Police have still not searched Jimmy Savile’s sea-side flat.

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Guess who developed the software that traced missing trillions back to HSBC etc?…. Dr. Robert Holmes, yes, James Holmes’  father of the Batman shootings… The father scheduled to testify now remains silent as his son faces justice blackout. 

Blackmail using the children?


UK Column reports on the state of paedophile abusers inside celebrity and political worlds.
The BBC Newsnight didn’t mention the name of an accused Top Tory paedophile, due to the threat of a defamation action.  Steve Meesham the victim said the accused threatened to kill him if he revealed the politician’s name.  As numerous other former victims from the boys home in Wrexham have died in uncertain circumstances, house fires etc, the threat cannot be treated as idle.

The Police have lists of people accused of committing abuse, yet the names of the perpetrators are unlikely to ever see the light of day.  The blogger, Patrick Henningsen, who writes the blog 21st Century Wire quotes the statements from Bill Maloney saying that Savile had a relationship with Peter Sutcliffe in Leeds, that they were both involved in necrophilia, as well as paedophile abuse.  The information from Maloney appeared in the Daily Express verbatim yesterday.  This issue is galvanising the main media to follow the lead of the alternative media.  This issue breaks through the barriers.  The article was written by Sonia Poulton of the Express and the Daily Mail.  She wants total eradication of institutional paedophilia across the country.

Police used to visit Savile’s flat and his Leeds house for parties.  Savile’s flat has never been searched, and is now for sale to a buyer paying well over the odds.  

GERRISH –  The Police themselves are heavily embedded in these paedophile rings.  The activity goes on to this day on a scale that is truly shocking.  Welsh children’s commissioner is calling for an enquiry.  Senior British political people are involved, and their activity is used to control them, through the threat of blackmail.

HENNINGSEN –  the problem is that this is a huge industry, taking kids from parents which costs the state £200,000 a year each to ‘care for’.  Then they make money supplying kids to rich paedophiles.  Big corporations are investing billions in childrens homes as it’s so profitable…a boom industry.

The D Notices imposed by Blair to stifle Operation Ore should be lifted.  The Iraq War is no longer a sufficient justification to keep the information secret.  The real threat to national security is the involvement of politicians in paedophile abuse, making the liable to blackmail by foreign interests.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I left a comment on this story in the Express last week, but within the hour was removed- quicker than you Tap!
    The comment-
    “The secret service can’t allow the police in until they’ve removed the evidence”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone reading Machiavelli knows that’s a given..
      Its human nature to protect our interests. An establishment filled with wealth, power and influence is extremely unlikely to relinquish all it has built up over hundreds of years?

  2. Tapestry says:

    David Icke’s ideas about paedophilia and its attendant child sacrifice are the only attempt I have seen to explain why so many children disappear into the hands of the Satanists every year.

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