Rotherham Council child’care’ boss works for pedophile ring

This morning, I blogged subtly, ‘Fuck Rotherham Council’.  We know what they’re up to with stealing children from a happy home using feeble excuses like which party their parents support.  This is the classic symptom of the pedophile ring at work.  Lo and behold!  Before the day is out, this turns out to be as true as I thought.  Here’s the detail from The Slog.

ROTHERHAM: Childcare boss in UKip row presided over paedophile epidemic:

but her only aim was to find the whistle-blower

The Director in charge of Children’s Services for Rotherham Joyce Thacker (left) called in South Yorkshire police nearly three months ago on the issue of child protection failures in the region. But her sole purpose in doing so was to find out who had leaked a confidential report about dangerous incompetence to the Times newspaper.
The report showed that paedophile ring crimes had been widespread for years, and hundreds of children had been at risk. Pakistani taxi firms in the area were also profoundly implicated in the horror. But the Council chose instead “for reasons of social and cultural diversity” to sit on the findings. Once again, political fancy had triumphed over criminal fact.
Today, the MSM as a whole are obssessing about UKip membership and the ‘ordeal’ of the foster parents. As usual, nobody seems that interested in getting to grips with a massive problem of sexual abuse in Rotherham.
When detected cases of abuse rose by 16% during 2011, Ms Thacker told the media that the rise was “down to an improved public awareness of the problem”. She said the authority had “really stepped up its commitment” to tackling the problem and it was a “huge priority”: more “preventative work” was being done including work with local mosques and education in schools. In turn, South Yorkshire Police said it was working with partners to make “continued improvements to how we recognise and deal with child sexual exploitation in all its forms”.
In August 2012, South Yorkshire Chief Constable David Crompton was roasted by the Home Affairs Select Committee, following The Times report which warned about thousands of such crimes being committed in the county each year right under Plod’s nose…..while Joyce Thacker’s stormtroops were worried about the political beliefs of professional carers being off message.
But fear not, for South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has visited Rotherham to meet local police and the public. Commissioner Wright said: “I’m very much up for the challenge and looking forward to the role. It’s important to hit the ground running and I look forward to continuing to speak to local people about what they want from their police force. I’m pleased to work alongside the Chief Constable and develop the relationship further with him.”
The mind boggles at what that might produce. One more politician in bed with one more politicised Plod while politically correct Council Kommissars check the innocent for signs of revisionist deviance. The person in charge’s main priority is to cover her backside while paedophile rings hide behind cultural protection. And the Coalition’s solution is….yet another layer of politicians.

See also how any excuse will do when these perverts go shopping for kids to abuse and sell to other perverts that come hunting their so-called ‘care’ homes.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good old Common Purpose, leading beyond authority again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a frightful looking woman? it true you have to be an UMF to join this political charity?

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL bulldog chewing a wasp.

  4. kris says:

    anyone have a thought on Aangirfan’s new content?? WTF happened? whenever I find a site hacked, I find it filled with gobbledy good nonsense. Today, it’s got wordy blog content, well written- but PURE satanic crap through and through. Sounds like aang’s writing and style, but the posts.. bizarre!! Case in point:
    “People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned.

    Jewish people are often involved in making useful scientific discoveries. (List of Jewish contributions to the world)

    Famous Jews who have made life more interesting include: Jesus Christ, Benjamin Franklin, Felix Mendelssohn, Camille Pissarro, the Marx Brothers, Carl Sagan and Baruch Spinoza.

    We should not be like the Nazis and see everything in black and white.

    The world needs gay people”

    OK, so whomever this hacker is equates Jews with blacks and pervs. And promotes pervs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This woman is obviously suffering bady from PD, ( Penis Deprivation )
    it affects many woman and disturbs them, which is why lesbians are hateful and agressive, my old doctor used tosay there should be a place where lesbos could go and get their dick rations !!
    could any charitable chaps oblige this woman it may bring her back to her senses !

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a man who would never turn down any woman in need and i am very proud of my reord, but i draw the line at this horrid cow.
    Sorry i dont do pervs.
    Peter canfield ( Tory )

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