists.”

    They’re paid to be right, after all…

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