Save British towns

Why do Tesco get free carparks laid on by the local councils, while town centre shops are squeezed by the doubling of parking charges, and throttled by annual rates increases, way ahead of inflation.  Neither Tesco or Sainsbury pay any UK tax at all.  It’s time the totalitarian takeover of all retail business was stopped.


Business rates went up by 4.6 per cent in 2011 and 5.6 per cent in 2012, and they are set to rise by a further 2.6 per cent next April.

Imposing a substantial rates hike for the third year running can only lead to more empty shops on high streets and fewer chances of work, especially for young people.
If you think that would be wrong, then please let your MP know.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tesco have supermarkets/expresses/the deal they did with ESSO petrol stations (that particular deal with the petrol/oil company is a sneaky way of bypassing UK Sunday trading laws so that people can still by a loaf of bread or milk in the evening on a Sunday)… the lot… they are trying to cover every niche.

    Their property portfolio is impressive too. Did you know how much land they own which is not yet developed on yet? Twice at least. Why? To stifle the competition. To stop the other corporations/supermarkets moving in on their patch.

    Their are ‘laws’ on pharmacies for instance… you are looking at roughly/on average two per town. My local pharmacy got bought out by Tesco years ago… the two owners are driving around in Ferraris now because of how lucrative these deals can get.

    And the ‘deals’ done with greedy councils… there’s another story.

    Tesco food isn’t cheap either or high quality… they just have the monopoly over your Morrisions/Aldi/Lidl/ASDA… etc.

  2. Unknown says:

    If we bring an end to usury and start printing our own national money so that money is no longer lusted after and hoarded and is only a means of exchange, competition will disappear and the myth of lower prices will become an irrelevance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ above

    Iceland made a good start and kicked out the Zionist banksters. They were arrested, and quite rightly too.

    Their GDP is looking good too.

    I remember a few years ago, Iceland got demonized by the Zionist controlled MSM for simply saying ‘enough is enough’… if only more countries would do this… especially those controlled by the Nazi EU.

    There was a time when people lived in communities and looked after each and traded one skill for another. Thanks to ‘Big Brother’ government who thinks they know best those basic common senses are slowly being eradicated through the Marxist indoctrination of ‘Political Correctness’.

  4. Julia says:

    Don’t shop at supermarkets. it’s a bit like voting for the government. There’s an illusion of competition between them but really they’re all much the same. We either shop (vote) at supermarkets, or we withdraw our support from the system and instead support small independent traders and/or do a bit of sharing amongst ourselves.

    It’s also an illusion that supermarkets are cheaper. They make billions, and encourage over consumption and waste. People still think that what they most want to buy is something cheap. It doesn’t even matter if they don’t like it, as long as it is cheap. Supermarkets are major players in spreading that entrenched view of life, and they also spend a lot of money promoting the message that they are cheap.

    It’s not just pharmacies that are being taken over. Dentists, everything. They kick out the small guy one way or another. They won’t stop til they have total control. Then we are at their complete mercy. Defy the system and get your food elsewhere.

  5. Spanner says:

    If the Government really cared about the high street and wanted to bring it back to life, a few simple steps would just need to take place such as not allowing the sale of Cigarettes, Papers/magazines/Books, Lottery, Pharmacy, post office, cafe etc from Supermarkets and/or within say half a mile of them.

    This would then make people have to come into the town to get these services and once in town would then hopefully visit other shops.

    Newer shops could then reopen as they would have more footfall.

    Also I believe that they do not pay business rates on the Parking area, just on the store. if the councils could charge for this area as well, then the extra revenue could be used as a way of either promoting the town centre and/or reducing the business rates for small businesses (under a certain size).

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