Social Services knew about elite paedophilia years ago

From Peter – live entertainer..

Hi, i couldn’t reply to posts on this, maybe i need to register?

TAPNo.  They work this site to stop people finding us and commenting. We take it as a compliment.

Anyway im sure I heard/watched this on youtube  (The HIGNFY transcript)

or somewhere ,must have been in the last 10 years or more,  i see here some one else remembers it as well but now cant find it ;

I also worked with a chap also years ago who worked in social work who confided [all well known in SS circles apparently]
several names of well know MPs etc Ciril smith being one of them and though i dont recall Jimmy as well as other, i asked why nothing was done about it?

He said it wasn’t in the public interest……………

Good blog, good luck.

TAPI only found this email by checking back over the last few days’ emails.  There were quite a few unopened which never appeared in my list at the time

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    thanks for sharing.

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