Paul Merton telling the truth about Savile – Part 2.

Hi Tap, I have taken a couple of days off from sending you stuff, been reading up on some Meta Physics Stuff that Interests Me.

As The Paedo. Stuff Has Not yet Reached Anything Like It’s ‘Terminal Velocity’, it appears we are going to be stuck with it for a Long Time. I am still of The Opinion The Whole Thing has been now released as a Diversionary Tactic, as they do tend o favour, DEAD, & PREVIOUSLY CONVICTED, & WELL AS SOME LIVING KNOWN PERVERTS.
This is the Second Part of The H.I.G.N.F.Y Run In Between MERTON & SAVILE, The First Part was sent in by H.E.T.T I believe some weeks ago, This highlights the name Sarah Cornley,
As far as I am aware you haven’t published Part 2, whilst originally refuted, it is now thought to be authentic by many, I leave it up to you to decide.
(TAP – we published this as well about a year ago.  No harm to remind people)
Out-take 4: 21’20 
Following a discussion about caravans: 
DEAYTON: Last month, Roger Moore sold his luxury caravan in Malta. Asked by the… 
MERTON: I visited your caravan the other week, Jimmy. 
SAVILLE: Did you really? 
MERTON: Oh yes. Interesting what you can find, if you have a bit of a poke. 
(Audience laugh) 
HISLOP: He just told you, it was twelve years ago… 
SAVILLE: No, I lived in it for twelve years. 
MERTON: And fucked twelve year olds. (Audience laugh) 
DEAYTON: Here we go again…I’ll be backstage if anyone wants me. 
MERTON: (Indicating Saville) That’s what you said to the kids on your show, wasn’t it? 
(Audience laugh) 
SAVILLE: No, they never did want me. 
HISLOP: Not even Sarah Cornley? 
SAVILLE: She was an exception. 
DEAYTON: Who’s Sarah Cornley? 
SAVILLE: Sarah Cornley is… 
HISLOP: About fifteen grand in damages, wasn’t she? 
(Uncertain audience laugh) 
SAVILLE: That’s right. 
HISLOP: So if I was going to mention that you threatened to break her arm if she said anything… 
SAVILLE: You’d be very wrong. (Pause) I said I’d break both her arms. 
(Audience unease) 
MERTON: Fucking hell. I mean, you’re just sitting there, all shell suit and cigar wearing those fucking…I don’t know what they are. 
SAVILLE: Chrome-plated SC-700 sun-visors, these are. Sent to me by… 
MERTON: We don’t give a shit. Ladies and gentlemen, Sir James Saville OBE. Jim has fixed it for me to have my arms broken. Meet this depressing old fucked up **** of a fucker on television who’s riddled with cancer and fucking pubic lice. 
HISLOP: (To lawyer again) Hello! (Audience laughs) 
MERTON: Christ, I mean ha ha, big fucking joke – the fucking lawyers are involved, tee hee. It doesn’t change anything. 
DEAYTON: (Visibly out of character) Do you wanna stop, or…? 
MERTON: No I don’t fucking want to stop. It’s all shit! You’ll expect a comedy walkout in a minute, won’t you? I mean, big bloody joke – I’m going to quote Shakespeare in a minute, how fucking out of character. And Ian knows about football – oh my fucking sides. 
SAVILLE: You’ve never fucked anyone in your life, boy. 
MERTON: Oh **** off… 
FLOOR MANAGER: (OOV) …About five minutes, just to…(Phil Davey enters) 
PHIL DAVEY: OK, well top that as they say. You’re looking troubled by that, aren’t you mate? I tell you, I came back from Amsterdam recently… 
DEAYTON: OK. Second time lucky. (Pause) Last month, Roger Moore sold his luxury caravan in Malta. Asked by the New York Times about his relaxed acting style…

They said it was a hoax on the start of the new series.  Yet here he is saying hat was put in the transcript.  The rest must be available somewhere, but has been hidden.

when she closed 119 MIGRANT, “KNOCKING SHOPS” 
British police ran Operation Arundel which was to grow into Operation Ore and later to Operation Radium, Arundel was a cleanup of the pop music scene, many of those who became early DJs were there to sexually exploit teenagers, in almost every case boys at teen discos and later from care homes.

Did You Know
Edward Paisnell “the beast of Jersey “was the Satanist who terrorised boys into keeping quiet about what was being done to them over many years at the Haut De la Garenne children’s home. Children were tortured, sexually abused and at times killed, the only time this stopped according to Christian News reporter Michael Newman was when the Germans ruled the Island in W W II where any homosexual acts would be punished severely, and word was perpetrators if caught would be hung in the market square.

Literally hundreds of mainly boys go missing from ‘care’ homes each year and many “snuff” movies bought at boot fairs are said to be made of various ritual sacrificial slayings.

Operation Ore explored this sordid interest into new realms including politics, especially Peter Mandelson and Tony Blairs New Labour, so damaging was this shaping to be for the New labour cabinet that Blair used the D Notice system to sweep it all under the secrecy carpet, for the final sweep in Operation Radium we owe a big debt of thanks to ex-Chief Constable of Cambridge Julie Spence who ignored political correctness to close 119 migrant brothels in the Cambs, Lincs and the Norfolk areas, releasing women and boys from an awfully sordid lifestyle.

The Russian mafia is extremely active in the general area and imports in youngsters who are forced into prostitution and if they refuse, sometimes killed. 

The Queens estate is at nearby Sandringham Norfolk, the Royal protection officers had some input. & Inside Information, London social workers who spoke out along with a retired police doctor who was seriously hassled by a Gay pressure group.

 The 3 operations were loosely intertwined, one thread ran through them all, the care homes scandal which has always gone on and is nothing new, and is often related to freemasonry/occult/black magic sacrifice. 

Chris Dennning, Joe Meek, Allan “fluff” Freeman, Jonathan King, Bill Goldsmith, Jimmy Saville, Brian Epstein and other heterophobics were complicit in enticing boys into sex acts and to parties where they were given drinks and drugs then sexually molested, some boys were still at school and some were the androgynous scooter riding teenage lads on motor scooters called Mods, which the DJs called ” nancy boys”

Websites such as Vigilant Citizen and Illuminati News show how depraved the pop music scene is with Madonna, Lady Ga Ga, Marilyn Manson, Boy George, Cliff Richard etc.
This Ties in well with previous Information Posted.

THIS STUFF GOES RIGHT TO THE TOP BUCK HOUSE & THE BILDERBERGERS, we know Blunt stopped any further investigation into SAVILE’s Activites, being Offically Investigated.

The huge numbers of children going missing each year in the UK and never found, suggest just how big this problem is.

William Mcgrath was housemaster at Kincora boys home and was in the same huge sex ring as Ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, Edward Paisnell, Nicholas Rabet, Sydney Cooke, Neil Hocquart, Tom Driberg ,Sir Anthony Blunt and grand masonic master Sir Knox Cunningham, Blunts close freind. 

Neil Hocquart who blackmailed old single men to make him beneficiary in their wills, died mysteriously during investigations and from him police found Walter Clack also known as William Clack and Wallace Crake who had massive files of childporn who also died before justice could be served, Clack had links to the Jersey care home and to Islington care homes and to bigwigs in the Evangelical church in Norfolk, Clack had lived in Cambridgeshire and had known Anthony Blunt in the fifties. 

Special Branch has photographs of boys bound and gagged in the back of a van off to a “party”on the Isle of Wight, the photos were said to be taken in the 1990s, no one was ever charged for these offences, but child killer Fred West did say that several missing kids would be found there.

Labour party operative Tom Driberg was a member of several rings. His British MI5 file was numbered as 2573 and was listed as a PF or “personal file ” he was alleged to have partaken in child sacrifices with Aleister Crowley. His file was later changed to a PP file and these came under Victor Fergusons section GI, both were intel informers. 

Dr.Alexander Cannon at the Colnet Hatch Hospital treated many in public office for disturbed sexualities long before the Maudesly Hospital took over with experts like Ruth Sieffert and Joyce Mcdougal.

Documents presented in the Operation Arundel’s court case against DJ Jonathan King, were that he invited back boys from the Walton Hop club, and would also drive round in his Rolls Royce outside schools enticing boys into the car to help him with a pretend pop quiz. He had a secret ‘fantasy room’, a large rectangular suite in his Bayswater mansion bedecked in lush black leather sofas, large swastika flags hung ceremoniously from ceiling to floor. Although Jewish he had commissioned elaborate faked photo blow-ups of himself in SS uniform, shaking hands with Hitler, he also screened 16mm projections of Nazi marching films which seemed to excite him. (WASP But HITLER,  HEIDRICH, & BORMAN  were JEWS & as I have stated on many occasions, many other Top NAZIS were also Jews. The L/C/D being they were ZIONISTS, so nothing strange about that).



Something of massive significance has happened in Britain in the last two weeks which might have been lost on most of the rest of the world. It concerns the revelations about serial child abuse over decades by a man considered by many to be a British ‘icon’ and ‘national treasure’. 
His name is Jimmy Savile and the reason the significance of what is happening may have passed most people by outside the UK is that Savile was a major figure in these islands, but little known beyond them. What, and who, he was involved with, however, is global in nature and has the potential to expose both the staggering scale of child sexual abuse and many of the mega-famous names for whom it is a way of life…………..

Savile said that he had first been introduced to the royal family in 1966 by (known paedophile) Lord Louis Mountbatten, the uncle and mentor of Prince Charles. Mountbatten was Commandant General of the Royal Marines and arranged for the disc jockey to become the first civilian to be awarded the Marines’ Green Beret. It was one of a many ‘honourees’ that Savile would be awarded in the years that followed……….

 Greg Hallett writes in his book, Hitler was a British Agent: 
Lord Louis Mountbatten was a pedophile, adulterer and homosexual incestuous lover for 10 years … the former King Edward VIII … was truly troubled by the revelations he too had betrayed the Canadians to the German Army, resulting in the open slaughter of those 4,000 men … 
… the British monarchy arranged for MI-5 to blow up his boat (1979), happily covering their trail; by fitting up four IRA men … the tactic of blowing up one of your own leaders to cover up any incriminating evidence … was a face saving device to distract from even more damaging intelligence about the British monarchy working for the Germans, against peace, and for a prolonged war. ……….

Current Membership List of The Illuminati “Committee of 300″!

Look at the Chart, & where the Knights &SMOMS, are placed together with the other Elite Parasites, w/r/t THE HUMAN RACE

Tap Link to ORIGINAL COMMITTEE of 300 Current Membership



As Feynman said ” The Only Difference Between People Is The ‘HATS THEY WEAR’, Since All Humans
Possess The Same Biological Functions” I think it was in ‘Surly You Are Joking Mr Feynman’


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  1. Julia says:

    Saville introduced to Royal Family in 1966. I have just read in the book Rosemary’sBaby that 1966 is Year One of Satanism.

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