Savile raped 12 year old girl. Witness report.


A man recounted his disgust after witnessing Jimmy Savile rape a 12-year-old girl

A man recounted his disgust after witnessing Jimmy Savile rape a 12-year-old girl
Sunday October 28,2012

By James Fielding

A MUSICIAN told last night how he has been haunted for more than 50 years by the face of a 12-year-old girl he saw being raped by Jimmy Savile.
He described how the terrified youngster stared back at him with “sad eyes” after he had accidentally walked in on sick Savile backstage at a ballroom.
The man, who would only give his name as Barry, said the disgraced DJ showed no alarm and carried on having sex with the girl while smoking a trademark cigar.
He has now told police about the attack, which happened in 1961 at the Mecca Locarno ballroom in Leeds, which Savile ran before becoming famous at the BBC.
Speaking to the Sunday Express, Barry said: “I knocked on the door to what I thought was my band’s room and went in but it was actually Savile’s dressing room. He was having sex with a very young girl, she was no older than 12 or 13.
“The only thing I could blurt out was, ‘I’m very sorry’.
“He didn’t even flinch. He laughed it off and said, ‘That’s all right kid, go down the corridor and turn right’.
The only thing I could blurt out was, ‘I’m very sorry’
“I could see the girl’s pants lying on the floor and Savile was wearing a tracksuit and had his hands on her shoulders while he puffed on a cigar.
“What I remember most, though, is the girl’s face.
“She was a pretty, innocent- looking blonde who turned and looked straight at me with an expression of sheer terror and with these sad eyes.”
Barry, then 20, eventually found his bandmates and told them what he’d seen. “They were completely unfazed and said, ‘Oh, that’s just Jimmy’. He was well known for that behaviour, even then.
“As that poor girl was being raped there were four or five others queuing up outside for autographs.”
Barry has been wracked by guilt ever since. He decided to break his silence after hearing victims tell their stories on BBC1’s Panorama last Monday.
He said: “At the time I’d just become a musician and did not want to lose my place in the band. I’d told the other senior members what had happened and they didn’t seem too bothered so I was confused as to what to do.
“Savile was a big name in Leeds. I saw him a few times afterwards but never spoke to him again.
“As for the girl, I never saw her again, but her face has tormented me ever since and I’ve now reported the attack to West Yorkshire Police.”

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Malcolm King.

Malcolm King is a whistle-blower who helped expose the Welsh children’s home sex abuse scandal.

Two weeks ago, he “cheated death” in a car accident ­after his brakes failed.
Malcolm King found his brake pedal unattached and lying on the car floor.
My terror at hands of paedos – Daily Star – 17th November 2012

Police are examining Malcolm King’s motor to see if it was sabotaged.

The car, a well-maintained Volvo, careered across a busy road and was hit by an Alfa Romeo.

Malcolm King, 68, suffered a broken leg.

Labour councillor Malcolm King blew the whistle on a ­paedophile ring operating at north Wales children’s homes in the mid-1980s.

The ring allegedly ­involved MI5, Jimmy Savile, politicians, police chiefs and judges.

Malcolm King, a former chair of North Wales ­Police ­Authority, was one of only 12 people given copies of the 1996 Jillings Report, which named every abuser.

Deaths of former residents of children’s homes in Clwyd:

Robert Chapman, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, fell to his death from a railway bridge.

Robert Arthur Smith, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, killed himself in May 1978, aged 16, by overdosing on painkillers.

Barry Williams, former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre, Clywd, found dead in a flat where he lived in poverty, aged 21.

Peter Davies died 1985.

Adrian Johns, former resident of Bryn Alyn, died in a 1992 fire aged 32 in Brighton, Sussex. Verdict – unlawful killing.

Heath Kelvin Jones, former resident of Bryn Alyn, found dead in 1992 in a bedsit, aged 18. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse.

Peter Wynn hanged himself in January 1994, aged 27.

Brendon Randalls, former Bryn Estyn resident, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse in April 1994. Allegedly the victim of a serious sexual offence.

Richard Williams was found dead in a car aged 18 in July 1994. Alleged to have suffered maltreatment while in care.

Craig Wilson hanged himself in November 1994 aged 16.

Lee Johns, also known as Lee Homberg , former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused. Died in February 1995 aged 37.

Mark Humphries hanged himself in February 1995 aged 31. Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers.

Simon Birley, former resident of Bryn Estyn, was found hanging in May 1995 aged 27. Allegations he had been sexually abused by care worker.

Tony Wallis found dead 1996.

“Some have even speculated that Princess Diana sealed her own fate after threatening to reveal networks of pedophilia within the Royal family. Indeed, Diana did speak of “dark forces” and members of an “organization” that were monitoring her shortly before her death.”

The Prince and the Pedophile

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6 Responses to “Savile raped 12 year old girl. Witness report.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need a campaign to:
    – Make public the 1996 Jillings Report

    – Prosecute the people who asked for and issued orders for the destruction of the dozens of photos of abusers in action handed to the inquiry by Meesham.

    The rest is distraction from these two essential injustices still maintained.

  2. Rather too much salacious detail here, from our witness to the alleged incident.

    ‘I could see the girl’s pants lying on the floor’

    ‘She was a pretty, innocent-looking blonde’

    What did he say he’d been ‘wracked by…’ for 20 years? Oh yes, guilt…maybe.

    There was an article on The Tap a few weeks ago about a young girl from New Zealand, who had allegedly been engaging in sexual activity with men working for the St John’s Ambulance.
    The article went in to quite considerable depth regarding details of just what she had, allegedly, been doing with these men.
    When I clicked link, to read the full story, I was surprised to see a pic of the girl wearing almost nothing, only a very minimal bikini.

    Too much detail..! Do we really need to know these ‘details’? Did we need to see that picture?

    If you read 19th century authors, who are writing about sexual crimes at the time, they rightly never give any details. Maybe modern day reports and allegations should be reported in a similar way.


  3. Toad Hall says:

    Cyril Smith abuse claims ‘covered up’

    Rochdale’s current MP is urging Theresa May to investigate

  4. BRIT says:

    I attended Mexborough Grammer School in South Yorks. and we had 4 houses,first was ROCKINGHAM (yellow) followed by HALIFAX (red),then MONTAGUE (blue) and finally SAVILE (green). Any connection?.

  5. Anonymous says:

    IS Lord McAlpine





    We all know we were being played

    Those in high places, miss-placed trust?

    the bigger the bluff the more massive the win “PLAY”


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